Thursday, September 14, 2023

Further syncs: Alma 13, Tom Petty, Dumbo, Melchizedek

Yesterday (September 13) I published a long post about synchronicities triggered by William Wright's August 2 post "Eleanor and 'Wake Up Time.'" (Mr. Wright's title alludes to a dream of his and a Tom Petty song.) The syncs occurred more than a month ago, obviously, but I was on a blogging break at that time. Yesterday just happened to be the day I got around to publishing them.

This morning, I checked Coat of Skins and found a new post by Mr. Wright, "Rock & Roll in Rivendell: Tom Petty, Elrond, and Alma the Younger," also dated September 13, in which he also just happens to revisit his August 2 post and expands on his ideas about Tom Petty. Mr. Wright believes in the Book of Mormon, Tolkien's Legendarium, and reincarnation, and his post proposes that Tom Petty was the reincarnation of both the Tolkien character Elrond and the Book of Mormon figure Alma the Younger. In connection with this idea, he mentioned the 13th chapter of the Book of Alma:

In addition, there is also a tie with my guess of Elros (Elrond's brother) being Melchizedek.  Alma's discourse and mention of Melchizedek found in Alma 13, can in this case now be viewed as Alma-Elrond teaching the people about his brother, Elros-Melchizedek.

Mr. Wright's September 13 post made no mention of my own, so I assumed it was a genuine coincidence our posting on the same day. Just to be sure, though, I left a comment on his post noting the coincidence, figuring that if his post had been influenced by mine he would mention that in a reply.

Shortly before noon today, I was in a local restaurant -- Café D&D, a known sync attractor -- waiting for my lunch to be served. While I was waiting, I decided to check Coat of Skins on my phone to see if Mr. Wright had replied to my comment. He had:

That is interesting. I hadn't read your post before writing this one. I was actually thinking on Part 2 of the Stone aftermath storyline, and decided I would go back into the notebooks from 2021-2022 to see if they would be worth looking at to refresh my memory. That is when I saw Tom and "Learning to Fly" and, based on everything else I have been thinking as mentioned in the post, decided this was the nudge to go all in on the Elrond-Alma angle first.

Just as I read that reference to "Learning to Fly," there was a jingle of bells as the door opened and a customer walked into the café. She was wearing a T-shirt that said in big letters "FLY DUMBO." Under this was a picture of Dumbo, the cartoon elephant, and under that, in much smaller print, "Believe in yourself." Here's a picture from the Internet of the same shirt:

The chorus of the Tom Petty song begins, "I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings." Dumbo is about an elephant who, despite not having wings, learns to fly by flapping his ears. (I'm also reminded of Richard Amiel McGough's "Looking for Dumbo" dream.)

After checking that comment, I was still waiting for my food, so I decided to read a bit in the Book of Mormon. I've been reading it regularly, three chapters a day (sometimes a bit more), since around the middle of August. Yesterday I had finished to Alma 11, so my three chapters for today were Alma 12-14.

In Chapter 12, Alma the Younger (Tom Petty) speaks to Zeezrom, primarily on the topic of resurrection.

In Chapter 13 -- the one mentioned in Mr. Wright's post -- Alma talks about the role of priests and angels, making particular mention of Melchizedek.

In Chapter 14, Alma and his fellow preacher Amulek are imprisoned, and everyone who believed their words is burned to death.

Melchizedek, fiery death, and resurrection -- where have I seen those three things juxtaposed recently? See my September 8 post "Phoenix syncs":

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Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The day after posting this Dumbo sync, I read this post, which refers (without, I think, reference to the elephant) to “Dumbocracy.”

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