Thursday, May 25, 2023

Cuckoo syncs

I recently finished reading The Uninscribed by Stephanie South, which left me with the feeling that there is some specific British slang expression which perfectly encapsulates her particular brand of wackiness, but I couldn't quite get it off the tip of my tongue and still can't. While I was trying to dredge it up from my memory, though, one of the rejected possibilities that came to mind was cuckoo, which set off its own train of thought. One of the main ideas South promotes (she got it from the late José Argüelles) is what she calls the 13:20 system, a 13-month calendar where each of the days has a goofy New-Agey name like Galactic Rainbow Dolphin, and apparently if everyone would just start using this calendar instead of the evil Gregorian "12:60" system, it would bring about world peace and, uh, higher vibrational something something. Basically, it's like Time Cube, but with fewer insults and more galactic rainbow dolphins.

So it occurred to me that, while cuckoo is not the still-elusive mot juste for South herself, the perfect nickname for the New Age Time Cube timekeeping system she promotes is the cuckoo clock. What time is it when the clock strikes thirteen? Time to get a new clock!

Cuckoos and calendars made me think of the Middle English song "Sumer is icumen in," since it's about cuckoos and the changing of the seasons. I only really know a few lines of it, but I started humming it to myself and trying to remember the rest.

I still had "Sing cuccu" in my head when I decided to go online last night and check a few blogs and YouTube channels. I found that one of Bruce Charlton's recent (May 23) posts was "A dissonant cuckoo in Rothbury" -- about a cuckoo that was singing its song wrong, a bit like a clock striking thirteen. Speaking of that number, Bruce also mentions in the post that the cuckoo's song (the proper version) "was immortalized by Handel in the delightful second movement of his organ concerto in F No. 13."

On YouTube, I found a May 24 upload by LXXXVIII finis temporis called "the Wicker Man (1973) | The sacrifice of Jesus Christ | 9/11 - 33." It's about how that movie (which I have never seen) supposedly contains many references to the crucifixion of Christ and to the number 33, though most of the latter are pretty strained. (Wicker Man = WM, and each of those letters looks a bit like a numeral 3 if you rotate it. Christopher Lee = CL, the 3rd and 12th letters of the alphabet, and 1 + 2 = 3. That sort of thing. The 9/11 links are even more tenuous -- the wicker man has two legs, for example, just like the Twin Towers.) It prominently features a scene from The Wicker Man in which the main character is burned to death inside the titular wicker man while Christopher Lee and the others sing a partially modernized version of "Sumer is icumen in"! It seems like an odd choice of songs for a human sacrifice, but I guess the director just wanted some "period" music to emphasize that these are practitioners of ye olde religion. As this bit plays, LXXXVIII emphasizes references to the crucifixion -- parts of the wicker man form a cross, the victim keeps shouting "Jesus!" etc.

As I was writing this post, I wanted to make sure I'd spelled "Sumer is icumen in" correctly, so I checked the Wikipedia article on that song, which includes this note: "Beneath the Middle English lyrics in the manuscript, there is also a set of Latin lyrics which consider the sacrifice of the Crucifixion of Jesus."


Ra1119bee said...


I'm sending this in 2 parts

Part 1.

Once again you and I seem to be on the same frequency via telepathy.

As I was reading your new post I came across the part about the Wicker Man,
which,lo and behold that sparked a memory of a dream that I had about Obama
and the Wicker Man.

Do note that I had this Wicker dream in Aug 2020.
Recall that I didn't" meet" you online until early Oct of 2021.

So, after reading your post, sure enough I found in my archived dream journal, this:

Obama the Wicker man at the Window , and the Door
August 1, 2020

I had a strange dream today the dream is follows…
I can’t recall all of this dream, but at one point I was looking
out of a window (I do recall I was at an apartment where I felt that I lived).

Obama was outside RIGHT at the window . There was another man with him, although I don’t know who that man was.

For some odd reason Obama was inside of a white wicker cage which I felt
Obama was hiding in an attempt to ‘camouflage himself, however I could see inside the wicker cage and Obama was in there.

The Dream changed and the next thing that happened was Obama
was outside of my apartment Door.
He wasn’t in the Wicker contraption however,
and I can’t recall of what happened there.

I then recall talking with an older man and I was telling him
about how odd I thought it was to see Obama, as it appeared as he (Obama )
was stalking me.

I then said that maybe it was someone who was disguising himself as Obama, and for some reason was stalking me.
The older man then said : No, I don’t think so,
I saw Obama too and he was driving a Maserati.

I woke up
Because Maserati was a significant part of the dream I researched the word Maserati and found an interesting website titled :
God of the Sea to Maserati: The Legacy of Poseidon ( link below )

I also found the connection to Maserati and Poseidon to be quite interesting
as Poseidon was not only the god of the sea, he was also the god of destruction presiding over the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses. Especially earthquakes.
In Greek mythology Poseidon was also known as the Earth Shaker.

Ra1119bee said...


Part 2

Connecting the dots I wonder if the 'message' of the dream is telling that Obama
will be an Earth Shaker, as if you recall I predict that after a Black Swan event,
Obama will usher in (''temporarly') a triumvirate governance with perhaps Musk
and DeSantis as the triumvirs.

If that happens, that event will certainly be an Earth Shaking i.e. A Great Upheaval
time in history, not only for America but Globally.

I found it also interesting in the dream where I wrote that Obama
was at my apartment 'Door' which of course with the recent door syncs on your blog,
and me re-reading my Obama The Wicker Man dream sparked by your post, I couldn't help but think: " How odd".

Being at the window and door ( both being portals ) is symbolic of being on the precipice
of entering into 'another place', and in the case of Obama perhaps that other place being
a triumvirate governance.

On wiki I also found this interesting information about wicker especially
in regards to Egptian Pharaohs which of course as we both know the media has programed
the collective that Obama looks like Akhenaten, which I actually think
that he does too.

Also don't forget The Story of Moses in the Bulrushes and Moses being placed
in a wicker basket by his mother to float down the Nile. (link below )

Also google ; Wicker hats and war Egypt

Copy and Paste:

Wicker has been documented as far back as ancient Egypt, made from indigenous "reed and swamp grasses."
[4] Middle-class families could only afford a few pieces, such as small tables.[5] However, archaeologists working on the tombs of the wealthy pharaohs have uncovered a wider variety of wicker items,[6] including "chests, baskets, wig boxes, and chairs".[4] Wicker even found use in the Achaemenid Empire on the battlefield, in shields.[7]

Also on Bible Gateway ( see link )
there is reference to baskets in this scripture: Genesis 40
and also in this scripture is reference to The Cupbearer and the Baker.

Do recall my Senator Baker dream I shared with you.

Everything is connected, no?

William Wildblood said...

Wm, you might enjoy this.

William Wildblood said...

Note the rather strange performance of Sumer is icumen in from the 1972 Munich Olympics near the bottom of the article.

No Longer Reading said...

Is the expression you're thinking about "woo woo"?

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, I assume you remember last year's posts about the March 4, 2019 Time cover, which shows Biden and various other Democratic politicians peering in a window. That's what your dream made me think of.

Given the similarity of the Maserati logo to the Tryzub, I wonder if your dream could be considered somewhat prophetic of current geopolitical events.

The phrase "wicker man" always makes me think of an Ulsterman I knew years ago who always referred to the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz by that name.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

William, thanks. That's a very interesting read.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Kevin, no, I thought of "woo woo." It's something else. I'm sure it'll come to me eventually.

Ra1119bee said...


You wrote:" Given the similarity of the Maserati logo to the Tryzub, I wonder if your dream could be considered somewhat prophetic of current geopolitical events."

My response: I agree, especially given the fact that Obama (symbolic of Politics)
was the main 'character' in the dream.
As stated, I don't think we've seen the last of Obama.
I think our Opponents chose Obama to play the symbolic role as the Earth Shaker.

Do recall that the World Trade Centers also had connections to Poseidon's Trident
( see link below ), and one of the World Trade Center's trident was included in
the building of the One Trade Center.
One Trade Center symbolic of E. Pluribus Unum i.e. Out of Many One.

Also symbolic is Obama's official White House portrait which shows Obama standing
in an all white background ( see link below )...

White being symbolic of The All and the None (the void).
Also in the portrait check out Obama's grey tie. Grey symbolic of the middle/balance.
Neither Black nor White.
I also believe that we're going to see Obama having connections with The Third Temple.

Barack and Michelle's official portraits were unveiled on Sept 7, 2022.
Also the White House portrait unveiling came Seven days after
Joe Biden's " Battle for the Soul of the Nation' speech and one day prior
to the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth, who supposedly 'died'
on Sept 8.
Eight being the number of Infinity and the Octagon and the Union Jack i.e The Eight
Point Star of Ishtar.

You might recall Biden's May 1, 2022 Battle for the Soul' speech given in front
of Philidelphia Independence Hall.
May 1 is May Pole Day celebrating the beginning of Spring .
MayDay is also a distress call from Navigators and Aviators.

I don't think the eerie Blood Red BRICK background where the speech was given was a coincidence ( see link )

Do recall my sharing information about the significance of Red Brick and Energy.

Also, I found this interesting information below regarding the tryzub and bricks ( link below )
Copy and paste:

The tryzub appeared not only on coins but also on **** bricks**** of the Church of the Tithes in Kyiv, on tiles of the Dormition Cathedral in Volodymyr-Volynskyi (one of the major towns of that period), and on stones of other churches, castles and palaces.

IMO, the Ukrainian Tryzub looks very much like a Ram's Horn. Do recall me sharing
with you a dream I had in Feb 2015 titled: Where's My Horn, which a gazillion
hours of researching the symbolism of that dream, I discovered information about
The Third Temple. Information I DID NOT KNOW prior to the dream.

Also isn't it interesting that in the word Bident, 'hides' the name Biden.

So, I absolutely believe we are on the precipice of an Earth Shaking' time
in History.
I don't think Biden's Battle of the Soul of the Nation was a coincidence.

Our Soul has always been our Opponent's Final Frontier via Transhumanism via
Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has always been the End Game.

Ra1119bee said...


I wrote:
You might recall Biden's May 1, 2022 Battle for the Soul' speech given in front
of Philidelphia Independence Hall

Correction: Biden's Battle for the Soul of the Nation speech was on Sept 1, 2022.

I don't know why I wrote May 1, but I do think the May Pole Day connection
has significance with the Big Picture especially the fact that May Pole Day
is a feast day celebrating the arrival of Spring, and of course has significance
to the door and window as both the door and window are portals to another place i.e
a new beginning, which of course is what the Spring season brings that is, a new beginning.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, September 1 is actually a much more symbolically important date, as the anniversary of the German invasion of Poland and the start of World War II.

Ra1119bee said...


Hmmmm... I did not know that about World War2.

Very interesting...

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The Babylon Bee made a joke about it:

I need to take a long break from being an Internet Person

My original plan was to take a break from blogging and most other Internet activity during April and May and resume normal posting around n...