Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Taxes, The Tax Year, and The Seven Worlds of the Bible

I dreamed I was visiting my brother and looking at some pen-and-ink drawings he had done. He had a series of three abstract pieces up on his wall, with little plaques under them with the titles: Taxes, The Tax Year, and The Seven Worlds of the Bible. I can't remember what Taxes looked like, but The Tax Year prominently featured a circle divided into quarters, and The Seven Worlds of the Bible consisted of seven rectangular prisms drawn in a sort of exaggerated one-point linear perspective. I think these were labeled with the names of the seven worlds, but I didn't read them.

He also showed me a lot of pictures on paper that hadn't been framed yet. One of these depicted a bearded doctor holding a baby as if giving it to its mother. I mentioned to my brother that I thought that one was very clever because of the ambiguity: If you looked at it right, the doctor's head became a vulture's face, with the doctor's pointed beard becoming the beak. My brother was very surprised to hear that and said he hadn't done that on purpose at all. I wanted to show it to him, so we both looked through the pictures trying to find that one again, but we couldn't.

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