Wednesday, May 19, 2021

In case you're still not sure who's behind all this nonsense

They're not exactly being subtle about it.

From Reuters:

The world's most famous statue of Jesus Christ was lit up in Rio de Janeiro to promote [peck] equality as Brazil and developing countries struggle to protect residents from [the birdemic].

The message . . . was projected on Saturday onto the 98-foot (30-meter) statue . . . in partnership with the Cristo Redentor Sanctuary . . .
In January, two healthcare workers received the first [pecks] at the foot of the statue as Brazil kicked off its . . . campaign.


Bruce Charlton said...

So the churches are correct; and Jesus is now saying - unambiguously, for all to see - that it the peck that *saves* Men - no longer Jesus himself.

The Good Shepherd is leading us towards the jabbing queue.

How much more evidence do we need?

We Christians urgently need to realign our priorities in light of this new dispensation. Luckily for us, the church authorities are showing the way; and all we need do is follow and obey.

A said...

It looks like Satan is consistently winning with absolutely no opposition, so I'm hoping the St. George synchronicity appears sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Christians should face up to an unpleasant fact: Many of the institutions upon which they have counted to have their best interests at heart have fallen away or have been co-opted by the cultural Marxists and their kind.

An illustration will suffice, so please forgive a slight digression...

Heroic housewife Ann Corcoran - the proprietor of "Refugee Resettlement Watch" - some years ago grew concerned about all of the "immigrants" and "refugees" from placed like Somali appearing in her small Texas community. Not only were there not enough jobs for the people already there, there were no other Somalis, no other Muslims,and no other mosques. Thus began her journey to uncovering the "refugee resettlement racket," to which all of the mainline Christian and Jew denominations belong, directly or via NGOs such as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, World Council of Churches, and Catholic Charities, to name a few. Long story short, the whole enterprise - which was designed to look natural and spontaneous - was actually the result of enormous organization, funding, and effort by the globalists.

The UN High Commissioner on Refugees (which is now de facto owned by Soros and Gates)> funnels "refugees" and "immigrants" to individual nations and governments; in the U.S., the Department of State> funnels the people to various NGOs, each of which is paid a per person cash stipend or fee for "placing" that individual someplace in the host nation. Local churches, to the degree they cooperate, are also paid a "settlement fee."

The underlying goal of the whole enterprise is to further dissolve national boundaries, distinct national/ethnic and racial identities, as well as distinct religions, cultures, languages and ways of being in favor of - what else? - globalism. All the while funneling greater wealth, power and control to these billionaire oligarchs.

The same modus operandi is in play regarding the push to "vaccinate" humanity. The underlying goals are the same; the globalists and their proxies are just attacking from a different angle. The "Great Reset" of the WEF/WHO has as one of its goals the "transhumanist" initiative, which is lofty talk for technological enslavement. Gates and company mean to cut human population levels - by compulsion if necessary (that means force, folks) - to 1/10th its current level, and the "vaccines" are meant to aid in this end.

It is not yet precisely clear, but it is nearly-certain these agents were designed to cull the human population either directly or via rendering women of child-bearing age sterile. Also, injected chips or other tagants could be designed into these pharmaceutical agents to "label" everyone who gets the jab, meaning that they are now tagged not unlike a piece of inventory in one of Amazon's warehouses or livestock in some rancher's pen.

These are crimes against humanity that are being committed, and the sad fact of the matter is that some major religious figures and institutions are "on-board" with the globalists. Pope Francis, for one.

All is not lost, however, as there are brave and faithful church leaders stepping forward to help resist. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the former Papal nuncio to the United States, is one such leader, and there are others.

Behold, the Lord esteemeth all flesh as one

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