Monday, April 22, 2024

Build and strengthen

Last night I was once again creating a glossary to accompany an English reading assignment for my Taiwanese students. The article had to do with health, and one of the words I had to gloss was build. My students were already familiar with the primary sense of that verb, as in "build a house" (Chinese 建造), but this article referenced "build muscle" and "build strong bones," which would have a very different Chinese translation: 增強, literally "strengthen." So that's what I put in the glossary: that build (in this context) means "strengthen."

This morning, I checked William Wright's blog and found a new post: "To build up and strengthen Elvenhome."


Ra1119bee said...


In numerology the number 22 is symbolic of the Master BUILDER.

In Alchemy the quest first begins with the number Eleven
EL=ven ( Elf).

Eleven is the visionary and the visionary taps the intuition.
The intuition flows through the WATER, which Water is a conduit to the 'other side',
which is why power sources are built close to a water source
(either natural or man-made ) or on a powerful ley-line.

Think of Easter(Ishtar)Island.
Think of Geneva Switzerland.

copy and paste:(see link)

"Forts were often already positioned in important locations or constructed
at strategic points on the landscape. These locations were often
where waterways or roads converged.
They were built to defend these travel ways or to defend nearby towns and cities."

Also,recall my many previous comments about the symbolic significance of
Ferris Wheels which have been built Globally.
They all were built near a water source (either natural or man-made).

London Eye ring a bell?

Or,in the case of the Ferris Wheel The Vegas High Roller, the water source
is the Bellagio, known for its iconic water displays.

The largest Ferris Wheel is in Dubai.
Dubai has certainly gotten its share(and more)
of 'water' in the last week, no?

The Ferris Wheel is a Sun Wheel symbolic of the BI=cycle
(Bi meaning 2 meaning two cycles)

After the alchemist's vision( master number 11)
the next step is manifesting
that vision which is the number 2.
Two 2's (22) is the Master Builder. 2+2= 4.

Recall my many comments about the number 4.
Note the significance of 40 days and 40 nights
or perhaps the phrase 40 acres and a Mule comes to mind?

Four is symbolic of the hard work needed: to earn our worth.

If you like the hunt of finding hidden 'easter eggs(i.e. symbolism)
in many movies, popular culture, mythology and history
you will find the number 22 embedded.

A whole plethora of hidden 22's: from Rod Serling's iconic
Twilight Zone 22 to Taylor Swift's 22(see links)

 In the Twilight Zone clip below, note the loud ticking
of the clock.Saturn/Chronos.

Also notice the protagonist clutches a clown/trickster throughout
much of her 'nightmares'.

The alchemist's creation is the 3.
Master number 33.
Recall the significance of the date 11/22/1963 in American history.

Dallas Fort Worth is on the 33 degree parallel.
And speaking of Dallas there is a Ferris Wheel called Grandscape Wheel
and its water source is near Lake Park/the Colony Texas


Taylor Swift - 22

clip from Twenty-two

Doctor Whomst said...

Over hill and dale,
Beyond waterfall and fairy-tale,
There is a house of wood and stone,
Which was not built
–but by itself had grown.

Ra1119bee said...


I forgot to add.

On the website of the Grandscape Wheel in The Colony Tx
note the wording: ""OASIS""" IN THE MIDDLE OF NORTH TEXAS.

Also note at the top of the page, the wording: Welcome to Grandscape Wheel
and also note the pretty and colorful(Orange, Green, Blue and White).. EIGHT POINT STAR/FLOWER.

Everything is connected..

Behold, the Lord esteemeth all flesh as one

I was listening to an audio recording of the Book of Mormon, and when it got to the part where Nephi says they "did live upon raw meat ...