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A loaf of bread is dear

When I'm doing some tedious task that doesn't require much brainpower, I sometimes like to listen to something in the background. This morning I was preparing a glossary for some of my students, adding Chinese glosses to a fairly long list of English words. While doing this, I was listening to something YouTube had suggested and I had randomly clicked on: Tucker Carlson interviewing Tulsi Gabbard. This is not at all the type on content I ordinarily consume, politics just not being my shtick, but for whatever reason today I thought "why not" and clicked on it:

I was using a school computer which is set up, for the convenience of my Taiwanese employees, to use Mandarin Phonetic Symbols for typing in Chinese. I'm pretty proficient in that typing system, but I can type Chinese much faster if I can use the Roman alphabet. Since Google Translate accepts Hanyu Pinyin (Romanized) input for Chinese, I often type Chinese that way into Google Translate and then copy and paste it to the document I want it in. One of the words I had to gloss this morning was loaf, so I typed 一條(麵包) -- literally "a loaf (of bread)." The parenthetical note was necessary because 一條 by itself literally means "a strip" and is the measure word used for all sorts of long thin things such as ropes and rivers, but also for bread (when counted by the loaf), fish, and for some reason dogs. (In Chinese, you generally can't use a number with a noun directly; instead of "a pen" or "two dogs" you have to say literally "a branch of pen" or "two strips of dog.")

I typed that, copied it, and pasted it into my document -- and at exactly that moment, Tulsi said "a loaf of bread." I don't mean a second or two later; we're talking about perfect simultaneity (which is of course the literal meaning of synchronicity). I pressed Ctrl-V, and 一條(麵包)appeared in my document while Tulsi Gabbard helpfully read out the English translation. She was talking about inflation; here's the immediate context:

You know, a loaf of bread is three times more expensive today than it was six months ago, or a year ago.

I considered posting about the sync but at first decided not to. As impressive as the form of the sync had been, the content -- just "a loaf of bread" -- was about as boring as it gets.

That made me stop and think, though, if "a loaf of bread" might have any deeper significance, and I remembered that the word loaf had been featured in my 2011 post "Dreaming in a forgotten language." I had dreamed about having a student recite a Greek prayer which was known as the Chliep Doroch because it was with those two words -- meaning "Dear Lord" -- that the Greek text of the prayer began. Upon waking, I of course realized that that wasn't Greek at all and tried to figure out if there was any linguistically plausible way of torturing the meaning "Dear Lord" out of it.  One of my speculations was that chliep was "perhaps cognate with the Old English hlaf -- as in hlafweard, 'loaf-guard,' from which our modern word lord is derived."

Eventually, I realized that the phrase from the dream was obeying the rules of Russian phonology, and looking it up as Russian (the "forgotten language" of my title) yielded a near bull's-eye: хлеб дорог, literally "bread is dear" -- and хлеб and related Slavic words for "bread" are generally held to derive from a Germanic loan-word, related to loaf and this indirectly to lord.

I also noted in that 2011 post something directly relevant to Tulsi Gabbard's "loaf of bread" reference:

The Russian word for "dear," like its English equivalent, can mean either "beloved" or "expensive." A Google search for "хлеб дорог" turns up David Ricardo in translation: "не потому хлеб дорог, что платится рента, а рента платится потому, что хлеб дорог" -- "Corn is not high because a rent is paid, but a rent is paid because corn is high."

The post further noted that хлеб дорог could also mean "bread of the roads." That caught my eye in connection with today's sync because in Chinese, roads are one of the many long thin things to take the measure word 條. That is, in Chinese "a road" -- 一條路 -- is literally "a 'loaf' of road." (You can put "a loaf of road" into Google Translate to confirm this.)

Writing this post, which necessitated the explanation that a loaf of bread is literally a "strip" of bread in Chinese, made me think of the Pipkins episode I discussed in my 2022 post "Michael the glove puppet and X the Owl" and revisited in several subsequent posts:

Due to the influence of William Wright, I tend to connect the word strip with the Stripling Warriors these days. In the Pipkins episode, Pig explains that soldiers are thin strips of bread:

Boiled egg and soldiers! Oh, I love boiled egg and soldiers! Do you know what soliders are, apart from being men in the army? Well, they are little thin strips of bread and butter, and they are smashing for dipping into your egg. Oh, I love boiled egg and soldiers!

It was this "strips of bread" angle that made me think of Pipkins, but it turns out to be relevant in another way, too. The name of the episode is "The Glove Puppet," and the story is about how Hartley Hare uses a glove puppet named Michael to "be naughty" -- including stealing one of Pig's soldiers -- always blaming the puppet for the misdeeds rather than accepting responsibility himself.

Now look back at that Tucker Carlson video. The full title is "Tulsi Gabbard on Being Trump's VP, Who's Puppeteering Biden, and Corruption in Congress."

Besides this implication that Biden is himself a "glove puppet," there's also a bit where Tulsi says:

People like Hillary Clinton call me a traitor and a Russian asset or a puppet of Putin.

Here the idea of puppetry is neatly juxtaposed with Russian -- the language of хлеб дорог.

Note added (same day, 10:30 p.m.):

The thumbnail for the Tucker and Tulsi video shows a Venn diagram with a red circle on the left and a blue one on the right:

In "Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head," on of my 2022 follow-ups to the Pipkins "Glove Puppet" post, I included this tweet:


William Wright (WW) said...

Two interesting things about this post:

First, last night I followed this strange thought path that took me back to my Elvish words from November 2019, and specifically the day (Nov 1) that included the word "mbasse" (I had phonetically written it down as mbassa). I had been revisiting the entire phrase with some new thoughts, and was fixated on this word in working through some meanings. "Mbasse" means bread in Elvish.

Second, the old post you linked to, where you were teaching your class in those holy languages, is the post I had found once and then tried searching for again several months ago but wasn't able to find. I had forgotten that bread factored heavily into it. Of all the posts I've read of yours, that is the one that has stood out to most for whatever reason.

Anyway, in the New Testament Jesus called himself the Bread of Life. And you've equated Bread and Lord, and Dear Lord with Dear Bread, the dear being both expensive and beloved. Any possible connection there?

Ra1119bee said...

And speaking of homophones, maybe your reference to dear, is a Deer?

Coincidently I've been recently researching DEER because of my previous
comment about the deity Cernunnos ( ***Lord*** of the Wild Things), Stags, HORNS,
dogs and bulls and Cernunnos' connection to CERN, and to the Obamas'
at the 2016 White House Easter Egg Roll reading the book (to children) titled:
Where the Wild Things Are, and also the connection with the 2023 Netflix movie
Leave the World Behind and the Stag (the movie bankrolled by the Obamas who Barack
Obama served as consultant).

copy and paste from wiki article: Deer in Mythology ( link below )
"Leave the World Behind (film) features large herds of deer appearing
multiple times in the film, observing human survivors in the wake of a cataclysmic event. The deer lead one character to a safe haven and follow the other main characters
until they are frightened away by the humans shouting.
According to Clay, one of the main characters, it's "a good omen, seeing deer.
At least according to Meso-American mythology."

Also while doing my research about Deers, I had forgotten my 2018 dream
I had titled: Oscar.

copy and paste from wiki article :Oscar (given name)
"The name is derived from two elements in Irish: the first, os, means "deer";
the second element, car, means "loving" or "friend", thus "deer-loving one" or "friend of deer".

Please note, I DID NOT KNOW the meaning of the name Oscar BEFORE the dream,
nor do I **personally** know anyone with the name of Oscar. In the Oscar dream,
Oscar lived in Switzerland. It was the Oscar dream that led me (through research)
to the rabbit hole of the Octagon and the Eight Point Star. Of course CERN
is in Switzerland as is Rudolph Steiner's Goetheanum.

It was my 2011 Fama Fraternitatis dream that led me to information about Steiner's Goetheanum.
Do note that I had the Oscar dream in 2018, and the Fama dream in 2011.
At the time I did not know the connection of either to the other nor to the big picture.

Also I believe there is a connection to the deer(especially the stag's horns) not only symbolic of birth, death and rebirth, but also as a messenger, which I believe
is the symbolic message in the Leave the World Behind movie.

copy and paste:
"The deer also symbolizes a connection to the supernatural, the Otherworld, or the fairy realm, e.g., being a messenger or an entity's familiar."

Interesting the reference to the fairy realm.
Could the fairy realm be the place where the 'elves' (EL's) live?
If so, do recall Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and the connection to Santa
and Santa's El-ves.

Also, and last but not least, I found this interesting connection to Cernunnos

copy and paste: Cernunnos

"He is usually shown holding or wearing a torc and sometimes holding a bag of coins (or grain) and a cornucopia."

Everything is connection, no?

William Wright (WW) said...


Great idea and find on Dear = Deer. I like it.

The White Stag has come up before, obviously. Over on my blog I've associated the symbol with Faramir-Eonwe. This post for example:

This also connects to bread in some way, but my thoughts on it aren't fully baked yet.

Ra1119bee said...

William Wright,


Thank you for the link to your blog. I will check it out.

And speaking of Bread, here's a blast from the past!

Loved me some Bread back in the day~~~

David Gates & Bread Greatest Hits With Lyrics

Ra1119bee said...

William Wright,

I forgot to add a couple of things.

In regards to your comment and question about how bread connects to Stags,
my point being is about Cernunnos and this information on wiki:

copy and paste: Cernunnos

"He is usually shown holding or wearing a torc and sometimes holding a bag of coins (or grain) and a cornucopia."
Also this information about cornucopia: asterix's mine.
copy and paste:
"The cornucopia became the attribute of several Greek and Roman deities, particularly those associated with the harvest, prosperity, or spiritual abundance, such as personifications of Earth (Gaia or Terra); the child Plutus, god of riches and son of the *** grain goddess Demeter**** the nymph Maia; and Fortuna, the goddess of luck, who had the power to grant prosperity

Also, the song titled : Aubury from the band Bread from the 1970's is interesting
as the name Aubrey means : King of the elves.

I did a bit of research after I sent you the YouTube Bread link and
while listening to the song Aubrey ( which I hadn't listened to Bread
in a Very Very long time )

Anywho, I googled the meaning of the name Aubrey and lo and behold...

Dem syn Faries be busy, no?

Ra1119bee said...

William Wright,

I forgot this link.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Ha! I’ve been listening to a bit of Bread recently myself — well, “Everything I Own,” which is the only Bread song I know and like. I guess that means I’m going to have to do a post about the Bread Cult.

Last night I dreamed that I turned on my computer, and the screen began to fill with “lu: lu: lu: lu: lu:” repeated hundreds of times. The Chinese word for “deer” is transliterated that way.

William Wright (WW) said...

One translation for "Lu" in Elvish is "time or occasion", and also "day, 24 hours".

Deer (the Stag) was tied to both a clock and a bomb in your own posts. In one post, you saw the image of a deer wearing sunglasses on a wall mural. The bomb itself had rays coming from a cross, which you thought suggested the face of a clock, and thus the deer-containing-bomb was a 'time-bomb'.

The deer in the time-bomb has the primary Christian emblem for the Bread of Life between its antlers, and thus another connection between deer and bread, or dear bread.

Ra1119bee said...


Wow !Strange Bread syncs!

I personally think that when odd events/occurrences cross our (humans collectively)
path's (whether it's in our waking lives, or in our REM sleep) our Soul is trying to get our attention more likely than not for a purpose or important (many times urgent) message that we need to be aware of and/or heed.

That's especially so with nightmares. Nightmares occur, especially
recurring nightmares, when we ignore the message our Soul is trying to give us or
we simply don't understand the language because the message is delivered through the Universal Language of symbolism, numerology/gematria and archetypes.

Nightmares wake us up ( many times in fear) and forces us to ' pay attention'.

Sometimes , especially in dreams, we don't learn the message until five years, or five months, or five days, five minutes or five seconds into the future because the Soul transcends linear time.
The reason why I say that and truly believe it is because all of those experiences has happened to me, including remote viewing five years into the future.

I think I shared my dream and esoteric experience I had in 1990 that came tragically true
in 1995 and resulted in someone's sudden tragic death. Someone that I did NOT know in 1990 when I had the dream, but met in 1993 when Marshall and I bought our first house.
Telepathy of course is transcending time and space.

I'm sure you already know all of this and I'm just preachin to the choir, but when odd
esoteric/synchronicity type experiences/events happen to me, and I find myself saying ' well that's odd' I personally look for the 'why' and 'what' the message being given,
because coming from the Soul, I know there is one ( i.e. a message).

I'm a: connect the dots 'big picture' gal.
I love making sense/solving the chaos/puzzle.
To me it's like finding treasure, and you William, have helped me find
quite a bit of treasure.

So thank you for that.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, your name is an anagram of bread.

Ra1119bee said...


Debra an anagram of bread?!

Wow, who would have Thunk it or Dunk it
(like Dunkin' Donuts) :--))

Behold, the Lord esteemeth all flesh as one

I was listening to an audio recording of the Book of Mormon, and when it got to the part where Nephi says they "did live upon raw meat ...