Thursday, July 29, 2021

Another unremarked milestone

According to the latest figures, the pecks have now killed more than two-thirds as many people in Taiwan as the birdemic has, and that ratio is increasing by a percentage point or two every day.

Which is totally normal. Nothing to see here, folks.

Welcome, Swedes! What brings you here?

This month is not quite finished, but already the amount of traffic on this blog is more than double my previous monthly record. Checking the blog stats, I find that essentially all of this new traffic is from Sweden!

I thought maybe I had been linked to by some site that's super popular in Sweden, but if so it's not showing up on the "top referrers" stats, which are dominated by "Other."

So, Swedes, welcome! Would any of you care to explain why you all suddenly started reading this blog?

Crows, cats, and -- that's a load of malarkey!

Reader Otto happened upon, and brought to my attention, this 2018 video by Peter Gregory Kelly.

It's very short. Here is a complete transcript:

In this dream, a crow had made its way into my house. And I thought, how did it get inside? It scraffled with the cat a bit, and in the scraffling, I got a few scratches on my arm. The crow seemed to want to stay inside. That was really very puzzling; why would the crow want to stay inside?

This is obviously very suggestive of the birdemic, referencing the name (the crow is Corvus corone, a member of the corvid family), the lockdowns ("want to stay inside," repeated twice), and the pecks ("a few scratches on my arm") -- plus, of course, the face mask that Mr. Kelly wears as he recounts all this!

The only element that doesn't immediately fit is the cat, so I tried to figure out what it could mean. Richard Arrowsmith had previously connected the birdemic with the 19th Tarot trump, called "The Sun." In light of the Chinese tradition of the Red Crows of the Sun, the card is basically called "Corvid 19." I therefore thought about cats and the Sun and came up with the 1965 Donovan song "The Summer Day Reflection Song," and its repeated line "Cat is . . . in the sun," with various participles (sleeping, walking, shifting, yawning, smiling) filling the ellipsis.

Looking up the lyrics online, I found that there were several slightly different versions posted and wondered which was official. This led me to search for donovan official website. This brought up the official Donovan Twitter account and its most recent tweet:

Donovan was 19 when he recorded Sunshine Superman. (Oh, and I wrote a post on the 19th Tarot card called "Sunshine Superman.") Looks like I'm on the right track!

Looking up "The Summer Day Reflection Song," I found that it features corvids (rooks, Corvus frugilegus) as well as a cat.

Dragon kite in the sky
Wheel and turn, spin and fly
Attacked by rooks who never fail
To cry the sound of fairy tales
Cat is walking in the sun

The "dragon kite in the sky" also seems significant. In my post on Tintin and St. George, I mentioned that reader Mr. Andrew had drawn my attention to an Owen Benjamin podcast posted just before St. George's Day, with "George fights a dragon" in the title.

Mr. Andrew explained, "Owen's dog is named George (really) - and the dragon reference was just a kite. Has absolutely nothing to do w/ St. George (Catholic or Floyd variety) - just a little coincidence/synchronicity at the same time."

This verse of "The Summer Day Reflection Song" also seems apropos.

Marionette dangles dead
Insensitivity is fed
By the TV wizard's wand
Whilst in the spell you're conned
Cat is smiling in the sun

Marionette strongly suggests "Slow Joe Crow" Biden. I have linked Slow Joe with Robin Hood, in part because his middle name is Robinette -- and obviously Robinette Hood's better half would be Maid Marionette. A marionette is a puppet, and this one is controlled "by the TV wizard's wand." I have already linked Biden, in his Slow Joe Crow persona, with a mechanical puppet controlled by a magician with a wand.

I recently noted that the magician's name is Steve -- in Latin, Stephanus. The Latin Wikipedia entry for that name begins thus: "Stephanus est nomen et praenomen masculinum quod e verbo Graeco στέφανος, 'corona', vertitur." (That is, the name Stephen may be translated into Latin as Corona.)

There may be a cat link in Steve Martin's name as well. The marten (an animal of the weasel family) has historically been called the marten cat, and there has been some speculation that the "cats" domesticated by the Greeks and Romans were in fact martens.

Coming back to marionette, the most famous marionette in literature and popular culture is undoubtedly Pinocchio. In my original Slow Joe Crow post, I noted that Dr. Seuss character's resemblance to a plague doctor and to Slow Joe Biden, writing

Hats are passé now, as is the miasma theory of disease, but mutatis mutandis, the photo on the left below might as well be captioned "Joe Biden wearing a hat and telling a lie."

That "telling a lie" bit was a direct reference to Pinocchio: If Slow Joe's nose grew when he lied, like Pinocchio's, it would stretch out his Covid mask and make it look like a plague doctor's "corvid" mask.

Trying to think of more cat-sun connections, I thought of the 1971 Cat Stevens album Teaser and the Firecat. The name "Firecat" sounds solar, and the cat on the album cover is bright orange, like my own cat Q*Bert. And although I didn't notice it until just now, if a marten counts as a cat, then Cat Stevens is basically the same name as Steve Martin.

When Teaser and the Firecat was released, Cat Stevens wrote and illustrated a children's book of the same name as a promotional tie-in. In the story, the moon falls down from the sky and ends up "on a prickle-red-tree. Then out came five red owls and Teaser told them what had happened. The owls picked up the moon with their beaks, and they flung it into the starry sky." Problem solved.

Nothing Whitley Strieber about this picture!

This is so maddeningly close to being a hit! Instead of 10 red crows associated with the Sun, we have five red owls associated with the moon. Way to mess up the sync, Cat Stevens! Don't you know the sync fairies can't communicate clearly when you're on acid all the time? Anyway, they're still red birds from outer space.

And finally it's come to me, the answer to the riddle of Peter Gregory Kelly's dream. Where have I seen a cat and Slow Joe Crow together? Here:

In all fairness, that's not actually Slow Joe Crow hisself (it's Pogo; I have to say "hisself") but Deacon Mushrat. Still, with his hat, specs, and beak, he's certainly got the plague-doctor look. And who's that with him? Not just a cat, but an unelected "stick to facts" pretender-to-the-presidency cat named Simple J. Malarkey. Since Malarkey was intended as a caricature of Joe McCarthy (this was 1953), we can even assume the J stands for Joe.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Burying the lede

The headline: Taiwan reports zero birdemic deaths for 2nd consecutive day

Buried in a table at the end, not even mentioned in the text: But 23 more people have died of the pecks.

So far that's a running total of 786 birdemic deaths and 507 peck deaths -- so the cure has killed about 65% as many people as the disease. Just a few days ago that figure was 61% -- but don't worry, there is definitely No evidence the number of peck deaths will rival the number of birdemic deaths. I mean, it's been fact-checked; what more do you want?

For reference, 12,000 to 15,000 people die of pneumonia in a typical year in Taiwan. I haven't been able to find pre-birdemic stats for vax deaths in Taiwan, but in the US the figure is normally under 150 per year for all vaccines combined. Taiwan has about 7.3% the population of the US, so we might assume maybe 10 or 11 deaths in a typical year. So hundred of deaths is extremely low for pneumonia and extremely high for the pecks.

I focus on Taiwan because it's where I live, of course, but also because it is my sense that the numbers being reported here are relatively honest -- relatively, compared to many countries. I think the number 786 likely represents close to 786 people who actually died of pneumonia or similar complications, not people who had motorcycle accidents after getting a false positive on a PCR test. The Taiwan government understands that spin trumps facts and that releasing uncooked numbers poses no real threat to the narrative. I mean, they imposed a mask mandate, with zero resistance from the people, when there had been no reported deaths at all for over half a year!

I think this is actually the kind of lie the devil prefers, even though it is superficially more "honest." Misrepresent facts, and good people might be innocently deceived. That sort of deception is fun and all, but it's not a very effective tool of damnation. The more complicit the victim is in his own deception -- the more he has to wilfully "believe" what he knows ain't so -- the better. The essence of Point Deer Make Horse is not to disguise a deer as a horse to trick people; it's to point at a deer and say, "Yes, it has cloven hooves and a short tail and a magnificent 16-point rack of antlers -- but it's still a horse." When Hua Mulan's fellow soldiers were fooled by her disguise and mistakenly thought she was a man, that was no very great victory for Satan -- but when people, in full possession of all the relevant facts, "believe" that Bruce Gender is woman, that's another matter entirely. The same goes for the birdemic, antiracism, and all the other Big Lies. Their outrageousness, their very obvious falseness, is not a bug but a feature. They don't want you to slip up and say that 559,311,062 + 966,216,569 = 1,525,527,361. They want you to say -- to believe -- that 2 + 2 = a lot.

I also couldn't help but notice, in the context of recent syncs having to do with 555 and 666, that both 444 and 555 show up in the table above. There's also the note under the table, reminding the reader that Taiwan's peck "rollout began on March 22." Now what does that date remind me of?

Why this is hell, nor are we out of it.

Faust. Where are you damn’d?
Meph. In hell.
Faust. How comes it then that thou art out of hell?
Meph. Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.
-- Marlowe, Doctor Faustus

In an insightful new post, William Wildblood asks, "Are we in hell now?" You will want to read the whole thing, but here are a few highlights, interspersed with my own thoughts.

It would be my contention that just as there is a divine plan for mankind so there is also a demonic plan. . . . Their aim is to absorb the energy from human souls for their own benefit and use. They have cut themselves off from the source of life and need life energy to maintain their existence. So they seek to corrupt souls. 

I found this an interesting take on demonic motivation, which has always been hard for me to understand. Pure spite just doesn't seem like enough of a reason for the devil to keep working tirelessly, millennium after millennium, for something that brings no benefit to him personally. It seems plausible that the devils must in some way need human damnation, that they must be soul-predators, vampires.

William suggests that, just as plants get their life energy from the Sun, so non-demonic beings get their life from God. The demons, who have cut themselves off from God, would be analogous to animals, which, because they cannot photosynthesize for themselves, must prey directly or indirectly on those who can. Not for nothing is the Satanic system called the beast. The devils "seek to corrupt souls" in order to cut them off from God -- which either "kills" them, making them suitable food for the devils, or forces them to become soul-predators themselves. I'm not entirely sure this is true, but if it is, it has some interesting ramifications -- including that there are likely two different sorts of damnation: that of the cannibalized, and that of the cannibals.

What is their aim? It is still the corruption of souls as it always has been but now there is something else. I believe, and I believe this because of what I can observe around me, because of the pattern of recent history and because of intuition, that they are seeking to make hell on Earth. That is to say, they are seeking to externalise hell onto the physical plane, to extend their domain, as it were.

The whole demon-possession subplot in the Synoptic Gospels -- especially the story of the devils who, being cast out of a man, begged to be allowed to possess a herd of swine -- strongly suggests a strong desire among the devils to extend their domain into the physical. Something similar is hinted at in the Genesis 6 story of the fallen angels who descended to earth and took human wives. The motivation behind this is not obvious, but perhaps we should make more of an effort to understand it.

If hell can be defined as separation from God then it should be obvious that we are in hell now.

And if the speculation above is true, it means that those who are sufficiently separated from God to have entered a hell state here on earth have two possible fates: to "die" spiritually or to turn to soul-cannibalism. And isn't that what we see all around us -- the zombie masses and the vampire elite?

You don't have to go out and do anything publicly but through your thoughts and prayers you can serve God and help souls struggling for truth in the spiritual quagmire of the contemporary world. This world may be turning into hell but heaven awaits those who simply wake up to that fact.

"This is hell," said Mephisto to Faust, "nor am I out of it" -- because hell is in the last analysis not a geographical location but a state of the soul, and wherever you go, there you are. One likes to imagine Jesus responding to a similar question -- "How comes it then that thou art out of heaven?" -- with, "Why this is heaven, nor am I out of it." Wherever you go, there you are.

To an extent unprecedented in history, we walk through the valley of the shadow of death -- but for those who turn to God, it is possible at the same time to lie down in green pastures and walk beside the still waters, to sit at table in the presence of our enemies.

"Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not? . . . Incline your ear, and come unto me: hear, and your soul shall live" (Isa. 55:1-3).

The writing's on the wall

When I saw this picture on The Onion, somehow the IRS wasn't the first thing I thought of.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Notice of G's recent work on virtue sets

G of the Junior Ganymede has been posting a lot of interesting ideas regarding the "virtue set" model. He has adopted the hot/cool terminology I proposed, where "hot" includes Ahuric virtue and Luciferic vice, and "cool" embraces Devic virtue and Ahrimanic vice.

  • Virtue upon virtue: I have previously discussed the natural evolution from Good to Luciferic to Ahrimanic to Sorathic. G here discusses evolution in the opposite direction: the progression from cool vice to hot vice to cool virtue to hot virtue.
  • In my Father's house are many virtues: The four members of the master virtue set are associated with the four kingdoms of the afterlife in Mormon theology.
  • The plan of virtue: The four members of the master virtue set are associated with premortal, mortal, and postmortal stages in the Plan of Salvation.
  • The sower of virtues: The biblical parable of the sower is interpreted in terms of the virtue set.

Another unremarked milestone

According to the latest figures , the pecks have now killed more than two-thirds as many people in Taiwan as the birdemic has, and that rat...