Friday, September 29, 2023

Syncs: Tropical dreams and not-dreams, 555, Freeman and not-Freeman

On August 29, I changed the wallpaper image on my phone from the Ace of Swords to the White Tree of Gondor. The next day, I happened to pick up my phone at precisely 5:55 p.m., which struck me as significant, so I took a screenshot. One week later -- and I mean exactly one week later, to the minute -- it happened again.

On September 24, I bought and began reading Mike Clelland's novel The Unseen. Central to the plot is a picture the main character painted while tripping on peyote. The painting is called The Dream, and portrays "a thin, scruffy tree with a blue ball of light centered in the branches." This syncs with my wallpaper image shown above: a tree which could be described as thin and scruffy, with stars in its branches.

I started reading The Unseen immediately after posting "The Moody Blues, Embody the Soul, snails and ammonites, stars and stones, blue ball of light," and I mention it in the comments. That post had featured both a "blue ball of light" and the number 555.

Later in The Unseen, the main character, John, has abandoned his life as a successful artist in New Mexico and is working as a dishwasher in a coffee shop in a tiny town in southern Utah. (They're lax Mormons who drink coffee.) A woman he knew as a child, who has recently reappeared in his life, walks into the coffee shop wearing "a black t-shirt with the single word 'dream' centered on her chest." This T-shirt also becomes important to the plot.

Yesterday, September 28, I was in a coffee shop (I'm a lax Mormon who drinks coffee), and they had this hanging on the wall:

The Unseen features a painting called The Dream in which a blue ball of light is in the branches of a tree, and a black T-shirt with the word dream on it. This wall hanging has the word dream in the branches of a tree (or in the foliage of a large plant at any rate), against a black background.

Last night, I read some more in William Fairfield Warren's Paradise Found, which I started some time ago but hadn't picked up recently. On page 120, the text refers the reader to "the diagram which constitutes the frontispiece of this work," so I flipped back to look at it. That's when I noticed for the first time that the "tropical" part of the globe is labeled "5 5 5."

The very first sentence in Paradise Found is, as noted in my September 13 post "Syncfest: 'Wake Up Time,' dreaming in a forest, AE, golden apples, Klein bottle, etc.," is "This book is not the work of a dreamer."

I wanted to include the above image of Warren's frontispiece in this post, so rather than photographing my own copy, I went to to get a screenshot of it. When I started to type the address into my browser, autocomplete suggested (click at your own risk), which serves up a randomly selected thread from /x/, the "paranormal" board on 4chan. I thought what the hell and pressed enter. It gave me an old 2015 thread about, of all things, not dreaming:

The first reply mentions Morgan Freeman, Just last night I read a passage in The Unseen where John meets the leader of a mysterious operation and asks his name. He says, "I don't use my name here. The team calls me The Freeman." A few paragraphs later, he explains, "I answer to one man, and he gives me a lot of freedom" -- oh, I think, so that's why they call him The Freeman.

Only it turns out I didn't read that. Wanting to quote the passage correctly just now, I put freeman into the Kindle search function and got -- zero results! Had I remembered it wrong? Had it been Freedman, maybe? Or was it hyphenated? I tried various things, including just searching for the string free, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Finally, I just flipped back through the pages manually and found it. It had never said Freeman. It said Foreman. How could I have misread that?

The "I don't dream" /x/ post started a song playing in my head: "Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House.

One of the verses begins "Now I'm walking again." The 21st chapter of The Unseen begins with the sentence "I was walking again."


Not-Anonymous said...

One coffee shop I went into (Gloria Jean’s), had the following huge image (a.k.a. the “coffee belt”) hung up on the wall:

Apparently, they also use it elsewhere:

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

So the "coffee belt" corresponds to Warren's "5 5 5," labeled in the caption as "The Earth-surrounding equatorial Ocean-river," south of which lies "6 6 6. The abode of disembodied souls."

This corresponds symbolically to the River Jordan. On p. 138, Warren imagines future archaeologists trying to piece together "the geographical knowledge of the Christian England of to-day by a study of a few fragments of English hymns from our period." Among the puzzlements that would face these imagined archaeologists would be "all the references to the strange river [Jordan] . . . 'rolling between' the singer living in England and the abode of the dead located in Western Asia, and called 'Canaan.'"

In addition to its poetic role dividing the living from the dead ("I'm just a-going over Jordan"), the Jordan is a metonym for baptism. At the coffee shop I refer to in this post, inscribed on the wall above the counter, is this: "TASTING COFFEE, NOT ONLY IS IT A TASTE OF THE ENJOYMENT, IT IS A PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL BAPTISM."

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Sorry, I misspoke. The "baptism" thing isn't in the coffee shop I went to yesterday. It's in a different coffee shop I went to today.

Not-Anonymous said...

Is that image of “Tropical Dream” a photo you made of the wall or from an image search ? Because when do an Google image search for tropical dream I get the exact image on a black T-shirt on the first page.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

It’s from an image search, but it’s the exact image from the coffee shop. I’ll take a photo next time I’m there.

Not-Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the T-shirt I found:

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

A few hours after posting this, I was in the living room. My wife had the TV on, but nothing was playing: just a silent screen-saver-like slideshow of Netflix offerings. One of them caught my eye because it featured a blue light and a tree. I didn’t catch the name of the program, which was written in Chinese, but I did notice that it included the English “UFO.”
Googling netflix ufo, I found the image I had seen, on this page:

The program is called Encounters and it premiered just a couple of days ago, on September 27. The first episode was called “Messengers,” which is also the title of Mike Clelland’s first book.

Ra1119bee said...


My perspective regarding the Blue Light:
Interestingly, one of the twin tails of Hale Bopp was Blue.

I think I shared with you a dream I had the week of March 24, 1997 (2 days before the mass suicide of the Heaven Gate Cult).
In my dream I encountered an ' Alien Man' and a Spaceship in the back yard of my grandparents' house where I grew up.

The Space Man spoke to me telepathically and said: " It's time to go'.
I won't go into more detail about that dream as I shared it with you before on this blog.

2 days after the dream however (while getting ready to go work (at the Bank), I was extremely shocked to see the Good Morning America telecast about the Heaven's Gate cult.

I had NO CLUE whatsoever about Heaven's Gate or any connection having to do with Hale Bopp.
Marshall and I didn't get our first computer until 1998, so our only news source.
at that time was mainstream television.
I only knew of Hale Bopp because of many of the nightly news reports at that time.
I personally had no interest in Comets.

When I saw the news report about Heaven's Gate, I immediately thought back to my recent dream about the Space Man and I said to myself: I was supposed to be on that ship!!! 

Of course, in the last 30 years or so (especially after a personal crisis in 2002)
I have been obsessively researching the WHYS and meanings of my gazillion metaphysical experiences and dreams.
I have always personally quested for the WHYS of things especially the esoteric, and the: what does it mean? What is its Message?
I personally don't believe in coincidences.
I believe that Everything is connected.

Connecting all of my gazillion puzzle pieces, (including my recent comment on your Phoenix Post) regarding my theory about the 3 eclipses (the 2017 total eclipse, the upcoming
Oct 14 2023 annular eclipse, and the April 8 2024 total eclipse all forming the Hebrew Aleph over America), I'm absolutely convinced that we (Humanity) are at the Shifting of Ages, aka The Golden Age, also known (by our Opponents) as The Great Reset, and in America: The New Atlantis.

Interestingly both Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp, were in the US (on the 33-degree Lat) when they spotted the Comet in July 1995 (during the Dog Days of Summer).
Hale in New Mexico and Bopp in Arizona.

From Wiki:
From ancient sources, such as Chinese oracle bones, it is known that comets have been noticed by humans for millennia.[163] Until the sixteenth century, comets were usually considered bad omens of deaths of kings or noble men, *****or coming catastrophes, or even interpreted as attacks by heavenly beings against terrestrial inhabitants*********.

Also, if you haven't already, check out the 2020 movie ; Greenland .(trailer link below )
Interestingly the script writers gave the comet in the Greenland movie the name Clarke.
I found the etymology of the word Clark and Cleric quite interesting.

Greenland, land of Thule??
Perhaps where the One Eye presides??

Greenland | Official Trailer [HD] |

Ra1119bee said...


I wish to add this interesting information that I just found regarding
comets being harbingers of upcoming catastrophes.

This is from wiki:

The comet ( the Great Comet of 1811) was apparently visible during the New Madrid earthquakes in December, 1811. A report on the first steamship to descend the Ohio River as it approached the confluence with the Mississippi River states, "December 18, 1811.—

The anniversary of this day the people of ****Cairo [Illinois]**** and its vicinity should never forget. It was the coming of the first steamboat to where Cairo now is—the New Orleans, Capt. Roosevelt, Commanding. It was the severest day of the great throes of the New Madrid earthquake; at the same time, a fiery comet was rushing athwart the horizon.

I find this information interesting because of my recent research about the 3 eclipses
forming the Aleph over America.
The EXACT place where the 2017 total eclipse and the upcoming total eclipse on April 8 2024
intersects and makes a X , is the city of Cario Illinois. ( see link )

I commented about the three eclipses before and offered my perspective recently here on your blog.
Interestingly, the New Madrid fault (New Madria MO) is on the 33 lat
(actually the 36 lat, but do factor in The Law of the Three )

Coincidently, our mail lady (postal worker) is from Cario, Illinois and she said that the locals call it ' Little Egypt'.

Aleph (Three Eclipses)


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Just now I read a reference in Warren to Herodotus’s statement that the Atlantes “are reported not to eat any living thing and never to have any dreams.”

They are the Eggmen

In connection with my recent posts about Eleanor Cameron's Mushroom Planet  novels, both Wandering Gondola and William Wright have drawn...