Sunday, April 14, 2024

A Prince of the Family

I dreamed that I was in some sort of public place when I heard a chorus of disembodied female voices announce, “And now you’re a Prince of the Family!” Then they all started laughing. I laughed, too, because it was such a funny idea. Nevertheless, it was true: I was a Prince of the Family and had better start walking like one — which turned out to mean moonwalking like Michael Jackson.

As I was moonwalking down the street, I passed a sidewalk cafe, and an old man using a laptop waved and nodded in a perfunctory way. I recognized him as the Mormon historian Dan Vogel. I thought about stopping to chat but didn’t want to stop moonwalking.

A bit later, I noticed to my deep embarrassment that there was a small tattoo on my right forearm: two circles, one larger than the other, each with several dots inside, plus a few other dots outside the circles. My first impression was that they looked like poorly drawn chocolate-chip cookies. I knew people were bound to notice the tattoo and ask me about it, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember when I had gotten it or why, or what it was supposed to mean.

“I can’t be out in public like this,” I said to myself. “I look like a tool.” (Moonwalking down a public street is one thing, but doing so with a tattoo?)

“Yes!” said the chorus of voices. “Like a perfect tool!” Then they again devolved into giggles. I had the impression that they meant the word in a portentous “instrument in the hands of God” sort of way but were simultaneously mocking that idea.

I’m not entirely sure the voices were human. They had that weird too-bright quality one associates with Grays.


Ra1119bee said...

2 parts

part 1
Me, being someone who believes that dreams are messages from the soul
(and NOT from the physical brain/mind ) and that the messages we receive are
always for and unique to the dreamer, in other words: no one else
can 'tell us' what our dreams mean and with that said I would like to share
my perspective about your dream if I may.

Dreams are spoken in the Universal Language (language known by our soul)
of symbolism and it's the symbolism we interpret and connect the symbolic puzzle pieces
to see and understand the big picture which the big picture is the 'why'
and meaning of the dream's message.

If I had that same dream with the same symbolism, I would interpret like so:

The first thing is the setting (much like a play on the stage in a theater).
The setting is an integral part of the play (the story).

Also when we dream of other people, usually they are in a group of three
( the Law of the Three).
Many times we don't really 'see' the people, we just know that they are there.

In your Prince of the Family dream, there is 1. the female voices 2.the old man with the laptop Dan Vogel and the third entity was Michael Jackson.
( All of those archetypes were YOU )

Although you didn't 'see' Michael Jackson and only associated him with the fact
that you were 'moonwalking' like Michael, he is still important to the message of the dream because the people whom our Soul ( the soul being the casting director of our dreams i.e. the play) chooses particular archetypes to deliver the message.

Michael Jackson WAS/IS the archetype of the trickster because Michael
transcended boundaries which is a characteristic of the trickster.

'No matter if you're Black or White'. Remember that song?(see link )
Michael transcend not only Race and culture, but gender and age
(many generations loved Michael Jackson's music and performances).

The Trickster is found at the crossroads. Crossroads are when we've come to the end
of one road and know we must choose (sometimes reluctantly) the beginning of the next.
It's the Trickster who many times either forces us,
or enchants us to explore another path, in other words: to take the road less traveled.

Ra1119bee said...


Part 2
The Moon of course is the domain of the female, darkness and intuition.
It's in the darkness(our dreams/intuition) where we transcend linear time and space.
The Third Eye (which is hidden) is where the truth is revealed NOT through our physical eyes.
Our physical eyes only sees what we are TOLD we are seeing.

As yourself: why did you 'ignore' the old man Dan Vogel?

The Tattoo is a mark. A stamp that say's you're owned, usually by someone else as
their tool.
When we can only see what we are told we are seeing, we're limited
and indeed we are 'owned'.

Laughter and weird/crazy smiles are also a characteristic of the trickster.
The trickster laughs or smiles not to embarrasses us, but a knowing that
when we find and begin our new life guided by our Soul(and not Blinded by the light
of the illusion) we are truly free. To be Free is a gift and a reward.

And speaking of seeing with our Soul, I don't know if you're aware of a Fiddler
named Michael Cleveland or not, but do check him out. I just found out about Michael
the other day when one of his videos appeared on my youtube feed.

Michael was blind from birth and lost 80 percent of his hearing.
At age 4 he taught himself to play the fiddle.
( recall my previous comments I made several weeks ago about my perspective
on the symbolic significance of 'the Fiddler') My previous comment about the fiddle
was Before I found Michael Cleveland and interestingly connects.

The first video is a short clip of one of Michael Cleveland's many performances.
When I first saw Michael Cleveland's gift, I was simply amazed and got goosebumps,
(much like many people did, including myself, with Michael Jackson's performances
especially his first 'moonwalk').

As far as Michael Cleveland, I personally am NOT a big fan of blue grass music
( I personally enjoy Many genres of music ), however, I'm always in awe
when certain people tap into that 'other domain of the Soul and bring that
magic and gift back to humanity ( humanity being our Family) to soothe us
or mend us or help us enjoy ... or perhaps to help us 'escape' this illusion to find
the truth which maybe that truth is: we are more than our physical bodies.

Everything is Connected, no?

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper "Lee Highway Blues"

This second link is a very interesting documentary about Michael Cleveland.
Flamekeeper: The Michael Cleveland Story (FEATURE LENGTH DOCUMENTARY)

Michael Jackson - Black or White [RESTORED/REMASTERED] HD

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