Monday, July 1, 2024

Leo, Egbert, Peter

On May 29, William Wright published a post with the title “Leon Eggbert, Pharazon, and Sun-Moon Time.” In that post he mentioned his idea of “Peter being the same Being that had played the role of Pharazon.”

Today I was cleaning out the photos folder on my phone.

At my school, students have to change into slippers before going upstairs to the classroom. At the foot of the stairs is a “shoe room” with shelves for their shoes and slippers, and each shelf is labeled with a student’s name. (They use English names when studying English.) These labels have to be updated as old students leave and new students enroll.

On June 25, I noticed that the staff had neglected to do this, that there was a shelf still labeled with the name of a student who had left some months ago. I took a photo of the offending label and sent it to the staff group, with a reminder to keep the labels up to date.

Today I was about to delete that photo when I noticed something:

Three labels are visible on the central shelf in the photo: from left to right, Leo, EgbertPeter. Keeping in mind that Pharazon and Peter are considered by William to be the same person, these are the same three names, in the same order, as in the title of his post.

I had no role in this. I didn’t give any of these students his English name, and my staff applied the labels and decided which shelf to give to which student.

Quite a coincidence, I thought, especially considering what an unusual name Egbert is.


William Wright (WW) said...

I wonder if the fact that these labels are on shelves that the students use to change their "shoon" before going upstairs is meaningful?

Slippers comes from the term slip-shoe. To slip can mean both to 'escape, or move softly and quickly', but also 'to glide or slide'. In this definition, it is somewhat of a synonym for 'skate', which also means to glide (as well as to escape, or get away with something), over ice with ice-skates, or along the ground with roller-skates.

Wearing new shoes that slip or glide in order to be able to go somewhere has come up before:

Leo said...

Well as far as syncs go, that one is pretty hard to ignore despite my many misgivings about them. I mean geez.....

It almost looks like a family tree like you'd find in the back of a Tolkien book. Seeing Jessie at the top makes me wonder if Peter is either the "rod out of the stem of Jesse" or the "root of Jesse" that Nephi talks about. I can't tell who is at the bottom right. Sarah?

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