Saturday, September 30, 2023

Where Dreamers Become Doers

This evening I was about to go to a particular coffee shop to read, but the thought suddenly popped into my head, "No, go to the night market first" -- even though that was very much out of my way. I tend to follow these random whims unless I have some good reason not to, so off to the night market I went.

On my way there, there was an electric scooter in front of me on the road, with a man operating it and a woman sitting behind him. The back of her short skirt was pinned to the scooter seat, but the sides were freely blowing in the wind. I idly thought, with the sort of perfunctory prurience which still strikes me from time to time even though it's been quite a long time since I was twelve years old, "I wish she would shift a bit in her seat and the wind would blow the whole skirt up. Maybe if I will it to happen, it'll happen." It was a shameful and ridiculous thing to think, and of course it didn't happen. At the next light, the scooter continued straight, and I turned right to go to the market.

Before going out, I had just finished reading the novel The Unseen by Mike Clelland, an author I discovered last year when I read his non-fiction book The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee. Owls in connection with gray aliens are Clelland's specialty; he is known in paranormal circles as "the owl guy." Central to the plot of The Unseen (which of course also features owls and aliens) is a peyote-inspired painting called The Dream and a black T-shirt with the word dream printed on it. I discussed synchronicities related to this "dream" theme, and to the name Freeman, in my last post.

Almost the first thing I saw upon entering the night market was a man whose T-shirt had an enormous owl printed on it, covering almost the whole torso, and then a woman with a black T-shirt that said dream, exactly as in the novel. Less than a minute later, a man walked past with a gray alien head printed on his baseball cap, and then a Vietnamese woman with three gray alien heads tattooed across her cleavage. "Oh," I though, "it's going to be one of those nights," and it was. I wandered around the market for about an hour, and in that time I counted six different owl-themed T-shirts, plus a stand that was selling owl-themed ceramic chopstick rests, and so many instances of the English word dream -- in a Chinese-speaking country, remember -- that I lost count. Most of these were on people's clothing, so I didn't get a chance to photograph most of them, but I got a few. The first one I saw was this bath mat:

Immediately after I photographed that, two people with English T-shirts walked past. The first said "FREEMAN"; the second, "CHOOSE." All dreams come true, freeman, so choose your dreams well.

Here are two others I managed to capture, both on the backs of T-shirts:

There were lots more like this. These are just the ones I managed to snap photos of. Everywhere I looked, owls, aliens, and dreams coming true. "Where Dreamers Become Doers" made me think of my earlier thought about the woman on the scooter: "Maybe if I will it to happen, it'll happen" -- if our thoughts affect reality, then dreaming becomes a kind of doing.

After finishing at the night market, I was going to go home, but then I thought, "No, I think I'll still go to that coffee shop after all." On my way there, I was thinking about all the crazy synchronicities I had just experienced and wasn't paying overmuch attention to my surroundings. While stopped at a red light, though, I became aware of the scooter in front of me and -- you've got to be kidding me! Yes, it was that scooter again. I had been behind them when I was on my way to the night market and they were on their way to wherever they were going, and now an hour later we were both on our way back, and I was behind them again!

The light turned green, and I guess she was sitting a little differently this time, because her whole skirt immediately blew up in the wind, revealing -- whoop-de-doo, some random lady's underpants, not the slightest bit interesting or titillating. In fact, it made me angry. I felt like the sync fairies were mocking me: "Sure, we'll make your dreams come true. It's not our fault if you happen to have the dreams of a retarded twelve-year-old!" I pulled the throttle and passed the scooter, leaving it behind me as fast as I could. "Choose, freeman." Okay, here's my choice, you sick fucks: not this.

I arrived at the coffee shop, got my coffee, and sat down to read the Book of Mormon. (Yes, I'm aware of the irony here.) As fate would have it, my bookmark was near the end of the Book of Alma, and I proceeded to read about the final victory of the Nephite faction known as -- of all things -- the freemen.

At one point I got up and went to a sideboard to get some paper napkins. There was a brochure there about the different kinds of cakes you can order. I hadn't the slightest interest in cake, but I felt a sudden compulsion to open it. I opened right up to an owl staring at me:

I remember last time I read a Mike Clelland book, it triggered a sync-storm, too. But hey, it was my choice to read it, right?


Ra1119bee said...


As I'm sure you already know, symbolically windows, gates and doors
are portals to the other side/dimension.

I'm sure you know that your sighting of the female with the short skirt wasn't a coincidence and of course you also know that the female's yoni/vesica piscis
is the door of creation.

The master number 11 is the visionary/dreamer, the master number 22 is manifesting that vision, in other words; making the vision/dream come true.

You might say that 22 is where the rubber meets the road, boots on the ground, or in old school slang ; either 'shit or get off the pot".

A vision/dream without manifestation is just a pipe dream and is somewhat useless.
Nothing is created without the action of the number 22 which was my point of my previous comment about connecting the dots so as to solve our puzzles.

I believe:
The vision(11) is the intuition sourced from our Soul via THE THIRD EYE.
The Third Eye is housed in our Pineal Gland.
The Soul transcends this duality dimension's illusion every night in our REM sleep.

The master number 33 is the KNOWING. The mythological Odin knew the sacrifice required
to obtain knowledge.
Also, as you and I both know,
Knowledge is Power and applied knowledge( i.e. knowledge manifested) is FREEDOM.
We become masters of our craft/ship when we 'Know' truth.

And speaking of Freedman or Freeman and Morgan Freeman I recently saw a very interesting
2023 movie called ; The Ritual Killer staring Morgan Freeman. ( trailer link below )

Although the movie is very dark ( the gruesome killings and blood ) IMO this movie somewhat parallels my perspective about the Sacred Science knowledge especially
where it concerns the Positive Polarity vs The Negative Polarity, which of course
both polarities work from the same source which is and IMO, the Sacred Science .

All power sources in this duality dimension ( Earth )
can be used for Good OR Evil, and that especially includes knowledge as I'm sure
you already know.

And last but not least ( and connecting to your previous post about the number 55) I forgot to add in my previous comment about the 2009 movie Knowing with Nick Cage this : there is
a very important reference to 55 in the movie Knowing
which caught my attention because I was born in 1955.

In the Knowing movie symbolism abounds with : doors( vesica piscis ), portals, black rocks, aliens, rabbits, Eight Point Star of Ishtar, burning man, embers and EE (55 )
all holding significant clues to End Times which of course is the message of the movie.

5, the penta being the number of ' Change' i.e. Transformation which I believe
humanity is on the precipice of a major transformation.

Also interesting the remote viewer Lucinda, last name is Embry. Recall my comment
about the 'ember' meaning.

I linked an interesting video recapping the movie Knowing, but if you haven't
seen the movie and plan to, you might not want to see this video.

Also, unfortunately it appears the video in the link is narrated by an AI bot,(which I abhor bot voice ugh!! ) but the information is intriguing, nevertheless.

Little Girl Predicts All Major Catastrophes In The Future | Movie Story Recapped

THE RITUAL KILLER Official Trailer (2023)

WanderingGondola said...

That actually sounds like my kind of cake.

The Freeman syncs reminded me of quite a different man, known not for his voice but for his story. Gordon Freeman, silent main protagonist of the Half-Life games, is a physicist who ends up making his way through an invasion of multi-dimensional aliens. I haven't yet played any of the series, so am only vaguely familiar with certain characters thanks to the internet. Investigating further has left me unsettled, but then its setting does fit in the survival-horror realm.

At the end of the first game, having disposed of one particular giant alien, Gordon is teleported away by a being only ever known as "the G-Man". The creepy figure (clearly not an actual human) gives Gordon the "choice" to work for him. If he accepts, Gordon is placed in stasis and only roused for the sequel, set twenty years later... after which it's back into stasis again. (Two more games afterwards, the Freeman sounds freer than he was, but any real continuation is meme-tier vapourware.) Considering all that, along with actually hearing (and synching on) a few of the G-Man's now infamous phrases, is... rather disturbing.

(While on Youtube, curiosity got the better of me over one thumbnail: a machinima recreation of Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime". Extremely well done and quite fitting, maybe in more than one sense.)

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