Sunday, May 22, 2022

White sands, red sun

Bruce Charlton recently posted on C. S. Lewis's Law of Undulation. For me, the undulation tends to be between thinking and synching. I have lots of half-finished drafts of ambitious posts on metaphysical topics, but for the time being I find myself unable to do anything with them. Instead, I'm noticing syncs. At other times, the sync stream dries up and I write more essay-style content. Emphasis on other times.

Last night, YouTube Music randomly recommended queued up a song I'd never heard by a group I'd never heard of -- "White Sands" by the dreampop band Still Corners, from their 2021 album The Last Exit. The artwork caught my eye.

A big, red circle like a red sun, and inside it another red sun. This made me think back to late 2020, when the Red Sun had been such a prominent sync theme.

Today, I was looking at an English reading comprehension test created by the Taiwan government. One of the reading passages was a list of rules for visitors to White Sands Beach.

This evening, after work, I was out on my motorcycle thinking about White Sands and the Red Sun when I passed someone with a strange symbol on the back of his jacket: four arrows radiating out from a shared center -- like Michael Moorcock's Symbol of Chaos, but with only the four diagonal arrows -- the St. Andrew's cross from the Moorcock Union Jack.

For some reason, what this made me think of was the word chaos respelled as K-Os. Os means "bone," I thought, and maybe in some parallel universe people eat K-bone steaks instead of --

This train of thought (if "thought" is the word I'm looking for!) was abruptly cut short when I turned a corner and noticed two glowing signs side by side: OK Mart (a Taiwanese spinoff of Circle K) and Yamaha Motor.

Photo taken the next day

The OK logo is a red circle (red sun) and the letter K for Krypton (red sun again). OK also suggests the K-O in K-Os. The Yamaha logo also features a red circle and a Moorcock-like motif of arrows radiating out in all directions. (Actually, they're supposed to be tuning forks, Yamaha having begun as a manufacturer of reed organs.)

This is likely an opening salvo from the sync fairies, intended to lay the groundwork for something else.


Ra1119bee said...


Interesting indeed.
If you recall my commentary on what I believe to be a connection of the 104 Meridian West
and the Rubedo and the ending of the American Alchemical Experiment.

The 104 Meridian West runs through White Sands New Mexico.
White Sands' actual coordinates are 32 lat and 106 long, but please refer back to
my commentary about The Law of the Three .

There are several US military installations along the 104 Meridian West.
The military installations of White Sands Missile Range, Holloman Air Force Base, and Fort Bliss is one of them.
There is also NORAD located near Colorado Springs , which Colorado in Spanish means : Red
If you recall I shared an interesting dream with you that I had in 2017 , about Colorado Springs.

Also very strange is your mention of Yamaha.

Here's my back story to Yamaha.

Yesterday, I was browsing through one of my Vintage 1968 Seventeen Magazines.
I am a collector of Vintage magazines, especially Seventeen as Seventeen is extremely nostalgic for me being a Boomer.

Vintage Seventeen had many Popular Culture articles, including reviews about recent books
and movies that were released that particular month.

In the June 1968 issue of Seventeen, there was an article reviewing the movie Rosemary's Baby which was released in June of 1968.
I don't know if you're familiar with that movie or not, but it is a very Satanic movie
about witchcraft.

I haven't seen Rosemary's Baby in many many decades.
Of course I did see it at the time
when it was in the theaters, but that movie was a very disturbing movie to me and I've only seen it throughout the years maybe 3 or so times total.

I found the movie on Amazon and decided to look at it again, as I felt that there might
be something I needed to see, given the fact that by chance, I just happened to choose
the June 1968 Seventeen Magazine ( out of many other Vintage Seventeen Magazines that I have in my collection all different years and months ).

Also I usually browse through the magazines looking at the British Invasion Clothing Styles of my youth, and I rarely read the articles.

So, I decided to look at the movie yesterday, and I was able to find several very intriguing symbolic 'clues' which looking at the movie in 2022 is very very different because of my many years of research about the esoteric.
I see many things different now that I didn't ''see'' before.

Long story short, in the movie, there is reference to the brand Yamaha, which is the only reason I'm sharing my recent experience with you, because as you know I don't believe
in coincidences.

Ra1119bee said...


I just found another interesting connection to your post about Yamaha.

You wrote; (Actually, they're supposed to be tuning forks, Yamaha having begun as a manufacturer of reed organs.)

My response : When I read your mention of reed organs, I immediately thought of
the Greek goat Deity PAN.

One of Pan's symbols being the Pan Flute, a wind instrument.

Maybe the 'wind element' connection, having to do with the motor-cycle?

Easy Without You

This is one of the most seamless mashups I've ever heard.