Saturday, December 9, 2023

About sixteen small stones

Randomly clicking a blogroll link today took me to Sixteen Small Stones, a Mormon blog that hasn't posted anything since 2018. I clicked the "About" page and noticed that the tab now said "About | Sixteen Small Stones." If the Sheffer stroke is ignored, "About Sixteen Small Stones" looks like it means approximately sixteen, sixteen give or take a few.

Minutes later, randomly clicking another blogroll link took me to the synchromystic blog Groupname for Grapejuice, which features this image in the sidebar, taken from an English translation of a 1708 book by Roger de Piles:

The lower image shows what looks like about sixteen small stones -- fifteen, to be precise, and I guess they're actually meant to be grapes. The original figures by de Piles also include an image of a single sphere, so a total of sixteen individual (ungrouped) "small stones."

Juice and stones were recently juxtaposed in William Wright's September 9 post "Ancient Juice as something that will be brought with the Sawtooth Stone."

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