Sunday, January 7, 2024

My tail is dun

In Taichung today, I stopped at an intersection where there were, opposite one another, two shops with English names selling caffeinated beverages: John Tea and Louisa Coffee. This struck me as significant for some reason I couldn't put my finger on -- perhaps something to do with John Dee, I thought. I didn't get a chance to take a photo, but here it is on Street View:

When I got home, I read William Wright's latest post, "'Louise has weapon': Arrival, language, and power." The name Louise got my attention, obviously. The reference is to the 2016 movie Arrival, which I recently watched and mentioned in a post, in which an alien language is deciphered by a linguist named Louise and her partner, Ian. Louise and Louisa are forms of the same name, as are Ian and John. Here's a sample of what the alien language looks like:

And here's one of the first image search results for coffee stain:

William discusses my recent post "Rapunzel and the True Song of Wandering Aengus," in which I was asked in a dream "Do you know what a week is?" and replied with a little verse defining it in terms of the phases of the moon:

From none to half, or half to all,
Or all to half, or half to none
Takes seven days, and this we call
A week, and now my tale is done.

William says that, since the dream had no visual component, the question might actually have been about weak, or even the Elvish word wiqe, which means "penis." The latter is a bit of a stretch, since the Elvish word would be pronounced "wee-kway" and wouldn't really sound like week, but the general point is that homophones -- whether within one language or across languages -- introduce ambiguity and the potential for misunderstanding.

I didn't mention it in my post, but I had actually thought something very similar just after my dream -- not about the word week but about the ending of the verse: my tale is done.

The Piers Anthony novel Centaur Aisle begins with a scene in which Dor is writing an essay for school, having pressed into service a "spelling bee" -- a magical insect which is "incapable of misspelling a word, however much it might wish to, to spite him." Dor dictates his essay to the bee, only to discover later that its spite has found a loophole, giving what are technically correct spellings, but of homophones, not of the words Dor clearly intended. The final essay begins with "Eye live inn the Land of Xanth, witch is disstinked from Mundania" and ends with "My tail is dun."

The dream reminded me of this episode, so much so that when I typed it up for the blog post, I inadvertently wrote "my tail is dun" and had to go back and correct it.

After writing most of the above, I took a break to do some housework. While I did so, I listened to a debate on YouTube about whether or not Joseph Smith had practiced polygamy. (William Wright had sent me the link, and his friend Leo Ebbert is one of the participants.)

In the debate, Mark Tensmeyer and Jacob Vidrine argue for the position that Joseph Smith was a practicing polygamist, while Leo Ebbert and Jeremy Hoop argue that he was not. In Leo's closing remarks, he repeatedly uses the expression "Heads I win, tails you lose" to characterize the methods of his opponents. Immediately after that, Jeremy gives his closing remarks, in which he states that "there simply is no evidence" of Joseph's polygamy. "There's only tales of it."

Among Mormons, of course, the name Dunn is closely associated with tall tales.


William Wright (WW) said...

I really like how you played around with "my tail is dun".

"Dunn" and derivations of it in Elvish languages can mean "black or dark" and given that you have identified that it could be tail or tale, that might be something to explore. Both snakes and chameleons have come up, and they have tails... perhaps you are voicing one who is now acknowledging both their tale and tail is black or dark?

And you don't need to stop there with that line. For instance, why assume that "days" actually refers to a period of time in this word play? "Day" in Elvish can mean "shadow" or "dread, horror". Seven shadows, or dark Beings? And they are called something or given a name (I know you think my calling them 'dicks' is a stretch, but you can come up with something else if you want).

It was your masonic ritual, so just some thoughts to consider from the outside looking in if it helps.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

"Now my tail is dun" could clearly be a chameleon reference, as it implies the tail might have been some other color at some other time. Chameleon is also the name of a Piers Anthony character, oddly enough.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Chameleon is Dor's mother, actually. That's a pretty close link.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The Latin for "tail" is penis, and tail as a euphemism for "penis" occurs in the work of none other than John Donne (whose name is pronounced as done/dun) -- e.g. the reference in "Farewell to Love" to "applying worm-seed to the tail" as an anti-aphrodisiac measure.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Donne's "Valediction Forbidding Morning" also syncs with the way the alien language in Arrival is written in circular form and thus "ends where it begun."

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Decades ago I wrote this homophone-based bit of doggerel riffing on one of Donne's most famous lines:

Batter my heart, three-person'd God!
Batter my heart and fry it.
Batter-fried heart, I know, sounds odd,
But 'tis a godly diet.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Ha! I just noticed that I carelessly wrote “Valediction Forbidding Morning”! What an appropriate place to make such an error.

I’d also forgotten that that poem contains a golden plates reference: “gold to airy thinness beat.”

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The whole premise of Anthony’s Chameleon character is that she undergoes great changes in intelligence and attractiveness, which follow a monthly cycle and are obviously a joke about the menstrual cycle. This syncs with my definition of week as one quarter of the lunar cycle.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

“The prophet that teacheth lies, he is the tail.” Paul H. Dune never quite made it to “prophet” status, but close!

Woody said...

For the real Louise this from Katja Hoyer’s history of imperial Germany:

[Friedrich Wilhelm, King of Prussia’s] beautiful and popular wife, Louise. An intelligent, strong-willed and charming woman, it was she who famously tried to stand up to Napoleon at Tilsit and negotiate better terms for Prussia. Unsuccessful as this was, it made her a figure of great public standing.

…When Queen Louise tragically died in 1810 at the young age of 34, she became the icon of a German patriotic movement that would pressurise successive Prussian governments to rally all Germans behind a common cause. The image of the young Louise standing up for Prussia and Germany, not afraid to confront the mighty Napoleon, provided a powerful morale boost to her grieving husband.”
Katja Hoyer, “Blood and Iron:The Rise and Fall of the German Empire 1871-1918” (Kindle edition.)

Ra1119bee said...


Your mention of the word Weak/ Week is interesting as I had a very intriguing dream
in 2005 I titled ; Queenie.

In 2005 and in real life I was taking a nap on our couch (in the living room)
and that is where I was when I not only had the dream,
but also where I was napping In the dream.

In the dream, at one point I saw a young 'hippie looking' White Woman with long red hair 'appear' in one or windows.
I could only see her head and shoulders.
I felt as if her name was Queenie.

'Queenie' was talking( telepathically) to me, and although upon waking I
couldn't recall all the things she said, what I do recall very clearly is this: Queenie said: " In 5 WEEKs you're going to know your WORTH".
I then woke up.

In real life Five weeks came and went, and nothing out of the ordinary
happened that If felt could have been connected to the message of the dream.

I also want to mention that the window where Queenie appeared (and in Real life)
is where the water faucet (for the outside of the house) is located.
Water is a conduit to 'the other side'.

In 2005 and upon awakening from the dream however I did a bit of research of course
and I did know at the time that the numbers 4, 5, and 11 has had much
significance in my life. Especially the number 5.

Do recall I shared my July 14, 2014 dream which I titled: Moon River several
times on your blog.

I won't repeat the Moon River dream again, but if you recall there was a reference to
the number 50 which was mentioned by the Black bus driver.
I felt that a '50' was some type of gun. Of course a gun is a Fire Arm.

In the last several years, I am convinced that the Moon River dream
was a puzzle piece, which along with a gazillion other puzzle pieces, I've connected
to the 50 Jubilee which I believe that we (humanity) are at this time in history.

Also and speaking of the Moon, I thought the illustrations you posted, especially
the coffee stains, very much resembles an eclipse.
In the Moon River dream, recall I shared with you
that I was in Yellow Springs ( Ohio) at a 'coffeeshop/cafe)
when all of the chaos happened having to do with the moon.

The reference to 50 i.e a Fire Arm is interesting as a solar eclipse
is known as a Ring of Fire.

Please do recall my comments about the 3 eclipses, especially
about the Metonic Moon. The last eclipse ( April 8, 2024 )
forming an Aleph over America.

In the video below listen to reference of the 2017 eclipse.

As I'm sure you know the number 5 means CHANGE.
Jubilee meaning 'return to property'.

I believe that 'Queenie' was symbolic of me.
Although in 2005 at the time of the dream, my waking Ego mind 'assumed' that Queenie
meant: WEEKS, however now, in recent years ( after much researching of a gazillion other esoteric experiences and dreams) I've connected the Queenie dream to the big
picture and I'm convinced that Queenie's reference to weeks
had nothing to do with Time but symbolic of WEAKNESS ( which weakness is a result
of us allowing our Ego's to dictate our lives)

Dramatic changes in our life (change, symbolic of the number Five) occur and are
always accompanied by 'tests'. Those tests challenge our 'weaknesses'
but are absolutely necessary and required for us to evolve.

In the big picture, and as I've shared many times,
I personally believe that humanity is on the precipice of HUGE CHANGES.
The Shifting of Ages.

The Yovel is preceded by the Blowing of the HORN.
( Do recall my 2015 Where's My Horn dream )

Everything is Connected.

I think you may find this perspective interesting about the Jubilee and Time.
Note the reference to the 2017 eclipse.
I just found this video by the way.


‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse

William Wright (WW) said...

On your 'John Tea', that name could also be said as "John T.". I've associated John with Thingol, frequently referring to him as Thingol-John, or John-Thingol. Additionally, in my words, this character has also been associated with B.A Baracus from the "A-Team", who was played by an actor known as Mr. T (Mr. Tea?).

Interestingly, Baracus' character does not drink alcohol, instead preferring to drink milk. He also strangely suffers from an intense fear of flying, and the only way to get him on a plane usually is tricking and drugging him (what some people would call abduction).

You could be called Mr. T as well, come to think of it.

HomeStadter said...

In the book, Papa Married a Mormon, there is a woman named Queenie who is described as having long fiery red hair. Her character arc might be described as coming to know her worth. She was a call girl, who become a gambler and gunslinger's girl for a long time, then she almost of sickness and he realized what she meant to him, and he told her he loved her for the first time and married her after a few weeks.

Ra1119bee said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this Extremely Intriguing information!!!

This story about Queenie somewhat dovetails with my personal life.
Although not the 'call girl' part(I worked in banking most of my adult life)
but the gunslinger part as my hubby is a gun collector enthusiast
 and is always wanting me to learn how to shoot for my own protection,
which I just don't have much interest in,
so the 'gunslinger' part of Queenie's story is very intriguing.

I will say this.  I personally believe in reincarnation and I have always had
 a very strong attraction and fascination to the Asian culture and its people
( I am NOT Asian. I was born and raised in Ohio ).
However, and for some odd reason I've often wondered if I could have been
a Geisha in a previous life.

In my current incarnation, I am a female with mixed race ethnicity.
  Although in the Black community 'red' hair is not very prevalent,
we do have what we call 'sandy' hair which is a reddish brown hair color.
My mother's hair was black as was my father's but I have 'sandy' hair.

My maternal grandmother was White with German,
Irish ( Dublin, perhaps the red hair connection?) and Wales ancestry.

 I also was born on (Feb 19 1955 ), and I believe that I am paying back
a 19 Karmic Debt, which a 19 Karmic Debt means abuse of powers
and knowledge in previous lifetimes, especially sacred science (Esoteric)

I believe that the Queenie who 'visited me', Was me.
I'm absolutely convinced of it especially now with this information
you've shared with me.

So Thank You.
You have helped me connect some very important
puzzle pieces.

In closing I'll say this:
I personally believe that when we are in human body,
our Soul must endure and go through the 'fire' of many many 'tests'( weaknesses ).

When we conquer our weaknesses,( which may take many lifetimes )
we prove our worth and then, and only then, I personally believe that
our Soul is given privilege of no longer having to incarcerate(incarnate)
to this 5th duality dimension but instead have earned the privilege
to be one with the Divine ( God )
For the Soul, that's heaven;-))

P.S. check out my comment about Joseph Smith and Vermont on William's post
titled : Burying the lede

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