Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Did my codewords warp reality?

So now there's someone named Peck who wants to inject birds to prevent a "birdemic." A bit of inadvertent meme magic?

Thanks to William Wildblood for bringing this to my attention.


Mr. Andrew said...

Ah, follower of the Messiah Peck? Yes, seems perhaps appropriate.

Can the Peck also be a Hill?

“There is thunder in our hearts” “Tell me how it feels”

Yes, unfortunately the Peck does that. :-D

Christopher Berc Yeniver said...

James, greetings. :)

I can not find any email I could contact you from, so I want to ask here if you would share your Hellenistic zodiac. You must have some fascinating Mercury aspects. Your memory is astounding. AstroDienst has easily accessible programs on their website by placing your time, date, and place of birth.

Bless Us

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