Sunday, April 25, 2021

Who... wants... some... SHOTS!

Remember back when The Onion was funny? And prophetic?

Update: They predicted masks, too!


Bruce Charlton said...

Comparing the Onion with Babylon Bee - For me, The Onion consistently goes on for a bit (or a lot) too long with a joke, and they lack the light touch that comes from confidence in their material and audience.

(I have always found the same about Saturday Night Live - the sketches always too heavy, always too long.)

The Babylon Bee writers (in the past and at present, but it can't last forever) have so many ideas, so much material, that they write/ perform a lot of short and punchy pieces. They make the joke, make it well - take it or leave it - then stop and move on. The BB material is ephemeral, but is about as good topical satire as I have ever seen: a golden age.

Mr. Andrew said...

I posted a bit BB did about Planned Parenthood and Moloch, and it was hilariously triggering for some "Universalist" Christians I was "friends" with - definitely over the target.

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