Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Dragonflies and double-D lemniscates

In my May 13 post "Syncs: The World Beneath," I mention parallels between Dinotopia: The World Beneath and the trailer for the upcoming movie Meg 2: The Trench. -- the most noticeable being that both begin with "dragonfly" scenes.

Less than 24 hours after publishing that post, I happened to see the trailer for the 2017 movie Kong: Skull Island, and it, too, throws in some dragonfly footage.

Both trailers also prominently feature helicopters, but that's pretty much a given in a monster movie. Anyway, the dragonfly sync was enough to make me watch the whole movie. Skull Island features two fictional organizations: LandSat, whose satellites discovered the titular island (which, like Dinotopia, is kept isolated by permanent storm systems that surround it); and Monarch, a secret organization that deals with monsters and which apparently originally comes from the Godzilla franchise. (I've never actually watched a Godzilla movie myself.) LandSat's logo features the double-D, and Monarch's is a double-delta lemniscate. Monarch has its own Twitter page, with the slogan "Discovery and Defense in a Time of Monsters."

Discovery and Defense = D&D, and Time is a link to the hourglass. The logo looks like a sideways hourglass, but I suppose it is intended to suggest the letter M and a butterfly.

A secret government program that calls itself Monarch and uses butterfly imagery? I suppose anyone who reads this blog is conspiracy-adjacent enough to recognize that as an MKUltra reference. In the 2009 movie The Men Who Stare at Goats (part of an extremely improbable sync of its own), a reporter works to expose MKUltra-type activity, but is dismayed when the media only picks up one point, which it plays for laughs: that the government tortures people by forcing them to listen non-stop to the theme song from Barney the Purple Dinosaur

This is a pretty clear link to the Dinotopia concept: humans and dinosaurs living together in harmony.

I should also mention that a shape like the Monarch logo puts in an appearance in the music video for Muse's "Sing for Absolution":

As one final sync wink on the night of May 13, I listened to Alex Jones on Joe Rogan (from 2019), and one of the many things they discussed was Dragonfly, a (since-abandoned) project by Google to create a search engine that would be compatible with Chinese censorship requirements and thus be allowed to operate in that country. (The idea of Google cooperating with government censorship was considered shocking back then. How times change!)


Ra1119bee said...


The Men Who Stare at Goats was based on a true story of the US Military's involvement
in Robert Monroe's Remote Viewing project in the 1970s. Many of the characters in the movie was based on real people who were involvement in the project including Skip Atwater.

In my quest to find answers as to the many whys of my lifetime of bizarre Esoteric Experiences and dreams, in 2005 I attended the Gateway program at the Monroe Insitute in Charlotteville Virginia ( On the 77th Merican West, BTW ) ... and no I didn't see the goats,
however, I saw several cows :-) ( as the Insitute is in the rolling hills of Virginia )
.... and yes, Skip Atwater was there too.

Many people from all over the world was there for the seminar.
When I first arrived at Monroe, they asked me many questions especially: why was I there?
Looking back now, I think that 'they' were looking for potential people with remote viewing/psychic skills.

If you haven't already check out a doc based on the Monroe Institue (and featured in the documentary) titled; Third Eye Spies (trailer link below)

Also I had a Monarch Butterfly experience you may find interesting.
Here's the backstory:

After my mother passed over in Aug of 2002, Marshall and I took a trip down
to the Serpent Mound, which is all country roads about 40 miles or so.

On the drive back home, a monarch butterfly flew on the windshield of the Jeep and got caught in the wiper blades. I asked Marshall to stop and pull over and I retrieve the butterfly ( who was still alive). brought the butterfly in the car and 'he/she attached itself to my blouse. The butterfly stayed there the entire 40 miles back home and even when I went inside of the house.

I decided to lay down and the butterfly crawled up into my hair. I took a nap for a couple of hours and although the butterfly was dead at that point, I retrieve him from my hair and placed him in a picture frame along with a piece of paper which my mother had written her grocery shopping list, a week or so before her death.
I still have ' Mr. Butterfly' in the picture frame.

Third Eye Spies (2019) | Official Trailer HD

WanderingGondola said...

It seems Skull Island is part of one of those fictional-universe franchise things, this one aptly named the MonsterVerse (check the logo!). For a few years, pre-birdemic, I regularly stayed over with a group of friends to play games (video and tabletop), watch stuff and generally hang out. Two movies we marathoned were the Godzilla MonsterVerse titles available at the time (don't know why we skipped Skull Island).

The details of both films are fuzzy for me now, so as usual the interwebs save the day. The second, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, introduces a whole bunch of kaiju. Some, minor to the plot, are named Scylla, Behemoth, Tiamat and Leviathan; two who appear prominently are Mothra, a giant moth (butterfly-adjacent) referred to as Queen of the Monsters, and Rodan, basically a giant Pteranodon which can generate thunderclaps with its wings.

I'm not hugely familiar with much of Muse's output, but I did recall the existence of one song with butterflies in the title. "Butterflies and Hurricanes" was the last single from the album Absolution, which I'm guessing took its name from "Sing for Absolution" -- and there's a live version of that on the B&H CD single. Wiki has images of the single covers; the vinyl one bears a large broken ampersand, which could also be taken for an 8 or lemniscate, and an actual butterfly (maybe a monarch?) imposed over one of the clouds. The song itself was inspired by the butterfly effect as described by chaos theory. Take a look at the first two pics there.

Given how much Google screwed around with its old "Don't be evil" motto, is it really that surprising it'd move towards censorship? And then there's the theory it started off as a government/agency/whatever project, much like Facebook...

(By the way, one of this post's tags is misspelt.)

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