Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Fruit grown from a ruby in a cup (with a turtle)

I had another brief vision or waking dream today, while praying the Rosary and contemplating the Descent of the Holy Ghost.

I saw a large golden goblet, and a big ruby -- about the size of a large walnut -- was put inside it. I couldn't see who was putting it there. I just saw the ruby move through the air and down into the cup, but slowly and deliberately, not as if it were falling or being thrown. My impression was that it was being placed in the cup carefully by an invisible hand.

A few seconds later, a box turtle walked up to the goblet. It stood up on its hind legs and put its forefeet on the rim of the cup, trying to peer inside. As soon as it did this, all kinds of fruit started bubbling up from the goblet until it was full almost to overflowing. There were bananas, grapes, a pineapple, and lots of other fruits whose individual identities didn't register. The whole thing reminded me of Carmen Miranda's fruit hat. It was just a lot of fruit -- no plant or tree from which it was growing -- but my impression was nevertheless that it had all grown very rapidly from the ruby, and that the turtle's attempt to look into the cup was what had triggered it.

I have no clear interpretation of this, just a few hints at possible connections. One thing I immediately thought of was the Rider-Waite Ace of Cups card:

Here, too, we have something being put into a golden goblet. The imagery of the descending dove ties in with the context of the vision (I had been contemplating the Descent of the Holy Ghost), and of course turtle is a word that can refer either to a shelled reptile or to a dove.

I also thought of "This episode is brought to you by the letters G and L," where a gorilla seems to be about to put a bunch of grapes into the Holy Grail.

The ruby in the cup made me think of one of Debbie's dreams, where she was given a cup with a crystal in it, and the whole thing had something to do with Heaven's Gate. Since comments aren't searchable, I can't find that dream, so Debbie, I'll have to ask you to post it again. (You might consider starting your own blog so that these things are searchable.)

I also thought of William Wright's "Herbie the Hamster: A Short Story." The story is about a seed, and the ruby in my vision functions as a seed. Hamsters and box turtles play similar roles as low-maintenance pets often kept by small children, and the turtle's standing up on its hind legs to look into the cup reminded be of Herbie's efforts to get over the wall and see what is outside.


Ra1119bee said...


Part 1
What a very intriguing dream!

I believe that dreams are messages from and for the dreamer only,
and no one can interpret exactly what our dreams mean, however when I first read
your dream, I immediately thought of a few interesting things,
so, if I may I’d like to share my perspective of a “possible’ meaning:

The first thing I thought of was this : I believe you are the box turtle.
Moving slowly , but very meticulosity and thoroughly and logically
however only seeing in one direction.

A box of course keeps us inside boundaries, which of course the esoteric, especially
the paranormal (which of course includes dreams) requires of us to see beyond boundaries
via our Third Eye and from a vast spectrum of ideologies (the good, the bad and the ugly).

As we all know, the paranormal is not logical, although critical thinking
is very much imperative and needed in order to connect all of the puzzle pieces, so absolutely a deep critical thinker is vital, however and IMHO, the ultimate quest
is the Big Picture, because when we (I’m saying we collectively) have an unusual
and many times BEZARR dream most of us want to know: What the hell did THAT mean??
At least, I know I do.

As I’m sure you know, a cup is symbolic of the Holy Grail.
The woman’s womb is a cup. An inverted (point down) triangle (pyramid)
symbolic of the female.

The letter Y is also a cup. Look at the letter Y. Can you see a martini glass?
See the stem of the glass?
Or perhaps a woman's fallopian tubes?

If you recall in The Beatles video I am the Walrus , throughout the video
The Beatles, especially John ( who is the Walrus ) raises both hands up in the air
consistently throughout the video, I believe symbolic of the letter Y or cup.
Interesting the symbolism of the ‘milk’ in this video as well.

As stated, and IMHO, when we find the WHYS (Y), we find the truth, which
the truth is mostly hidden much like Yin, symbolic of the female.

In your dream your cup runneth over with fruit. Of course the fruit is the sweetness
of life and a reward for hard and diligent labor.
You posses much knowledge William, I’m in awe of all the stuff you know!

Copy and paste from wiki:
"My cup runneth over" is a quotation from the Hebrew Bible (Psalms:23:5) and means "I have more than enough for my needs"
So, if you have enough ‘sweets’ for your needs William, what to do? Give the gift
of knowledge out to others, which is exactly what you do as an educator.
How sweet it is~~~

Also It appears, at least to me, that you have a passionate ‘thirst’ for knowledge.
Of course, ‘thirst’ is quenched from a well, from a fountain or a cup.
However a ’box’ has boundaries and limitations.

The below definition of the rubedo in alchemy also seems to support
my perspective as far as a work well done.

Copy and paste ( asterisks’ mine )
“Rubedo is a Latin word meaning "redness" that was adopted by alchemists to define the fourth and final major stage in their magnum opus.
Both gold and the philosopher's stone were associated with the color red,
as ***rubedo signaled alchemical success, and the end of the great work***.
Rubedo is also known by the Greek word iosis.”
Of course this is just my perspective of your dream.

The Beatles - I Am The Walrus (Official Video)

Ra1119bee said...

Part 2

Regarding my Hale Bopp dream.
I’ve had 3 interesting ‘cup’ dreams throughout the years.
1.My Hale Bopp dream on March 24, 1997.
2. A dream I had in 2003 or so. I can’t recall the date
on that one but it’s buried in my archives. That dream I titled; Page of Cups!
I’ll try to find and if I think it has any similarities to your Ace of Cups dream, I’ll let you know.
My third cup dream , I titled Tweed’ which I just shared with you recently.

So, here’s the Hale Bopp dream.
As stated, I had the Hale Bopp dream on March 24, 1997.
In the dream I was walking on the sidewalk of my grandparent’s house in West Dayton.

IRL, my family lived with our grandparents in the small house until 1967.
The sidewalk on the side of our house led to the back yard which was fenced in
by a chain-link fence in order to keep in our dog.
. My grandfather built a high wooden gate so our dog couldn’t jump the fence.
In order to get to the back yard from the outside we entered through the wooden gate.

In the dream I was the same age I was in 1997, not a child. I walked up to the wooden gate,
and reached over the gate to unlock the latch. As soon as I entered the back yard, I looked
over to my right and saw a huge space ship!!!. The space ship was in the location
where the family picnic table (in real life ) would normally had been.

I was still standing by the gate when a ‘space man’ appeared. I don’ t recall actually seeing
him and I can’t describe him but I felt that he was tall, taller than me, and normal looking, not like a little green alien.

The space man immediately and firmly ‘said ( telepathically ) to me :
I responded that I didn’t want to go and I wanted to stay with Marshall
as we had just bought a house ( which was true IRL).

The space man then handed me a white Styrofoam cup . I recall holding the cup up
to my chest and looking down inside the cup.
There was a white milky crystal inside. Telepathically the space man
told me that in order to stay on earth and to stay human,
I had to ingest the crystal.
The last thing I recall is looking down inside the cup.
I woke up.

Two days later while I was getting ready to go to work (at the bank)
I was rushing around getting my clothes ready for work and putting my make up on etc.
I always had Good Morning America on the TV ( back in the day of analog TV)
although I didn’t have time to sit and watch the news but at one point I heard the news anchor say something about a mass suicide in California by a ‘cult’ named Heaven’s Gate.

I immediately stopped! and looked at the news cast, and I was SHOCKED!!
The very first thing I said to myself (Marshall wasn’t there).. I said:
OMG! I was supposed to be on that ship!!! !!

I was absolutely serious and believed that, especially so because of the dream
I had only 2 days earlier.

Do note that this was 1997. I had NO CLUE whatsoever about Heaven’s Gate before
the dream or before the news cast.
Marshall and I didn’t get our computer until 1998 and it was dial up (yuck! ).
Also the internet was in its infancy.

Although there were many news stories on Tv about Hale Bopp,
I was never a ‘comet’ watcher nor was I an astronomy buff, so I never followed
information about Hale Bopp.
The entire experience was very very bizarre especially given the fact that
in the dream, I entered through a Gate.

As far as me starting a blog, ? Hmmmm nah, I don’t think that would work.

William Wright (WW) said...

Two things:

First, the Ruby is the birthstone of July, the current month we are now in.

Second, and very interesting to me, last night I pulled up behind a truck at a stoplight. On the tailgate offset to one side was a large image of a red sun with many rays extending from it. I have been looking into some things with Glorfindel who was from the House of the Golden Flower, and the device of that House is a sun with many rays that also. It is yellow or golden in color, however.

In looking into this, it seemed another connection to the Anor Stone - the Yellow Sun, who I have Glorfindel as a courier for.

Anyway this red sun on the back of the truck was a carbon copy of this Golden Flower artwork I had seen on Tolkien Gateway, only it was red. It is a pretty unique way that the rays are presented by the artist (link below), so it was definitely striking for me to see it's red twin on the back of the truck. So much so that I took a quick picture of it so I could compare with the Golden Flower image when I had a chance.

This story ends, however, with the driver of the truck noticing that I took a picture, confronting me about it, and I ended up deleting the photo. I think maybe they thought I was taking a picture of their license plate.

As part of this whole experience, though, I had the strange thought that maybe the Sawtooth Stone is actually red in color. Then I read about your dream today involving a ruby. The fact that you compared the ruby of your dream with Herbie's seed makes me wonder even more, because I've assumed that seed, and what it does in the story, is symbolic of that Stone.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

A red sun and a yellow sun, with the latter tied to the Liahona, was a major sync theme for me a few years back. For example:

Ra1119bee said...


I just want to add one more thought about what I've personally learned about the
dream state.
I believe that the majority of our dreams ( spoken in the Universal Language
of symbolism, gematria/numerology and archetypes are messages from our soul
to help us grow individually.
We can't help others until we find balance and "know ourselves".

When we become balanced we find our purpose and what we came to earth to do.
Nightmares especially recurring nightmares
are from unfinished work that we must learn this lifetime
but we refuse to acknowledge mostly because of fear which is ego based.

If we still refuse to acknowledge the nightmares and if it is something very urgent
that we must learn or a warning that we must heed, then the soul will supersede the ego
(in our waking life) and we experience synchronicities, strange occurrences
that are not a coincidence.

Of course synchronicities also happens to us not having to do with a nightmare ,
but either or it happens because our soul is trying to get our attention.

Prophecy and Forsight dreams are Very rare.

I believe that dreams as well as synchronicity events are puzzle pieces helping us to complete the Big Picture of our existence here.
Also as you know, sometimes a synchronicity event happens to us
but is a message for someone else.

My three wolf experiences are a perfect example. First my sister had the dream in 1999
about the wolves by my side, and then the Unitarian Minister woman told me in 2003,
that I had two wolves by my side and then you told me in Oct 2021, when we
'met' that you drew the tarot card of the Black woman with a wolf instead of traditional
card of a White woman with a lion.

The messages All coming through women, which of course the female being symbolic of water which water is a conduit to the 'other side'. For me personally those 3 wolf experiences
tells me that spiritually, I'm on the right path.

Another excellent and intriguing example is a video I just found about Rudolph Steiner
and one of his many lectures about the soul. Although I've spent many hours
and years researching Steiner having ' met' him in a dream in 2003( and I shared
the dreams I've had about Steiner here on your blog) however of course there
is no way I could read everything he wrote or what has been written about him.
I'm just not that smart enough to remember all that;-(

I do the best that I can and of course my dreams
are what sparks my research. But in this video, Steiner speaks of EXACTLY
what I've come to believe about humanity's Very possible future,
and my gazillion comments to family and friends and comments on YouTube
to anyone who will listen (and I've been sharing this for a VERY long time)
regarding my belief about how Transhumanism via Artificial Intelligence
has always been our "Opponent's' final fronter to conquer our soul.

My perspective/theory about humanity's possible future has always
been my personal "Big Picture: and answers the WHYs, at least for me,
all the gazillion dreams, esoteric
and synchronicity experiences that I've had for over 50 years.

When I saw this video last week (which came up 'coincidently' on my YT feed)
I got goose bumps and cried not only because this message reassured me
that I'm not alone, but solidifies, at least for me, that our soul
(which I believe is connected to God ) transcends
time and space.

Rudolph Steiner's Prophetic Vision: The Soul, The Spirit, and

Neuralink Begins First Human Experiments

Also if you get a chance check out the 2014 movie Transcendence.
Note that this movie takes place in San Franciso.
Transcendence - "Guarding the Threat" Featurette

Ra1119bee said...


I forgot to add this old school song by Marvin Gaye
in regards to my comment about the sweetness of the fruit.

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)

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