Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Loaves of gold

(Not to be confused with "Leaves of gold.")

Wherever these bread syncs are going, the sync fairies seem intent on connecting all the dots.

In my April 11 post "A loaf of bread is dear," I logged a sync in which I had pasted the Chinese phrase 一條(麵包) , "a loaf (of bread)," into a document at exactly the same moment that a guest on a political podcast I was listening to said "a loaf of bread." She was saying that a loaf of bread was really expensive now due to inflation, and I connected that with a dream I'd had years ago about a Russian phrase meaning "bread is dear" or "bread is expensive."  I also wrote quite a bit about the Chinese measure word 條, which means "loaf" in connection with bread but is used more generally for many different long thin objects.

On April 15, I posted "Bread is gold." I had happened upon a book with that title and connected it with the idea of bread being "dear."

Today, April 16, I was teaching an adult EFL class. In order to illustrate and reinforce a grammar point I had just covered, about the use of the past continuous, we read a story about some burglars who robbed every apartment in a building while all the tenants were out, and it said what each tenant had been doing at the time of the robbery. Afterward, there was a speaking exercise where the students had to role-play the tenants talking to the police:

The story said what each person had been doing at the time of the robbery, but it didn't say what the burglars had taken from each apartment, so the students were free to make up whatever details they wanted. Most had the burglars take predictable things like jewelry, electronics, and cash, but one woman raised her hand and said, "Excuse me, how do you say 金條 in English?"

金條 means "gold bullion bar." The first character, 金, means "gold," and you may recognize the second, 條, as the one discussed in my April 11 post, which means "loaf" among other things.

So the April 11 post linked 條 to bread; the April 15 post linked bread to gold; and today's post links gold back to 條.


Ra1119bee said...


Do recall your comment to me about the word Bread being an anagram of my name ( Debra).

Isn't that interesting considering that Debra (Deborah) is the Bee in Hebrew.

As you well know,
The Bee's color of black and yellow ( GOLD) is significantly symbolic in alchemy
as the quest and magnum opus is turning base metals( Lead/Saturn)
into Gold (Sun/Male) or Silver(Moon/ female) to produce the 'honey' of
the Philosopher's stone.

In agriculture, the 'honey'(i.e. the Produce/Fruit) begins with a KERNEL
planted in the dark soil.

Note that the word kernel, has the suffix 'EL'.
EL being the Lord.
EL was a 'Shining One'.
The Sun and Moon are both luminaries i.e shining ones.

The soil is prepared by the Earth Tiller (George).

It's through the dark(black) that we get to the light.

Everything is connected.

Ra1119bee said...


I just remembered a dream that I shared with you which I titled: Sargent Baker
which Baker is a connection with bread of course.

I tried to find that dream in my dream archives so as to give an accurate description
of when I had the dream, but I can't find it in my Word documents, however I think
it was late last year.

I do recall that in the dream I was sleeping and I heard (very clearly) three knocks
on the front door of our(Marshall and I) house.

I then heard a very distinctive and very firm voice
say: Sargent Baker!!
I immediately woke up, feeling very afraid.

I recall researching on etymology the word sergeant and found this description
interesting :

copy and paste: (asterisk mine)
"The Latin word also is the source of Spanish sirviente, Italian servente.
Sergeant is thus essentially *****a doublet of servant*****
and 16c. writers in English sometimes use the two words interchangeably.

So, connecting and interpreting the recent syn puzzle pieces
including the Debra anagram of Bread,
plus the SERVANT Baker dream, my conclusion/theory is that the 'message' given
to me perhaps means this : I am to be both a Baker and a server of bread.

What is also interesting is the astrological sign of Pisces(Feb 19) are the two fish
swimming in opposite directions, as the 'fish' is called upon to make
the decision to either Serve or Sacrifice.

Either Or the fish's purpose is to 'serve humanity
as the Pisces 'gift' to humanity is to help and show others
how to tap our intuition.

Our intuition allow us to transcend beyond the illusion which is
absolutely priceless( like Honey or Manna) because it is through
the Third Eye where we find the truth and it is there we are truly free.

This very important task of service was entrusted to the Shaman
in the indigenous cultures and to the trickster in the kings court.
The trickster was the only one who was allowed to say
that the Emperor has no Clothes.

The Bee's service to the queen is to make honey, which Honey is a gift to mankind.

So, maybe Bread (the band) music
wasn't so sappy after all? ;--))

.... Giving Everything I(we) own maybe a good thing??

Everything I Own

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, it was Senator Baker, not Sergeant, which is probably why you couldn’t find it. You recount the dream in a comment here:


Ra1119bee said...


Yelp, you're right. My bad.
It was Senator Baker.
Thank you for the link.

However, I still believe that the connection of the puzzle pieces
still remains the same as far as Pisces having the responsibility
to sacrifice or serve humanity.

Also, and speaking of Bread. After I shared my comment this morning,
Marshall and I left the house as had a doctor's appointment at the local hospital.
He sees this specialist about three months and every time we go, the medical staff
is not the same as there is such a huge turnover in nursing staff, at least that is
the case here in our area.

Anywho, we began to chit chat with one of the nursing staff as she had a tattoo
of one of her beloved dogs, a corgi ( who had passed over ) on her arm.
I glanced at the nursing assistant's name badge and her name is Aubrey.

When Marshall and I left the office, I said: "That's odd. I just commented
on William's blog the other day about Bread (the band ) and their song Aubrey
and I googled the name Aubrey which means 'elf'.

I then said, "What's odd is that Aubery is not an ordinary name
and Marshall agreed.

As stated I personally believe that when something out of the ordinary happens
and we find ourselves, saying : Well that's Odd, it's because (and IMHO)
when 'something out of the ordinary' crosses our paths, it happens for a reason.

In this case, I believe the reason/message' was to reaffirm my belief
that I'm on the right path, as far as my esoteric beliefs.

'Dem sync Faires be busy, no?

Bread - Aubrey - Edition Special Audio HQ ((Stereo))


Ra1119bee said...


I forgot to add:
and speaking of Aubrey, Elves and Corgis.( Oh MY!! )

I found this interesting connection about Corgi's.
copy and paste from wiki:
"The name corgi is derived from the Welsh words cor and ci (which is mutated to gi),
meaning "dwarf" and "dog", respectively."
And this connection to Aubrey and elves and elves as dwarfs.
copy and paste from Wiki ( link below )
"Scholars have noted that the Svartálfar ('black elves') appear to be
the same beings as dwarfs, given that both are described
in the Prose Edda as the residents of Svartálfaheimr

Also according to wiki, Queen Elizabeth's first corgi was named Susan.
Do recall my many previous comments about my 2008 dream, I titled; Suzy.
Suzy meaning the lily or rose.




Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Queen Elizabeth's first corgi . . . Corgi and Bess!

Ra1119bee said...


Ok, I was referring to this information on wiki:

"Princess Elizabeth was then given a Pembroke Corgi of her own, named Susan, for her 18th birthday in 1944.[39] She had a strong connection to the dog, which was hidden under rugs in the Royal Carriage following her wedding to Prince Philip.[40] Susan became the progenitor of all the Corgis later owned by the royal household."
I'm assuming that your play on words being: Corgi and Bess
with Porgy and Bess??..

Yes, funny....


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

I made the connection because William Wright recently posted about Porgy and Bess in connection with our bread syncs.


Ra1119bee said...


Thank you so very much for Willian Wright's link.

What's odd is William's mention of Elizabeth.
Both my grandmother (Sarah)
and my mother's (Mary) middle name was Elizabeth.
My grandfather's name was William Floyd.

Also, in his post William Wright refers to the name Bess, which got
my attention because a few months after my mother passed over into spirit on
Aug 4,2002, I had a vivid dream about her. She was 68 years old when
she passed over.

After I read William Wright's post,I went to retrieve my dream journals looking for the dream which I titled : Heavens to Betsy.
I've had several computer crashes since 2002, but most all of my dreams after 1998 I wrote on Word and of course printed a hard copy.
I was able to find the Heavens to Besty dream dated Nov 10, 2002.

Here's the dream:
Heavens to Betsy
Nov 10, 2002

I had a dream about my mother. The dream is as follows:

My mother was at a marketplace. She looked great!
She looked to be about 45 or 50 years old. I was walking around in the marketplace
and she was standing in a corner by herself. There were lots of people shopping.
When I first saw my mother I didn't recognize her because she looked so young.

I felt we were at a fish market, although I never saw fish. I approached
her and said. Mugs ( my mother's nickname) is that you?

We walked to the fish counter and she put her groceries on the counter.
I kept looking at her and told her how great she looked. I asked how she felt
and she said that she felt just ok.
I was surprised to hear her say that since she looked so well
and I said: Just ok?

I then asked: Who told you that you were just ok?
She replied that someone name Betsy told her that.
I then asked her if I could hug her and she said yes.
I then told her how much I loved and missed her.
I woke up.

I did write in my dream journal that I researched the name Betsy and that the name
Betsy is a form of the name Elizabeth, which Elizabeth was my grandmother, mother
and sister's middle name.

Very interesting indeed....

Behold, the Lord esteemeth all flesh as one

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