Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Return of the Great Witch-king

Today the Fake President mockingly dubbed his predecessor "the great MAGA king."

Trump immediately embraced the title and shared a meme taking it in a disturbingly Tolkienian direction.

Why "disturbingly"? Because maga is Latin for "witch." The Return of the King features a "maga-king" character, and he ain't one of the good guys!

Maybe lay off a little on the #DarkMAGA meme magic, guys.

Oh, and here's a little screencap for one of my readers. You know who you are.

Note added: It's an appropriate date for a 555 sync.


Ra1119bee said...


Trump was 'selected' to be Israel's Cyrus, which is the reason why in Dec 2017
Trump announced Jerusalem as Israel's Capital.
Cyrus and Trump are together on the Temple Coin Halk Skekel.

I predict that there will be a spark this year at the Temple Mount, very possibly before Aug 28, that will ignite the building of The Third Temple .

I don't think we've seen the Last of the TrumPence.
Nor have we seen the last of Barack Obama.

All IMHO, of course .

Research the World Health's Order's Pandemic Treaty.
Quite an Eye Opener for sure.

Reseach the WHO Pandemic

Ra1119bee said...


Sorry, I meant to write: World Health Organization, not World Health Order.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

I thought you meant some old coin had Cyrus with a trumpet or something, but in fact there’s an actual half-shekel featuring Cyrus the Great with The Donald!

Ra1119bee said...


Do we really think there isn't a reason why Trump has been named (by Israel)
as their Cyrus.?

Research the WHO's Pandemic Treaty.
As I've commented many many times and for many many years ( not on your blog of course )
but I absolutely believe that humanity is on the precipice of a Great Upheaval, and of course the building of a Third Temple in Israel is prophecy of End Times.

I personally don't think that what is happening now on the World Stage is the End of the World, but The End of an Age.
The Shifting of Ages.

I believe because of A I , humanity is being mined for our Soul, and I believe
we are on the cusp of a Spiritual War.

Also, after reading your comment about the Latin meaning of Maga being Witch,
I also found this : Maga in Spanish: Magician or Wizard or**** Illusionist*****.

I often refer to this duality dimension Earth as being an illusion, which the 'Wizards'
and their Gatekeepers have created, manipulated and controlled beginning Eons ago.

There's nothing new under the Sun.

Serhei said...

Interestingly, Peter Thiel has previously identified with Saruman by investing in the 'Palantir' thing whose purpose is to 'save the Shire'.

ben said...

"Jan Blachowicz on UFC title: ‘I’m like Gollum and the belt is my precious”"

People likening themselves to evil LOTR characters...

Kathleen said...

Trump was/is a galvanizing figure, calling attention to things that were literally always there, but happily ignored to sustain the status quo. Trump brought certain things front and center for a lot of people, waking some from their slumber. Witch-King? I don’t know. He’s just a man, like any other. I voted for him twice but probably won’t be voting again, as I realize, because of Trump, that the game is rigged, always was, and I’m not participating in a corrupt, demonic system any longer. Thank you, Trump, for waking me up. For all his flaws, he’s served a valuable service.

Mr. Andrew said...

It popped up that Marilyn Monroe’s height was 5’5.5”

Was thinking about/discussing Presidents and infidelity.

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