Monday, October 12, 2020

Trump and Biden contrasted

I don't usually do Bloods-and-Crips electoral politics, but since people keep asking my opinion:

Donald Trump

  • hasn't built the wall,
  • hasn't drained the swamp,
  • hasn't made America great again,
  • hasn't even maintained basic law and order, and...
  • hasn't prevented the totalitarian birdemic takeover.

Joe Biden

  • doesn't even pretend to want to do any of those things.

This is not an endorsement of Trump or of voting. You shouldn't vote, because voting is wrong, and it will -- very obviously! -- make no real difference who wins anyway.


Andrew said...

Disagree. But it would be pointless to say anymore.

-Andrew E.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Of course, almost everyone disagrees! The response I get when I express this opinion in public is generally, “Imma let you finish, but this is one of the most important elections of all time. Of All Time!”

ted said...

But Trump slows down the leftist ideology takeover in every facet of life. That he never promised, but in some odd way delivers.

Sean G. said...

Somehow Trump getting elected has summoned all of Hell's greatest demons (earlier than scheduled I think) which is the only reason I'm tempted to vote for him. They shriek at the mention of him and this may be enough for me.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Ted, I don’t see it. How much faster could a Leftist takeover have possibly happened?

islanti said...

The interesting thing is that most people that aren't caught up in politics seem to intuitively understand this.

Perhaps most people I've encountered tend to think that voting doesn't matter and both choices are the same. Occasionally you run into somebody that thinks Biden is going to save America from Trump or that Trump is going to save the West from socialists, or something. They are both singing the same tune.

Great effort is put in by "both sides" to convince you the most important thing you could possibly do is vote. They made the choice so black and white to bait even more people into this line of thinking. They are taking you for a ride, and to escape you simply have to get off.

~A~ said...

I agree in part. The difference is that had he not been elected, we would now have over 200 federal judges and 3 SCOTUS justices appointed by Hillary instead of Trump. Some of the appointed judges ruled that the lock downs were unconstitutional. The Supreme Court now swings in favor of constitutionalists.

To your points:

- Building the wall has been an uphill battle against Democrats. It is being built nonetheless. He has reduced illegal immigration dramatically and has Mexico toeing the line. He has also ceased catch and release.

- The swamp is massive. But I agree that he's still got plenty of swamp creatures surrounding him, despite having removed many.

- I don't think he ultimately has this power. But his manifestation may inspire Americans to move in this direction. Which is truly the only way to resurrect and step into that Greatness as a nation.

- Many lemmings are activated by the mockingbird media propaganda news cycle. These individuals are concentrated in cities. The Mayors and Governors of such areas stonewall any help provided by Trump (the federal government).

- Agree wholeheartedly on this point. Though he appears to be against masking and lock downs (and his rallies are filled with the unmasked), he has shown himself to be a cheerleader for big P. It's possible that he's walking a fine line until after election, though I'm not very hopeful.

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