Sunday, July 7, 2024

Lord Byron on a motorcycle

My dreams of last night ended with this brief scene: Lord Byron, dressed in the clothing of his era, with a black cape about his shoulders, was standing astride a black Yamaha crotch rocket with a long bridge ahead of him. Behind him, the late afternoon sun was shining. Before him, dark storm clouds gathered. He stood there for a few moments, gazing into the distance as if sizing up the situation. Then he started the engine, hunched forward in the seat, and sped off over the bridge and into the storm.

This afternoon, I experienced a weird sense of déjà vu when, motorcycling back home from Taichung, I came up on a long bridge and saw black clouds lowering ahead, even as the sun shone bright behind me. I had a paper bag full of books hanging from a hook in front of me and was not prepared to deal with rain, but what choice did I have? Like Byron in the dream, I went over the bridge and into the dark. The first fat drops began falling literally seconds after I arrived at my destination.

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William Wright (WW) said...

In trying to nail down some things relative to the red skies and black mountains of my own dream, I thought of Byron.

His full name is interesting: George Gordon Byron.

I started with Byron and the fact that it is a name related to working with cattle. It means "Place of the cowsheds", and was a title give to cattle workers. I thought of Jesus' words about calves being led up to the stall, or something like that.

George either means "Farmer or Earthworker"

And Gordon means "great hill" andor "fortress". I've actually covered that name in particular before relative to both Tirion-Jerusalem, and with the Numenoreans, specifically Pharazon.

In any case, with that name, you have something like:

Farmer great hill fortress place of the cowsheds

Adding a few actions in there and some imagery from your dream, you could imagine Byron riding into the storm (leaving the West and heading East) to rustle up some cattle and bring them back home.

A potential idea at least.

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