Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Racism is a fake sin

I'm sure most of my readers already know this, but it seems necessary to make an explicit statement.

Noticing racial differences and the actions of racial interest groups is smart. Acting in accordance with that information -- "discrimination" -- is rational and good. Stereotypes and generalizations are useful, necessary, and unavoidable. Preferring the company of one's own people is natural. Love and loyalty for one's own people is praiseworthy. Agree? Congratulations, you're a racist! Welcome to the club.

There is a limited (but rapidly growing!) market for evil as such. Therefore, mass evil movements will typically embrace, or pretend to embrace, something good and use it to justify the evil. It is the evil that is to be condemned, not the good principle that is used as an excuse. Those who condemn colonialism, slavery, and genocide because they are "racist" are at the same intellectual level as the Nu-Atheist neckbeard smugly condemning "religion" as the cause of everything from witch-hunts to Muslim terrorism. As well might one criticize the hippies by inveighing against peace and love, or the Communists by condemning compassion for the poor. As well might anti-war protesters chant, "Stop the patriotism!"

Cruelty is bad. Injustice is bad. Exploitation is bad. Resentment is bad. Dishonesty and bad faith are bad. All of these things can and should be condemned on their own terms, without treating them as instances of "racism" or any of the other fake sins of modernity.


Bruce Charlton said...

Is this the first time in history that a fake sin is officially regarded as the worst sin?

I think so.

Ra1119bee said...


And the WHY to your equation is?

IMO, it's THE EGO /Devil/Evil/Demon/Beast of Man.

IMO, It's as simple as that.

The Ego pleasures and protects the physical body(vehicle) ONLY.
Our Opponents strengthens our Ego so as to minimize our Collective Consciousness ( our harmony with our fellow man/woman) and our Soul (our MOST powerful gift connected to God)

When unbalanced the Ego is the Evil and root of our greed,lust, hatred, arrogance, jealously, fears.

Economics via Sex ,Power and Money/Wealth are the three pillars of this duality dimension, and all three having to do (in some way, shape or form) with the Ego and the pleasure and protection of the physical body.

Race is just a conduit to Sex, Power and Money/Wealth.
Always has been, always will be.

IMHO, of course.

Lady Mermaid said...

Very well said. The notion of "hate crimes" is utterly absurd. Aren't many crimes committed out of hatred? Every criminal investigation looks into the motives of the perpetrator. Violence and murder against people are already illegal.

Same thing with "hate speech". It's already illegal to incite acts of violence. "Hate speech" as a separate category doesn't exist.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...


It still amazes me that “hate crime” and “hate speech” — constructions that seem almost as if they must be intentional homages to Orwell’s Newspeak — are the terms that stuck.

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