Sunday, May 22, 2022

White sands, red sun

Bruce Charlton recently posted on C. S. Lewis's Law of Undulation. For me, the undulation tends to be between thinking and synching. I have lots of half-finished drafts of ambitious posts on metaphysical topics, but for the time being I find myself unable to do anything with them. Instead, I'm noticing syncs. At other times, the sync stream dries up and I write more essay-style content. Emphasis on other times.

Last night, YouTube Music randomly recommended queued up a song I'd never heard by a group I'd never heard of -- "White Sands" by the dreampop band Still Corners, from their 2021 album The Last Exit. The artwork caught my eye.

A big, red circle like a red sun, and inside it another red sun. This made me think back to late 2020, when the Red Sun had been such a prominent sync theme.

Today, I was looking at an English reading comprehension test created by the Taiwan government. One of the reading passages was a list of rules for visitors to White Sands Beach.

This evening, after work, I was out on my motorcycle thinking about White Sands and the Red Sun when I passed someone with a strange symbol on the back of his jacket: four arrows radiating out from a shared center -- like Michael Moorcock's Symbol of Chaos, but with only the four diagonal arrows -- the St. Andrew's cross from the Moorcock Union Jack.

For some reason, what this made me think of was the word chaos respelled as K-Os. Os means "bone," I thought, and maybe in some parallel universe people eat K-bone steaks instead of --

This train of thought (if "thought" is the word I'm looking for!) was abruptly cut short when I turned a corner and noticed two glowing signs side by side: OK Mart (a Taiwanese spinoff of Circle K) and Yamaha Motor.

Photo taken the next day

The OK logo is a red circle (red sun) and the letter K for Krypton (red sun again). OK also suggests the K-O in K-Os. The Yamaha logo also features a red circle and a Moorcock-like motif of arrows radiating out in all directions. (Actually, they're supposed to be tuning forks, Yamaha having begun as a manufacturer of reed organs.)

This is likely an opening salvo from the sync fairies, intended to lay the groundwork for something else.

Friday, May 20, 2022

On the subject of cats and DNA . . .

Richard Arrowsmith has resurrected an old sync thread from 2009 and made a video: GattaCAT.

My humble addition to the cat/DNA sync theme:

The Double Felix.

Joan and the English colonization of America

Rudolf Steiner had this interesting take on how Joan of Arc affected world history, from a 1915 lecture.

At that time it was indeed the Christ impulse acting in Joan of Arc, through its Michaelic servants, that prevented a possible merging of France and England, causing England to be forced back onto its island. And this achieved two things: first, France continued to have a free hand in Europe. This can be seen if we study the history of France over the following centuries — the essential element of the French spirit was able to influence European culture entirely without hindrance. The second thing which was achieved was that England was given its domain outside the continent of Europe. This deed, brought in through Joan of Arc, was a blessing not only for the French but also for the English, compelling them to take up their domain.

The reason the English later built an empire in America and elsewhere, Steiner implies, is that Joan had prevented them from building an empire in Europe.

This is synchronistically interesting. On December 29, 2020, after the sync fairies had brought Joan to my attention and just three days before my direct encounter with her, I noted that Joan's surname was sometimes written as Dare rather than Darc and connected that with the name of the first English child born in America.

Dare as an alternative form of Joan's surname is interesting because it suggests Virginia Dare -- whose given name, Virginia, has the same meaning as La Pucelle.

On March 30, 2022, I noted that John Dee also had a name suggestive of the Maid's.

According to Wikipedia, John Dee's surname comes from the Welsh word for "black." In other words, his name was John Dark.

At the time, I didn't know what to make of this link. Dee, a spy and magician, seemed to have nothing to do with the purity of Joan, and associating the two seemed almost blasphemous. Now it makes a bit more sense, if we accept Steiner's idea that Joan's defeat of the English set in motion the chain of events that resulted in the creation of the British Empire. John Dee was the one who coined the term British Empire, well before any such empire existed, and then pushed Queen Elizabeth to make it a reality by colonizing the New World -- a colonization which symbolically began with the birth of Virginia Dare in 1587.

My recent posts about John Dee have focused on the event of April 27, 1592. I learned of the Steiner lecture quoted above through an email I was sent on April 27, 2022 -- but which I didn't discover until last night because it had been sent to my spam folder.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Piracy on the high seas, and Cologne Cathedral

I had two fragmentary dreams about a week ago which have persisted in memory longer than is customary and which have an air of meaningfulness about them. I record them here in case that meaning ever becomes apparent.

In the first dream, I am with my brother Joseph in a very large bookstore where everything is free. He takes this for granted and says bookstores have always been like that. I have vague memories of patronizing bookstores in the past and shelling out 20 bucks or more per item, but I don't say anything. We go our separate ways to browse, and when our paths cross again he is carrying an armload of dozens of large hardcovers, all of which appear to be about piracy on the high seas. Piracy on the High Seas is actually the title of one of them; I don't see any of the other titles but gather that they are all works of non-fiction dealing with the Golden Age of Piracy. He is also carrying two rolled-up American flags on short, spear-like poles, and I understand that these are also from the bookstore and are considered pirate-related items. I comment, "This is a whole new direction for you, Joseph."

In the second dream, I am doing some long-distance hiking in a mountainous area. I come to the edge of a cliff, and there below me, its spires just level with my head, is what looks like an enormous Gothic cathedral. For some reason I decide it's probably Cologne Cathedral (although checking pictures now on the Internet, I see that it actually bears a closer resemblance to Canterbury), so when I see a man inside the cathedral, close enough to talk to through a window, I ask him if I'm anywhere near Cologne. I try to ask this in German, but it keeps coming out in Chinese, so in the end I just give up and speak English. Fortunately, he understands. In answer, he causes a map to appear in my head, showing where I am and where Cologne is -- but the map looks like Canada, not Germany. Cologne is around where Edmonton would be on a Canadian map, and my current location is far to the northwest, around where (I think in the dream) Yellowknife should be, though waking I would correct this to Whitehorse. I thank the man for his help, get an azimuth, and start walking to Cologne.

Regarding possible meanings, the juxtaposition in the first dream of American flags and the name Joseph made me think of the Fake President and his recent remarks about his piratical efforts.

I’m also sending to Congress a comprehensive package of -- that will enhance our underlying effort to accommodate the Fire Nation oligarchs and make sure we take their -- take their ill-begotten gains. Ha, we’re gonna accommodate them!  We’re gonna seize their yachts, their luxury homes, and other ill-begotten gains of Poutine’s kleptoc- -- yeah -- kleptocracy and klep- -- the guys who are the kleptocracies.  Heh heh heh.  But these are bad guys!

Most of the commentary on this has focused on the Fake President's ignorance of the meaning of accommodate and inability to pronounce kleptocracy, but I think the content is much more disturbing than the delivery. This is pretty literally piracy on the high seas. Not only is he talking about robbing random businessmen (who for some reason are called "oligarchs" if they're from the Fire Nation) of their private property; he specifically mentions seizing sailing ships by force. As of 2022, the Stars and Stripes is a pirate flag. A whole new direction!

Another possibility is that the dream is actually about the other kind of piracy. A "bookstore where everything is free" sounds pretty much like the Internet, and helping oneself to free content is sometimes considered "piracy."

About the Cologne Cathedral dream I have no ideas at all. We'll see if any syncs turn up later. One possible connection between the two dreams: It turns out that the cathedral in Edmonton is called St. Joseph's.

Update: I'm not the only wrongthinker to have made the piracy connection.

He even has Biden say, "We pirates, bitch . . . See yall on the high seas . . ."

Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Return of the Great Witch-king

Today the Fake President mockingly dubbed his predecessor "the great MAGA king."

Trump immediately embraced the title and shared a meme taking it in a disturbingly Tolkienian direction.

Why "disturbingly"? Because maga is Latin for "witch." The Return of the King features a "maga-king" character, and he ain't one of the good guys!

Maybe lay off a little on the #DarkMAGA meme magic, guys.

Oh, and here's a little screencap for one of my readers. You know who you are.

Note added: It's an appropriate date for a 555 sync.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and the Alec Baldwin shooting

Not exactly the most topical syncs, but here they are.

Today I happened to reread my October 28, 2021, post "False flags in Prisoners of the Sun." This was just a week after Alec Baldwin shot Hayna Hutchins on the set of Rust, and Debbie brought up the incident in the comments, mentioning that Baldwin had often played the role of Donald Trump in Saturday Night Live skits. In reply, I commented,

To me, Alec Baldwin "playing Trump" (i.e. dressing up as a guy named after a playing card) syncs with the Lady Gaga song "Poker Face" -- which includes the lines "Russian roulette is not the same without a gun" and "I'll get him hot, show him what I've got" (Baldwin repeatedly asked why he had been given a "hot gun").

Baldwin is also known for "The Hunt for Red October," which syncs with his killing someone with a gun on the set of Rust in October. His Ukrainian-born victim says on her website that she grew up on a Soviet military base surrounded by nuclear submarines.

Baldwin also starred in "Beetlejuice" -- so another "red" connection.

For some reason, when I read this today, I had a sudden urge to watch the music video for "Poker Face."

At the 1:17 mark, the video's first playing card appears, and it is the Ace of Spades -- signifying "death" in traditional cartomancy.

Gaga then throws the card, which spins around, revealing the back face, which reads "bwin."

Later we see the same name more clearly, written on the card table.

This is apparently just a bit of product placement -- is an online gambling platform -- but it's also a pretty strong sync with the name Baldwin.

"Poker Face" was co-written by Gaga and someone called RedOne -- so another sync with the color red.

The Wikipedia article for "Poker Face" notes, "According to BBC, the 'Mum-mum-mum-mah' hook used in the song references Boney M.'s 1977 hit 'Ma Baker.'" Here's the chorus of "Ma Baker":

Ma ma ma ma
Ma Baker
She taught her four sons
Ma ma ma ma
Ma Baker
To handle their guns
Ma ma ma ma
Ma Baker
She never could cry
Ma ma ma ma
Ma Baker
But she knew how to die

And here's the opening paragraph of the Wikipedia article for "Alec Baldwin":

Alexander Rae Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor, film producer, comedian, and political activist. He is the eldest of the four actor brothers in the Baldwin family. Baldwin first gained recognition appearing on the sixth and seventh seasons of the CBS primetime soap opera Knots Landing.

Never having heard of Knots Landing, I clicked the link. Here's how that article begins.

Knots Landing is an American prime time television soap opera that aired on CBS from December 27, 1979, to May 13, 1993. A spin-off of Dallas, it was set in a fictitious coastal suburb of Los Angeles and initially centered on the lives of four married couples living on a cul-de-sac, Seaview Circle. Throughout its fourteen-year run, storylines included marital strife, rape, murder, kidnapping, assassinations, drug smuggling, politics, environmental issues, corporate intrigue, and criminal investigations. By the time of its conclusion, it had become the third longest-running primetime drama on U.S. television after Gunsmoke and Bonanza and the last fictional primetime show that debuted in the 1970s to leave the air.

Gunsmoke and Bonanza -- the Baldwin shooting took place in the ghost town of Bonanza City, New Mexico.


About five hours after posting the above, I came home and found my wife watching some kind of "true crime" program on television. A man had been accused of murdering his wife, and the defense had made the ludicrous claim that she had actually died of an allergic reaction to a spray tan. I went into another room to deal with some things, and when I came back into the living room, I heard the voice on the TV say, "Prosecutor Baldwin takes direct aim at Lina's mother." Looking the story up on the Internet later, I found that this was the 2007 case of Adam Kaufman, prosecuted by Matthew Baldwin for the murder of his wife Eleanora "Lina" Kaufman but ultimately acquitted. Someone named Baldwin taking "direct aim" at a woman is a pretty strong sync.

Before watching the "Poker Face" video today, the only thing I could remember about it was the opening scene, where Lady Gaga climbs up out of a pool of water, flanked by two large dogs.

This is a clear allusion to the 18th trump of the Tarot, called The Moon.

When I watched the video today, that scene still seemed highly evocative, but I couldn't see how it had anything to do with the Alec Baldwin shooting. The only angle I could think of was to check if either Alec Baldwin or Lady Gaga was a Cancer. (In fact, both are Aries.)

Tonight, though, I suddenly remembered the 2020 music video for the Grateful Dead song "Ripple." It features a Tarot reading which, at The Magician's Table, I had interpreted as a "Year Ahead" spread for the year 2021, with one card corresponding to each month of that year. Sure enough, the card for October 2021 -- when the Alec Baldwin shooting took place -- was The Moon.

When I went The Magician's Table to search for that old post, though, I got a bit of a shock. There on the front page was my most recent post, dated March 28, 2022 -- which, I had just learned earlier today, was Lady Gaga's 36th birthday. The post is about the Moon card, and its title is "Could the 'moon' be Betelgeuse?" As noted above, Alec Baldwin starred in the 1988 movie Beetlejuice.

Note added:

The music video for "Poker Face" was directed by Ray Kay and Anthony Mandler.

Rust was to be directed by Joel Souza and star Alec Baldwin. It was the second time these two had worked together; Baldwin was the producer of Souza's 2019 film Crown Vic. The main character in Crown Vic is named Ray Mandel.

White sands, red sun

Bruce Charlton recently posted on C. S. Lewis's Law of Undulation . For me, the undulation tends to be between thinking and synching. I ...