Monday, June 7, 2021

Can the 2021 birdemic beat the 2019 flu?

The latest stats from Taiwan:

  • Total deaths from flu and pneumonia: 15,715
  • Average deaths per day: 43


  • Total birdemic-attributed deaths so far: 260
  • Average deaths per day so far: 2
  • Average deaths in the last 7 days: 22
  • Additional deaths needed to beat 2019: 15,455
  • Average deaths needed per day for the rest of the year to beat 2019: 75

So can the birdemic beat the (completely unremarkable) flu of 2019? It's a long shot, but it's just possible.

Now, consider: If you asked people in 2019 how much more serious a disease would have to be than the seasonal flu to justify shutting the economy down for months, banning all social and religious gatherings, and making everyone wear masks everywhere, what do you think they would say? Twice as serious? Five times? Ten times? A hundred? Would they just laugh?

And if you mentioned that most other countries took all those crazy-extreme measures last year, against the same disease, and that it had no observable effect at all, then what would they say?

Taiwan, facing this fake crisis one year later than everyone else, has absolutely no excuse for not learning from the experience of every other country in the world.

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Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - As I have written on my blog today, and having completely failed to get anybody to take actual numbers of deaths with any seriousness; I have come to believe that the birdemic is a manifestation of the nightmare scenario prophesied by both Steiner and Barfield.

People quote statistics and 'facts' as if they are the foundation for belief and action; but are actually treating them in an *entirely* subjective and willed fashion. The actual statistics and actual facts have precisely zero influence on conclusions.

Thus, the conclusions are chosen without regard to any concept of objectivity - and our public, shared world is being-willed into-being.

We have therefore made the millennial transition to the New World of the spirit, its done - in the past; and Men actually are creating their own world: Now. Daily. Hourly.

But - as S&B warned - when this creation is unconscious and passive, it is inevitably evil; indeed (because that is the nature of evil) open-endedly and increasingly evil.

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