Monday, November 29, 2021

Agents and gangs

Two mini-dreams:

1. “Start with the second sentence — be careful not to skip the first one — and it says, ‘I will pollute their land with many agents.’” I knew I definitely did not want to expose myself to that first sentence, which was surely something unspeakably horrific.

2. There was a TV program where a panel of four or five media schlubs — schlubs was the word that came to mind — sat at a table and “analyzed the news” in the most boring way imaginable. The name of the program was The Council of Gangs.

The two dreams seemed connected, by a sort of “banality of evil” theme.

Speaking of agents, I had dinner at a hotel buffet yesterday. You’ve got to give it to the Chinese: They know how to give a dish an appetizing name. Think how much more poetic this is than “soup of the day”!

(When I say “poetic,” I am thinking primarily of the cauldron scene in Macbeth.)

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