Sunday, September 10, 2023

The greene-ey'd Monster, which doth mocke the meate it feeds on

A somewhat disconcerting sync:

When I was on /x/ the other day to download a picture for my "Phoenix syncs" post, one of the posts I ran across was this:

Today, while I was out on the road, I saw an Uber Eats delivery scooter, with the trademark green box on the back with the company's name on it. On this one, though, the word Uber had been covered up with a long rectangular black sticker with two big green cat eyes on it -- virtually identical in shape, color, and design to the first image in the "BURGERS" post shown above. Under the green eyes, the word Eats.

I wonder what the guy was delivering. Not burgers, I hope!

(By the way, I feel I should point out that goyim originally meant "nations," then came to be used only for non-Israelite nations, and finally for individual members of such nations. Contrary to popular belief, the word has never had anything to do with cattle.)

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WanderingGondola said...

Oh, there's a stare to keep you up at night...

The second image seems vaguely reminiscent of ye olde Trollface. Maybe not a coincidence with its use in supposed "schizoposting" nowadays.

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