Monday, January 3, 2022

Ecstasy, April 22, and June 6

Just a note to self on some recent synchronicities.

On January 2, I was hiking with my wife, and she happened to ask me about the meaning of the English word ecstasy, which is the name of a popular clothing brand in Taiwan (and maybe elsewhere, too, for all I know). I explained. Hours later, we were in the car, listening to jazz on the radio, and one of the songs had the word ecstasy in the lyrics. "Hey, did she just say ecstasy?" my wife said. "That's quite a coincidence!"

Then I realized that just the day before, January 1, I had reread Whitley Strieber's little book The Key, of which ecstasy is one of the major themes. Doing a word search on the Kindle edition, I find that the word occurs 40 times in what is, in print, a 105-page book.

Also on January 1, I posted "Softly now," in which I mention twice encountering the date April 22 by chance; and "How the Nazis changed the future, according to The Key," in which I note in passing that the encounter described in that book had taken place on June 6, and that this was part of a theme of emphasizing the number six.

Today, January 3, I picked up Mark Twain's Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, which I have been reading very slowly for over a year now, dipping into it from time to time when the spirit moves me. I only read a few pages today, but on those pages:
  • Joan asks the narrator when she first began speaking of a wound that she was fated to sustain in the future. He replies, "Your Excellency spoke of it first to the King, in Chinon; that was as much as seven weeks ago. You spoke of it again the 20th of April, and also the 22d, two weeks ago, as I see by my record here."
  • Joan speaks of her Voices saying to her, "Go forward, Daughter of God, and I will help thee," and says, "When I hear that, the joy in my heart, oh, it is insupportable!" The narrator adds, "The Bastard [of Orleans] said that when she said these words her face lit up as with a flame, and she was like one in an ecstasy."
  • Joan has to muster an army on very short notice. The narrator writes, "A deal of the month of May had been wasted; and yet by the 6th of June Joan had swept together a new army and was ready to march."
I note that the other date mentioned in what I have quoted, April 20, is the birthday of Adolf Hitler, which syncs with the Nazi theme.

We'll see if anything further develops from these syncs. I post them here in case any of my readers can supply a missing puzzle piece or two.


MVT said...

You asked for your readers to respond so I'll bring up that my birthday is April 22nd. I feel a bit bashful to say it because I can't see how it's related to your post, so I apologize if I come off as self-centered. Maybe the synchronicity fairies want me to write you. I'm not sure what to make of some of your posts but I do enjoy your honesty and perspective on things. I was also raised LDS. I started to identify as an agnostic as a teen and eventually an atheist. I married my husband in my early twenties and had a family, accepting that I was just going to live out my life as a nonbeliever. In my late twenties I listened to a Sam Harris podcast where he interviewed David Benatar, an Antinatalist. That was the conversation that really got me to start thinking about God. I realized that faith is a choice and I choose to have faith. Thanks for your interesting posts!

Ra1119bee said...


I too have had a recent synchronicity experience concerning April.
I had a dream Feb 21 2017, which I titled the dream: In April.
I think I shared that odd experience with you in our communications.

It was because of the In April dream that I began research only recently and stumbled upon Pluto's Return. I believe that during the Pluto Return a Black Swan Event will occur in the US, perhaps In April of this year 22 (22 being the number of manifestation).
2022 is also a Super Shemita year.

I think I shared with you my theory of Harris in the Andy Thomas Presential Paintings, especially the Republican Painting, the Grand O' Gang which includes Abraham Lincoln.

Also your reference to Mark Twain.
I've read and am intrigued about Mark Twain concerning his belief about his personal connection with Halley's Comet.
Why Mark Twain's Halley's Comet has struck a chord with me is that I had a very interesting dream and experience in March 1997 concerning Hale Bopp.

This year, on Christmas day I had a dream I titled; Fountainebluau, Close to You.
I wasn't reading anything about Fountainebleau before the dream, nor did I see a movie about Fountainebleau before the dream.
I wasn't aware of Fountainebleau in France, at least not consciously.
I don't know why I would have dreamt about it.

I've began researching Fountainebleau a little bit more in depth tonight and I found an interesting connection to someone named George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, whom I wasn't aware
of Gurdjieff before tonight.

What I've learned so far about Gurdjieff, has been very intriguing because it appears he had very similar perspectives as I concerning the metaphysical and he had a connection
To Fountainebleau, which is how I found information about him, that is: by googling Fountainbleau and the Occult.

As stated, I'm a firm believer in synchronicity events as I believe them to be much like puzzle pieces, which I personally believe our Soul knows exactly why and when we will need each puzzle piece, no matter how trivial the piece may seem at the time we're given each piece.

I believe the Soul transcends the illusion of linear time. Everything we need to know as far as how to navigate in this dimension is inside of us.

All IMHO, of course.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...


"I feel a bit bashful to say it because I can't see how it's related to your post"

You must have realized by now that not seeing how things are related is no objection around these parts. Good to hear from someone with such a similar background to my own.

"I'm not sure what to make of some of your posts"

Haha, don't feel like the Lone Ranger!


Whitley Strieber, author of the book The Key which I mention, is a Gurdjieffian. If you want to know more about Gurdjieff's ideas, the standard place to start is In Search of the Miraculous by P. D. Ouspensky. (Gurdjieff himself is unreadable, supposedly intentionally so.)

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Another strange sync, Debbie: Over the past few weeks I’ve been going through the archives of an extremely obscure, long discontinued podcast called Mother. Shortly after reading and replying to your comment above, I listened to this episode, which begins by accusing Strieber of dishonestly appropriating Gurdjieffian ideas in The Key.

Ra1119bee said...


How funny your comment about Gurdjieff's work being unreadable,
as I attempted to read just an itty bitty bit last night in my research about Gurdjieff
and my head was buzzin' so much I had to lay down and go to sleep!!

It was so overwhelming!! However, and truth be told, I Love the stimulation, and I guess I should be used to it, since I've been on my esoteric journey since 1965 when I was 10.

However, It was so bizarre how I found the information about Gurdjieff.

I was also intrigued about Gurdjieff's connection to Tibet, and if you recall I shared my personal Past Life Reading in 1974, and my connections to Tibet and levitation in Atlantis, in previous communications we've had.

Also, Hitler's SS and their connection to Tibet and Shambhala and the Vril Society.
Interesting the connection with Levitation and Tibet and Vril energy.

Also, oddly enough I have had Many Many interesting dreams about keys, especially in the last 20 years or so.
There was one particular dream I had in Aug 2019, I titled the dream ; Don in Israel.
In that dream there is a reference to Keys and also to JUNE.

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