Saturday, January 8, 2022

War, children . . .

Debbie points out how this song sounds very different in the era of the peck.


Sasha Melnik said...

Another album & song I come back to that seems to deal with bureaucracy in its totalitarian, digital, authoritarian form is this one.. Rotersand's War on Error album (& title song)

'It's my life, it's my mind, it's my heart, not a digit!'

The rest of the songs are also worth a listen or read.

Ra1119bee said...


It really gets interesting when you factor in Theodore Adorno and his role in Tavistock
and the Frankfurt School and the manufacturing of many of the 1960's Bands
that made up the counter-culture movement and the British Invasion. Including the manufacturing of the Beatles (Good Boys) and the Rolling Stones (Bad Boys).

Check out Laurel Canyon. (LaurEL---EL?)

I was a HUGE Beatles fan by the way, and truth be told I still am.

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