Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The mosquito question

I wrote this ages ago and just found it while digging through some old papers looking for something else. I post it here for whatever it's worth, which is probably -- well, I'll let you decide.

Did no mosquitoes suck at Christ?
Was (once in them) his blood shed twice?
How many brave mosquitoes drank
At Jesus’ breast and back and flank?
How many brave mosquitoes died
With God’s atoning blood inside?
And, for that blasphemy they braved,
Are those mosquitoes damned –– or saved?

It's a bit self-referential, you see. The real question is, What say ye of someone whose whole approach to the divine is typified by the fact that he wrote something like this? Damned, or saved?

Not that I lose much sleep over such questions. As Chesterton once said (didn't he?), mosquitoes can fly because they can take themselves lightly.

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Bruce Charlton said...

It's a deft bit of comic verse.

And - as I read it - mocks the materialism-literalism of some peoples/ denominations views of 'holy' artefacts.

Which is probably good - unless it erodes faith as such. As always, we need to ask: If not, then what?

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