Friday, September 8, 2023

Phoenix syncs

Remember the abandoned restaurant I explored in July 2022? I recently had two dreams set in an environment resembling that restaurant, a long-abandoned building where everything was covered with dead leaves. On the night of August 26, I dreamed that I was searching such a building with my brother, trying to find "plates" -- meaning further records like the Golden Plates from which the Book of Mormon was produced. In the second dream, during a nap on September 1, I found a large mantis inside the restaurant, and it kept unfolding more and more of its joints until, its limbs fully extended, it was larger than I was. I was trying to think of a way to get it out the door without hurting it.

The two dreams made me want to go check out the restaurant again, so yesterday afternoon I did so. I was there from about 1:30 to 2:00, walking through the whole place and taking lots of photos.

About half an hour after leaving the restaurant, I saw the "NEVER STOP ROLLING" T-shirt mentioned in my last post in connection with a Rickroll sync.

A little before midnight last night, I was on /x/ looking for something else when I happened upon a post, apparently written by an AI, about Rick Astley's new song -- the second half of the Rickroll sync. One of the replies -- referencing Rick's line "Can't stop this world from turning; the fire's already burning" -- was a picture of this book cover, featuring a phoenix:

Today, looking through the photos I had taken at the restaurant, I noticed this one, which also features a phoenix-like image:

It's a bag of drinking straws. The Chinese reads 元凰 (a brand name; the second character means "phoenix") 衛生吸管 ("hygienic drinking straws").

I was in my study when I discovered this and connected it to the Manley P. Hall book cover. Minutes later, I walked into the next room and saw this:

Pareidolia is sort of an occupational hazard for synchromystics, but doesn't that look like a bird getting ready to fly up out of the trash can? I guess it looks more like a dove than anything else, but doesn't it also suggest a phoenix rising from the ash-tray, as we Pig Latin speakers call it? Of course it's really a discarded tissue, which in Taiwan is called 衛生紙, "hygiene paper," the first two characters of which also appeared on the pack of drinking straws.

I then got on my motorcycle and headed for my school. While on the road, I was thinking about phoenixes. The first thing that came to mind was "Phoenix the Cat," since one feature of the Taiwanese accent is that /l/ tends to be pronounced as /n/. Then, since cats and owls are connected in Chinese, I remembered my dream of a year ago in which I saw two "owls" that resembled Chinese phoenixes:

Then the two owls swooped down, and I noticed that they were really enormous -- the size of condors -- and didn't look much like owls at all. I still thought of them as "owls," but what they really looked like were Chinese phoenixes (fenghuang) with the buff-and-white coloration of barn owls.

I was stopped at a red light thinking about the two phoenix-like "owls" when it started to rain lightly. The motorcyclist in front of me took out a raincoat and put it on. The back of the raincoat was decorated with, of all things, two owls.

The first owl is saying 中山二甲子, which doesn't mean anything to me, and the second is saying 風華三世紀, which I think means something like "the third century of glory."

Remember the tissue-bird, which I said looked like a dove but was conceptually a phoenix? Just now as I was preparing this post, I went on the /x/ catalog page and did a Ctrl-F for astley so that I could find and download the Manly P. Hall picture. Close by the post I was looking for was another combination of dove and phoenix imagery:

The "fox" reference in the middle isn't irrelevant, either. The browser now known as Firefox originally had a different name and logo:


The 4chan screenshot above shows a post that says "What exactly IS the Holy Spirit?" I included it because of the accompanying image -- a dove surrounded by fiery radiance -- which synched with an earlier phoenix-dove combination.

A couple of hours after publishing this post, I was doing some reading -- Vol. 4B of Daymon Smith's Cultural History of the Book of Mormon -- and found this:

[T]he character of the Holy Spirit . . . during the nineteenth century remained characteristically ambiguous. Both deity and substance, what that name referred to could be imagined in any way necessary to one's theology. This was true then, and it remains true today . . . .

Was the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost a person or an animate, agentive substance-form akin to the [abstract divine] attributes or to spirit itself? "I cannot fully make up my mind one way or the other," Orson Pratt confessed . . . .


WanderingGondola said...

Welcome back, sir! I hope the last three months served you well. My habitual browsing hasn't been quite the same with your absence. :)

Huh, Rick's new song is pretty good. The video's pinned comment is a little funny in comparison to the /x/ post, though. (Before listening, my mind kept returning to some Twitter screenshot involving an interesting rickroll; I couldn't find the image, but I did find a kind of source. Looking through the guy's channel, he's taken the art to some crazy levels.)

Dragonflies were in your syncs for a while before the hiatus, yes? The picture on the wall in that restaurant photo...

I didn't know that about Firefox (or perhaps I'd forgotten). The name of its sibling email program, Thunderbird, makes more thematic sense now.

Ra1119bee said...


My comment is in 2 parts.

Part 1 :

I'm so very excited to see that you are back!
I've been checking in on you from time to time these last few months.
I've missed sharing syns with you.

I find your syncs about the Phoenix, a restaurant, and Rock and Roll,
very intriguing indeed as it connects with a few puzzle pieces of my own.

If you recall I found you ( your blog ) after researching a dream I had Oct 3, 2021
which I titled Tulips. I shared the Tulip dream with you previously
and if you recall the dream was about me in a restaurant.

Your mention of dead leaves in your restaurant experience is also interesting as in recent months, I've been researching the symbolic connection of : embers, fires and firebirds, the recent Burning Man/Wicker Man event, the colors red, yellow and orange, Black Rock, and the 2009 movie Knowing with Nicholas Cage.

I've also recently had a few dreams about my 1967 green convertible Firebird (which I acquired in 1974 from my aunt as a 1973 high school graduation gift).
I sooooooo wish I had that 'whip'/ride now! That and my 1965 pale yellow Mustang.:-)

I don't recall ever having dreams about the Firebird, which made me curious about why now.
I believe that perhaps the Firebird dreams are messages serving as warnings or perhaps
a validation regarding my perspective that humanity is on the precipice of a very dramatic shifting of ages which I've shared my perspective about this many times on your blog.

Maybe The Ember cycle ( SeptEMBER, NovEMBER, October( Eight Point Star of Ishtar and D-EMBER ) is upon us and perhaps serving as an early warning sign of an upcoming Great Upheaval, which incidentally I was told about by a past life reader in 1974, which I shared that experience in a previous comment or two on your blog.

In the US there is an early warning text given when a child is suspected of being abducted.
That text warning is called an AMBER alert.

The colors red and yellow (which you might recall my posts about the International Maritime Signal Flags ) and its connection with my Oscar Dream
which I had the Oscar dream in Nov of 2018.

The O Maritime Signal Flag (Oscar ) means: Man Overboard.
I did NOT know any of this information before the Oscar dream.

Ra1119bee said...


Part 2

Red and yellow of course when mixed produces the color orange which the color orange is a symbolic 'warning' sign.

I don't think it's a coincidence that social media has deemed Donald Trump as Orange Man Bad.
I believe that Trump was 'selected' to serve as the "cleaver" to not only 'divide America
but also as a warning of America being on the precipice of the falling of a great Empire.

Recall the July 20, 2012 movie theater massacre
at the premier of the movie Batman Dark Night Returns.
Recall the perp, James Holmes orange Hair.

I don't know if you're familiar with the recent Burning Man fiasco,
but I believe it was a ritual (predictive programing) serving as a warning of an upcoming Global Phoenix transformation of humanity and the planned Global future our Opponents call The Great Reset aka the shifting of ages, which I've shared my perspective of this many times on your blog.

The upcoming annular solar eclipse (ring of fire) on Oct 14, 2023, and the upcoming April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse along with the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, will (when combined) create, across America, a crisscross pattern forming the Hebrew letter Dalet
(the number 4) and Aleph. Check out the link below (3 Eclipses).

What's interesting is that same formation appears in a 1972 made for TV movie titled Visions of Death starring Telly Salavas (link below)
The plot of the movie is about a prof at a University in Denver who is a clairvoyant and sees the plans of a bomber. If you recall I've shared my perspective about Denver
on the 104 Merdian West being America's New Captial in The New Atlantis.

I've never seen this movie before, but it randomly appeared in my YouTube
feed . Why it caught my eye was because of the year 1972
which oddly enough has connections to a dream I had in June of 2017 I titled; PapPap
and the NewsPaper.

PapPap was my grandfather who passed over in 1977. In the dream PapPap was desperately trying to get me to read an article in a newspaper about the future. The date of the newspaper was 1972.
You can imagine my shock when I saw the scene in the movie ( beginning at marker/ 31:40, see link below ) when the psychic draws the same Aleph and Dalet formation of the 3 eclipses.
Note ( in the movie ) the amber' signal.

Also interestingly the fashion designer Balenciaga " 'coincidently" predicted: the Burning Man and the MUD PIT 11 months prior in his Oct 2, 2022, fashion catwalk show for his 2023 Summer/Spring Collection(see link below)

Also interestingly is the fact that the Burning Man is held yearly in BLACK ROCK, Nevada which is on the 119 Longitude. Of course, 119 /911 is a very significant number in America's history.
Also I'm sure you are familiar with the behemoth Investment firm BlackRock.

I'll share more intriguing ROCK and Roll connections in another comment.

** Please note that I personally don't believe in Anybody's Everything and the information in the links provided, especially regarding the metaphysical, I've connected to many puzzle pieces ( dreams and esoteric experiences) of my own, which is why I've found them
thought provoking, at the very least.


Orange Code

3 Eclipses

Visons of Death

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, I'm not sure if you knew this already, but this year's Burning Man featured a burning sculpture called "Phoenix," meant to resemble both the bird and a tryzub, in honor of the territorial dispute in the former USSR (which my circle of bloggers usually refers to with the codeword "Fire Nation").

WanderingGondola said...

I'm more inclined to see divine workings in the Burning Man mess, so I'm not sure about the Balenciaga event's predictive properties. Urgh, that had better be the most unsettling thing I see today.

Poking around the video comments, I learned Kanye West was first down that muddy catwalk. He must have been clipped out of the video after that "horrible" outburst a fortnight later -- not that Balenciaga has any image problems, am I right?

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, re. "ember," below are my sync notes for July 14, 2023:

I was reading Edwin Johnson’s The Pauline Epistles (1894), which makes the case that Paul and the whole Middle Ages never existed. I was linked to it by a comment on Rintrah. I read a reference to the lection for “Ember Saturday.” which is Romans 5:1-5, with a reference also to Joel 2.

A few days earlier, I had read in Joshua Cutchin’s Ecology of Souls how parades of the dead “became seasonal, ‘especially common in midwinter, or during the four annual sets of feasts called the Ember Days.’” This had been the first I had ever heard of Ember Days. I looked them up on Wikipedia and found that the etymology is unrelated to embers and is probably a cropping of a Latin expression meaning “four times.”

Ra1119bee said...


Hmmmm... No I wasn't aware of the burning sculpture Phoenix at Burning Man.

Regarding Burning Man in Black Rock, I also want to add several interesting connections to your post : Rick (Rock??) and roll and the Never Stop Rolling Tee.
Also if you saw media reports, Chris ROCK (who of course is Black) escaped.
the Mud Pit.

As mentioned, Black Rock Nev is on the 119 Longitude.
If you've never seen it, check out the movie KNOWING with Nicholas Cage
(trailer link below)
In that movie there are Very interesting connections to black rocks and the end times.

I've seen Knowing several times, and just recently re-watched it several days ago and low and behold there are a lot of syns to some of my puzzle pieces and current events.

In the beginning of the movie ( and shown in this trailer ) the protagonist, John Koestler
played by Nicholas Cage is stuck on the highway because of a car crash. He gets out of his car in the pouring rain to find out why the delay, and he experiences a tragic air disaster
happening, which was 'predicted' by a young girl (Lucinda) in 1959 on that exact date and
the coordinates of the crash.

John runs into the muddy field to help the crash victims and one of the 81 victims of the crash, runs towards John, Burning.

Other strange connections are a lot of the colors of red, yellow and orange.
Also in the movie there is a time passage of 50 years (which the number 50 was a significant number in my 2014 Moon River dream which I've shared with you in a previous comment some time ago.
As I'm sure you know, The jubilee — yovel in Hebrew — is a year observed once in 50 years.

The setting of Knowing is in Massachusetts at MIT, where John is a Prof.
What's also interesting is while researching my 2017 dream titled : PapPap and the NewsPaper, I decided to google ' Important events of 1972, as I was trying to figure out why PapPap would insist that I read the article in the 1972 newspaper about the future.

In my dream journal, I wrote that I felt very strongly that there was a great significance about that year.

While scrolling through Wiki article looking for important events of 1972, nothing really clicked for me when suddenly Lo and behold I came across information
about a report published in 1972 titled The Limits to Growth commissioned
by Club of Rome ( which I am familiar with the Club of Rome).
It was then I knew I had found the 'message' of the dream. (see links below)

What's crazy is that Jay Wright Forrester (one of the authors of The Limits to Growth )
was a Prof at MIT.

Although I haven't done a 'deep dive 'research on The Limits of Growth report
I found it eerie its focus concerning the fate of civilization especially overpopulation,
which if you recall I've shared my perspective about the World Economic Forum's Great Reset
regarding depopulation ( George Guidestones ) with you before as well.

Also another interesting connection in the movie was the handwritten prophecy note
which Lucinda writes in 1959.
Just the other day and out of the blue the theory came to me that in the PapPap dream
maybe the NewsPaper was a hidden reference to a "KNEW" Paper.
Knew being the past tense of "KNOWing".

And last but not least in the Knowing movie, check out John's son Caleb and the white rabbit.

Isn't this the year of the rabbit??

Knowing trailer

Club of Rome / Jay Wright Forrester/ Limits to Growth

Ra1119bee said...


I absolutely agree with you about that hideous Balenciaga video.
However it serves as a validation and perhaps a warning , at least to me,
of my perspective of the whats, whos, hows and whys of humanity's
opponents and gatekeepers.

Ra1119bee said...


Oh, I forgot to add. The movie Knowing also takes place in the Ember cycle.
Note in the movie the End Time is Oct 19th.


Ra1119bee said...


I just found this very intriguing video, which I believe connects with my puzzle pieces
and predictions about not only the Third Temple, but also the Shifting of Ages i.e
The Phoenix that Rises out of the Ashes, which and IMO of course , has always been the plan
of our Opponents via ( and connecting many puzzle pieces including my recent find, the 1972 Limit to Growth project) which I believe is being accomplished through the World Economic Forum's Great Reset, especially for America.

I think that is why the Georgia Guidestones were 'taken down' on July 6, coincidently 2 days after America's Birthday during the Dog Days of Summer. Mission Accomplished.

Saudi Arabia is Fulfilling THREE Prophecies | Vison 2030, The Third Temple, and the Mark

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

WG, the dragonfly syncs have continued. I may post some of them later.

Loaves of gold

(Not to be confused with " Leaves of gold .") Wherever these bread syncs are going, the sync fairies seem intent on connecting all...