Friday, March 24, 2023

Assorted syncs: Going to the Moon and the Sun, Tori Amos's "Winter," inverted crosses, moonwalks

In my March 20 post "Further green motorcycle syncs," I quoted the Jonathan King song "Everyone's Gone to the Moon." Besides the title line, which is repeated several times, the lyrics also include the line, "Everyone went to the Sun."

In the comments on yesterday's post "Aladdin's three elder brothers," I was reminded of a particular scene from Ali G Indahouse (a crap movie, by the way; the original Ali G TV interviews are orders of magnitude funnier than any of SBC's movies) but had trouble finding a clip of it on the Internet. In the course of my search, I ended up watching a bunch of old Ali G clips on YouTube, including this interview with Buzz Aldrin.

After asking a few questions about Aldrin's experience on the Moon, Ali asks, "Do you think man will ever walk on the Sun?"

BA: No. The Sun is too hot. It is not a good place to go to.

AG: What happens if they went in winter, when the Sun is cold?

BA: The Sun is not cold in the winter.

A couple of days ago (March 22), I received an email asking my opinion of Miles Mathis. I hadn't read any of Mathis's stuff for quite some time, so today I checked his updates page and found an article on Tori Amos -- not very new, but new to me (posted on Christmas 2022 according to the updates page, Christmas 2020 according to the document itself). It got my attention because, after 20-some years of not thinking about Tori Amos at all, I had recently mentioned her in my February 12 post "Winter, flowers, and the grail." The Mathis article -- not actually by Mathis himself but by someone called Coyote -- is 39 pages of the usual mind-numbing everyone's-secretly-a-j00 stuff (there's my opinion of Mathis for you), but I scrolled through it a bit, and this caught my eye. The green highlighting is in the original; the red underlining is mine.

He mentions an inverted cross and singles out "Winter" as one Tori Amos song he actually likes. In my post, I had written that Amos was a singer "whose persona and most of whose music I've come to find actively repellent. . . . 'Winter' is good, though." I then went on to note the similarity between part of the "Winter" music video and the logo for Charles III's coronation, pointing out "the inverted crosses hidden in the shamrocks" in the latter.

Just after that, I was preparing a glossary for some of my students, and one of the words I needed a Chinese translation for was spacewalk. For technical terms like that, I generally use Wikipedia rather than a dictionary -- but spacewalk redirects to a page that is about both spacewalks and moonwalks:

In the Buzz Aldrin interview, Ali G asks, "Is you upset that Michael Jackson got all the credit for inventing the moonwalk, but you was the first geezer that ever, to actually do it?"


ben said...

'buzz aldrin' is 133 in SEG

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Ha! Another Green Lantern.

According to Gematrix, here are some other 133s:

Nancy Pelosi
Julian Assange
Sandra Bullock
Bruce Willis
Haile Sellasie I
Kate Middleton
Keith Richards
Peter Parker
Childish Gambino
Danny DeVito
Gene Simmons
Sean Connery
Chuck Schumer
Sonny Bono

Ra1119bee said...


A Buzzing Bee perhaps??

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Я живу и не тужу, потому что я жужжу!

Ra1119bee said...


Yes, doesn't the Bee need the SUN to Buzz.?

The part in the lyrics of King's Everyone's Gone to the Moon, which also
references: Everyone's gone to the Sun, I believe is symbolic of Sun Worship
in Humanity's cycle of Sun Worship particularly in the Age of Pisces.

In Astronomy, the Ages progress backwards, much like a Moonwalk?
Age of Pisces, back to the future.... to the Age of Aquarius.

Maybe in the Age of Aquarius, the Matriarch rules?, which would perhaps explain,
why I believe that Obama (believed by some to be Gay) is going to usher in The New Atlantis, a Triumvirate Governance.

Interestingly I found this original video of Jonathan King's performance.
of Eveyone's Gone to the Moon. (Link below)

Note the Egg symbolism behind King, and lo and behold, the Eight Point Star of Ishtar
on the floor where King' is sitting.

Pay attention to the ending of the video when King' "bows down?" to the Eight Point
Tribute to the Octagon ya think?
Ishtar Eggs tribute ?

Of course we all know that eggs are symbolic of fertility, creation, spring ,
renewal and of course the Female.

How interesting that the traditional name of a full moon in April is called the Pink Moon, EGG Moon, Fish Moon and the Sprouting Grass Moon.

Also how interesting that in the Chinese astrology we are in the year of the Rabbit.

Everything is Connected, no?

P.S. If you're familiar with Tavistock, check out Jimmy Savile in this video. Savile
is the white haired man on the left of the screen at the beginning of the video.

Jonathan King Everyone's Gone To The Moon

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, you’re right, that is Jimmy Savile!

Watching King himself in the video, I thought there was something creepy about his physiognomy, too. Looking him up, I see that he, too, is apparently an unrepentant serial child rapist. Birds of a feather . . .

Ra1119bee said...


Birds of a Feather indeed.

They All are the same guy which was the point
I was making with my listing a few names of the so called 'secret societies"
in one of your recent posts about Skull and Bones.

Yelp, all the same bird and fly for ( work for and serve ) the same king.

Ra1119bee said...


I just wanted to add this one more thought, especially where it concerns
the song : Everyone's Gone to the Moon.

Predictive Programming was/is a PSYOP of Tavistock and the Franklin School which of course
both were/are NOT the only players in this game.

As you well know, our Opponents hands and arms (much like the OCTopus they are ) are far reaching and they leave "Ishtar Eggs" throughout their evil work and have for a VERY VERY LONG TIME, which is why I believe that the lyrics to Everyone's Gone to the Moon, so eerily mirrors, IMH, what is happening on the World Stage Today.

I don't think it is a coincidence, as I believe it's Predictive Programming for the Collective.


Streets full of people
All alone
Roads full of houses
Never home
Church full of singing
Out of tune
Everyone's gone to the moon

Eyes full of sorrow
Never wet
""""Hands full of money
All in debt""""
Sun coming out in
The middle of June
Everyone's gone to the moon

Both Yellen and Powell referring to the recent Banking chaos have both used the code word SOUND to explain to the American public that everything is A-OK, which it isn't.
The word SOUND in Full Reduction Gematria is 19 as is the word CHAOS.

Check out Herbert Hoover's Oct 25 1929 Black Thursday Speech ( link below )
where he too speaks the word SOUND.

Our Opponents love hiding Ishtar Eggs.

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