Friday, March 17, 2023

You can set your watch by the green motorcycle

I dreamed that I was on a city sidewalk with a group of professional-looking people who were discussing something important. In the middle of the discussion, I noticed the time -- in a few seconds it would be 2:00 p.m. -- and interrupted:

"Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, but it's nearly two, and the green motorcycle is due to pass by. I believe you should be able to see it over in that direction."

But no one showed the slightest interest in what I was saying or inclination to look in the direction in which I was pointing. They just looked annoyed at the interruption. A few seconds later, the green motorcycle did in fact pass by, exactly when and where I had predicted. None of them was looking, and I didn't get a very good look at it, either, because some of them were standing in the way, blocking my view.

"Oh, you just missed it," I said, "and the chance only comes once a week -- Tuesday morning at five o'clock, Liverpool time. Also, it's a little known fact that if you play Sergeant Pepper on repeat all week, you'll find that the green motorcycle always comes by right when they're singing about it."

One of the group took me aside and said in a low voice, "Look, no one cares about this, and no one is impressed. Why even bring it up?"

My understanding in the dream was that wherever you were in the world, if you kept your eyes open at 5:00 Tuesday morning, Liverpool time, you would see a green motorcycle go by, timed to sync with the Beatles singing about it on Sergeant Pepper. Only there are no motorcycles, green or otherwise, in any of the Beatles' lyrics. And the time mentioned on Sergeant Pepper is "Wednesday morning at five o'clock." And two p.m. in Taiwan is six a.m. in Liverpool.

Here in Taiwan, green motorcycles are closely associated with the postal service. Not sure if that means anything.

The emphasis on the time five o'clock also makes me think of this record, with its hourglass and ampersand.


Ra1119bee said...

This will be in several parts.
Part 1
I had an intriguing dream several years ago about a motorcycle.
I think you may find it interesting .

This dream oddly enough was also about the Moon and I have had several dreams
throughout my life about something wrong happening with the Moon.
If you recall I shared my 2014 Moon River dream with you on this blog.

The oddness is that not only is this White Bouncing Moon dream which I believe connects
with the recent 4 White Balloons , 2 of which were shot down over WATER. but I believe it all connects to a purification ritual, which I shared with you my perspective about this on one of your recent posts.

Also and the reason I'm sharing this with you of course is that the White Bouncing dream has a motorcycle connection, which I believe connects with the number 19, and the completion of a cycle.

First let's start with the dream ( also interesting note I had the dream on Jan 19! )

White Bouncing Moon
I had an interesting dream today… the dream is as follows…

I don’t recall the beginning of this dream but at one point I recall I was in a house. It wasn’t the log house but it was a house that was out in the country, and there was a lot of acreage.
I felt as if the house was in a large valley type of area. It was in the summer because there were green plush leaves on the trees and the grass was green.

At one point several White men walked into the house. I felt that they had been outside working . The walked straight past me ( I was standing in the living room ) and they went into the kitchen.

I felt that the telephone was in the kitchen and they were going to call someone. They didn’t seem frightened, but I could feel that something wasn’t right. I then looked outside the window to see what was going on and I could see the moon bouncing (like a ball) in the sky.

It was daytime outside and of course it was odd to see the moon. I then went outside and walked aways from the house. For some reason at this point I felt that my mother was with me. I recall looking up in the sky and the moon was still bouncing back and forth.
I then said to my mother : This is not good…

For some reason we had a map and someone had drawn diagrams of where the areas were that was being affected by the bouncing moon (which was all coastal areas). My mother and I then saw a helicopter and again I said : This is not good.

At one point we could see a motorcycle with a young White man and his girlfriend. What was bizarre is that the motorcycle came down from the sky!! It landed in the field where my mother and I were standing.

The couple got off the cycle and began walking towards the house. I asked where they were going and he said . I’m going to bed. ( I felt that they were tired and had been traveling a long while ). I said, Not here you’re not.

They continued walking towards the house and the man said : Who is going to stop me?
I replied: My husband who is in the house with a shot gun.
Although I didn’t think that I had a husband, at least he wasn’t in the house…

I woke up

Ra1119bee said...


Part 2

When I had the White Bouncing Moon dream in 2017 , my research took many twists and turns and interestingly enough after your motorcycle post I revisited this dream and did a bit more research which I am sharing with you now because the research I just found about the Number 19, I think has a huge connection with not only me personally but
Global Events that are on the World Stage, which I have also shared my perspective about as well regarding the Shifting of Ages.

A very important key I believe is the motorcycle. A motorcycle is a motorized Bicycle.
Of course, the motor giving more power to the movement,
(As opposed to a person pedaling the bike)

From Etymology:
motor (n.)
"one who or that which imparts motion," mid-15c., "controller, prime mover (in reference to God);" from Late Latin motor, literally "mover," agent noun from past-participle stem of Latin movere "to move


Also, a Bi- Cycle means 2 (Bi ) Cycles, which and IMO, connects with my belief about the Shifting of Ages.
I believe that we (Humanity) are shifting into another CYCLE and interestingly enough a blog I just found about the number 19, I think validates my perspective about this as well.

I believe the 'couple (symbolic of 2) is also significant.
The main significance of course was the White Bouncing Moon and the recent 4 White Balloons.
2 shot down by the military over WATER.

This information about the number 19 (link below) is very intriguing and has a Biblical connection.
This information which I just found this blog today, validates for me personally about my personal connection (and I would say obsession) with the number 19 and again, I've shared my perspective about this before on your Blog.

My personal connection is: I believe (after a gazillion hours of research) that my Soul's.
journey around the wheel has come to a completion, which Pisces is the 12 month of the calendar and the Zodiac.

I believe (which I've shared with you before) that my present incarnation (and I think final) has been one of paying back a Karmic 19 debt for abuse of the Sacred Science Knowledge in particularly the Siddhi.
What goes around, comes around(and as it should be IMHO)
My birthdate is Feb 19.

Here's the Copy and paste;

"So the common numeric theme of bringing the two houses together, whether it is Judah and Ephraim or Judah and Joseph, is 19. The two houses coming together would indicate**** completion or consummation of time.*****

All we have for headlines right now is covid-19. I wondered what the number 19 means as seen in the Bible. Does it stand for completion or consummation of time or is it something else?"

This is Bible verse 19. The fourth day was completed. A consummation of time.


Ra1119bee said...


I just found this because of your posting of the Vouges Five O'clock World.
On the photo of the album is the song; Everyone's Gone to the Moon.

I did NOT notice this when I wrote and sent my two comments.

However as I was reading ( to Marshall) my response to your post, lo and behold.
the wording of the song on the record label caught my attention and I thought: Oh MY!, what's the odds!!!???

I recall listening to the original song sung by Johnatan King on my transistor radio
in 1965. I really liked that song back in the day, although I was only 10 years old, my mother was young and listened to music all the time as did my sister and I.

Imagine my surprise when I researched the lyrics and OMG!
Check out the reference to MOTOR CAR, Painted GREEN.
Although a car is not a motorcycle but do in keep in mind they both are vehicles.

Also the reference to JUNE, which Pluto's Aquarius transit ends (Pluto is in Capricorn since 2008 and goes out of Capricorn in Nov 2024, but on March 23 of this year , Pluto's
will transit in Aquarius for 3 months ( June ) and then back into Capricorn.
(see link below )

Also you wrote : "Here in Taiwan, green motorcycles are closely associated with the postal service. Not sure if that means anything"

My response: The Postal Service delivers communication.
They are the ' messengers'.

Everyone's Gone to the Moon

Streets full of people
All alone
Roads full of houses
Never home
Church full of singing
Out of tune
Everyone's gone to the moon

Eyes full of sorrow
Never wet
Hands full of money
All in debt
Sun coming out in
The middle of June
Everyone's gone to the moon

Long time ago
Life has begun
Everyone went to the sun
Cars full of motors
Painted green
Mouths full of chocolate
Covered cream
Arms that can only
Lift a spoon
Everyone's gone to the moon

Everyone's gone to the moon
Everyone's gone to the moon

Everyone's Gone To The Moon - Jonathan King

Ra1119bee said...


Sorry for the two typos, should be : Vogues and Jonathan:-((

Ra1119bee said...


I also forgot to mention this regarding your comment about the Beatles' song
on Sgt.Pepper ( my sister and I were HUGE BEATLE FANS !!! back in the day )
We wore all of our Beatles albums out, especially Sgt Pepper and the White album.

Do note that a pepper is also a piper.

copy and paste from Wiki
The name Piperaceae is likely to be derived from the Sanskrit term pippali, Sanskrit: पिप्पली, which was used to describe long peppers (like those of Piper longum).

The mythological Pan (having hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, Baphomet?) was also a Piper, having the ability to play the pan flute, which is a WIND instrument.
Peter Pan was a Piper.

Anyho, and speaking of Motors, do recall this part of the lyrics in She's Leaving Home.

Friday morning at nine o’clock, she is far away.
Waiting to keep the appointment she made,
***Meeting a man from the motor trade ****

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