Monday, March 13, 2023

Sync: Near the day of purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky

Last night I watched the latest video from LXXXVIII finis temporis, about the 1968 movie What's So Bad About Feeling Good and how it foreshadowed the birdemic. There are some pretty striking links there, and I highly recommend the video:

In the movie, the mayor of New York considers force-pecking all the citizens but thinks the people won't go for it, so they instead decide to treat everyone secretly by mixing an inhalable cure into all the gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel and releasing it into the atmosphere as air pollution.

Near the end, there's a shot of an airliner with clouds of exhaust coming out of it, with the implication that this is one of the ways the cure is being spread. This led one commenter to write "They put 'The Cure' in the chemtrails."

The commenter's handle is Batman. See my last post, "Are you not entertained?"

This morning, I started reading the H. G. Wells story "The Valley of Spiders," which I haven't finished yet. So far, we have three hombres riding through a valley when they see this:

And then he saw first one and then a second great white ball, a great shining white ball like a gigantic head of thistledown, that drove before the wind athwart the path. These balls soared high in the air, and dropped and rose again and caught for a moment, and hurried on and passed, but at the sight of them the restlessness of the horses increased.

Then presently he saw that more of these drifting globes -- and then soon very many more -- were hurrying towards him down the valley.

They became aware of a squealing. Athwart the path a huge boar rushed, turning his head but for one instant to glance at them, and then hurling on down the valley again. And at that all three stopped and sat in their saddles, staring into the thickening haze that was coming upon them.

"If it were not for this thistle-down --" began the leader.

But now a big globe came drifting past within a score of yards of them. It was really not an even sphere at all, but a vast, soft, ragged, filmy thing, a sheet gathered by the corners, an aerial jelly-fish, as it were, but rolling over and over as it advanced, and trailing long cobwebby threads and streamers that floated in its wake.

"It isn't thistle-down," said the little man.

Going from the title of the story, I'm going to assume that these objects have "long cobwebby threads" because they are cobwebs -- cobwebs flying through the air.

This evening, I glanced at /x/, and one of the threads caught my attention because it had a picture of the Maid of Orléans and said "Say something nice about Joan of Arc, /x/." I clicked in spite of myself. The first few comments were about the level I was expecting -- "she cute" -- "most based woman ever" -- so I was going to close the tab, but then this caught my eye:

Why was this posted in a thread about Joan of Arc? I don't know, probably the same reason Gay Pride Batman saying "Are you not entertained?" was posted in a thread about Yahweh. However it got there, it's a reference to chemtrails as cobwebs in the sky.

The LXXXVIII finis temporis video focuses mainly on the birdemic, but it also points out several 9/11 references in What's So Bad About Feeling Good. September 11, 2001, was just two weeks before Yom Kippur, making it "near the day of purification."

I wrote this in a comment on my own "Are you not entertained?" post -- the one featuring Gay Pride Batman:

Russell Crowe is etymologically “red crow,” not too conceptually dissimilar to a rainbow bat. Ted Hughes called the crow “a black rainbow.” Crowe has played Noah, a link to the dark arc/ark.

"A link to the dark arc/ark" is obviously also a link to Jeanne d'Arc. Joan was also the creator of the first rainbow flag.


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Note that it’s a literal “birdemic” in the 1968 movie, spread to humans by a toucan.

Ra1119bee said...


A spider has Eight legs.
If you recall my comment about Princess Charlotte you'll remember
that I connected Queens Elizabeth's death and Charlotte's Web.

Februa (February ) started the purification on Feb 3-5 which includes Water cleansing/purification.

1. The Murdaugh trial ( the name Murdaugh is Scottish, meaning Person of the SEA )
Also Alex Murdaugh, and his 2 sons (suns? ) were RED HEADS. Perhaps being symbolic
of the RED HEIFER?
Also the prosecutor in the case last name was Water. The spiraling of the Murdaugh dynasty
starts with a boating tragedy in 2019 that kills a young woman whose last name is Beach.
The Murdaugh's lived in South Carolina's low country which is on the 33 degree lat and 77 Meridian West (long )

2.The 4 White Balloons (which 2 were shot down over WATER ) on the 33degree and the 77th Meridian West.
3. The Ohio Train Derailment ( which will pollute the ground water and I predict
will be used as a justification for halting or delaying the upcoming planting season.
4. The release of M. Night Shyamalan' apocalyptic movie which "coincidently" is about 4 Horsemen and the first Horseman's sacrifice ( whose name is Redman and has Red Hair ) having to do with a tsunami.

The Water symbolism continues on into March with the historic snow and flooding in Cali which again I predict will be used as justification to delay or halt the planting season in Cali, effecting both west coast and east coast farmers.

And last but not least, the BANKING Crisis which is just the tip of the iceberg. What does Banking have to do with WATER you say ?
Ever hear of a River Bank?

Plus when Pluto Returns back to Capricorn ( which it has been in
since 2008, but for the next 2 months will be under a Pluto in Aquarius transit) but after
June until Nov 19 2024 when Pluto returns to Capricorn, I think is when the Black Swans will be let loose which will unleash the crash of the Stock Market, which simultaneously the Petro Dollar will crash ( which will usher in CBDC and close all existing Brick and Mortar Bank branches. Of course all other retail Brick and mortar will close "temporarily" including Grocery stores.

And last but not least, I predict Obama was suddenly appear , once again to 'temporarily ' usher in a Triumvirate Governance in the New Atlantis, we know now as America.

I also won't be surprise if the 2nd Black Swan will be an incident so as to usher in The Third Temple ( which once again has both a water connection and Red connection.Red Heifer.)

Interesting your clip of the 1968 movie: What's so Bad about Feeling Good', features
the Navy and the New York Harbor. (recall my many comments about the Eight Point Star/STEERING Wheel and Maritime Law )

Also in the clip is the Green Lady Liberty (the Green Door/way perhaps) holding a Green torch (Lantern )

I believe that Everything that is on the World Stage now was planned centuries ago for this time in History especially for America.
Our Opponents, being Alchemists, Occultists, Mathematicians, Astrologers and Astronomers , Navigators of both SEAS (Above and Below ), knew of the Shifting of Ages because it's all happened before.

The Industrial (IRON) Age to the Silicon ( Information/Data ) Age
aka The Fourth Industrial Revolution, aka The Great Reset, and metaphysically,
from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.
America especially which will be the Phoenix that Rises out of the Ashes.

We live in VERY INTERESTING TIMES, indeed.

All IMHO, of course.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

YouTube has taken the video down, but you can still watch it on Odysee:

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