Monday, March 20, 2023

Further green motorcycle syncs

In my St. Patrick's Day post "You can set your watch by the green motorcycle," I relate a dream in which "wherever you were in the world, if you kept your eyes open at 5:00 Tuesday morning, Liverpool time, you would see a green motorcycle go by, timed to sync with the Beatles singing about it on Sergeant Pepper." Because of the 5:00 connection, I included a picture of this Vogues record:

Debbie left several comments. First, she related a dream of her own, from 2017, which was primarily about the Moon but also prominently featured both the color green and a mysterious motorcycle. I quote only a few relevant excerpts:

I felt as if the house was in a large valley type of area. It was in the summer because there were green plush leaves on the trees and the grass was green. . . . I could feel that something wasn’t right. I then looked outside the window to see what was going on and I could see the moon bouncing (like a ball) in the sky. . . . At one point we could see a motorcycle with a young White man and his girlfriend. What was bizarre is that the motorcycle came down from the sky!! It landed in the field where my mother and I were standing.

In a follow-up comment, she noticed that the Five O'Clock World record features the Jonathan King song "Everyone's Gone to the Moon."

Imagine my surprise when I researched the lyrics and OMG! Check out the reference to MOTOR CAR, Painted GREEN. Although a car is not a motorcycle but do in keep in mind they both are vehicles.

Here are the lyrics to the relevant verse:

Long time ago
Life has begun
Everyone went to the sun
Cars full of motors
Painted green
Mouths full of chocolate
Covered cream
Arms that can only
Lift a spoon
Everyone's gone to the moon

Though the song uses the odd expression "cars full of motors painted green," Debbie refers to it as "MOTOR CAR, Painted GREEN," noting that this is not quite the same as a motorcycle. Here in Taiwan, though, motorcycles are quite literally called motor cars. The usual word for motorcycle is 摩托車, pronounced mótuōchē; chē is the Chinese for "car," and mótuō is a transliteration of the English motor. Sometimes mótuō is used by itself to mean "motorcycle," since the word motor itself is now more usually rendered 馬達 (mǎdá). Another word used for "motorcycle" in Taiwan is 機車 (jīchē), which is also used as a euphemism for the Taiwanese equivalent of the c-word. Calling someone a "motorcycle" is roughly equivalent to calling him a jackass. Years ago, when Motorola was using the slogan "Hello Moto" to advertise their cell phones, the Taiwanese found it amusing.

My green motorcycle dream associated "Tuesday morning at five o'clock, Liverpool time" with the Sergeant Pepper album -- apparently a garbled reference to the song "She's Leaving Home," which begins "Wednesday morning at five o'clock, as the day begins." Debbie notes that another line from that song is relevant to the "motor" theme:

Friday morning at nine o’clock, she is far away.
Waiting to keep the appointment she made,
Meeting a man from the motor trade

Just after reading Debbie's comments, I checked The Secret Sun and found a new meme post, "Meme Work Makes the Dream Work." One of the memes there features a motor car painted green:

Apparently, Green Lantern sometimes rides a green motorcycle, too:

And there's also this:

Notice the 101 (Green Lantern symbol) hidden in the word HOLY.

On the theme of dreams and green cars, probably about 30 years ago I had a dream about a man who called himself Elder Case the Fallen Angel and drove a bright green sports car that was always described as being "tiger beetle green." The dream stuck in my memory because I used to think of it every time I saw a six-spotted tiger.

Note added: Running an image search for green motorcycle movie turned up a familiar film.

Matrix lighting sometimes makes everything look greenish, but in this case it really is a green motorcycle.

Here is the scene. Note that it includes the death of the white dreadlocked twins (recently featured in my post "Fever dreams and syncs"), and also shows a driver's shocked reaction when the green Ducati motorcycle seems to come down from the sky, as in Debbie's dream.


Ra1119bee said...



I'm speechless.

Do note however the significance of the MOON and the number 19., and the 2 cycles which reference to the 2 cycles ( Bi-Cycle ) is also in the lyrics of the song Everyone's Gone
to the Moon :

"Long time ago
Life has begun
Everyone went to the sun"

My interpretation of this wording in the lyrics is this:
the 1st cycle of Earth being of Sun Worship, as the wording reads "Long time ago, Life
has begun".
and the song's indirect reference (IMO ) of the 2nd cycle being of the Moon/Luna worship.

As I shared in my original comment, I had just posted a comment about the White Bouncing Moon dream ( which had reference to a motorcycle ). I didn't note at first the listing of the song Everyone's Gone to the Moon, which when I did notice it, I was shocked, as I thought : What's the Odds??!

It was the photo of the Vogues LP which caught my eye and led me to revisit King's song and the lyrics which I haven't heard that song in many many many years.I do recall that although
I loved the song back in the day, it always made me feel a bit dismal, not sad exactly, but reflective I would say, and yes even to a 10 year old.
Twilight Zone is another example as it too was a very thought-provoking TV show and my sister and I absolutely LOVED the Twilight Zone and I still do to this day.

When I read the lyrics to the song, which I absolutely didn't know before, I was once again shocked because of how closely it mirrors, and IMO, of what's happening on the World Stage today especially in the West and especially at this time in history ( the Shifting of Ages ) which I believe is the SECOND Cycle.

Doesn't this passage in the lyrics sound familiar? Especially in the West.

Streets full of people
All alone
Roads full of houses
Never home
Church full of singing
Out of tune
Everyone's gone to the moon

Eyes full of sorrow
Never wet
Hands full of money
All in debt

Church full of singing,
Out of Tune
Hands full of money, all in DEBT.

I believe that synchronicity is our Souls' way of telling us
Everything is Connected....

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Only after posting this, with a reference to Motorola, did I notice that the second track on the Five O'clock World record is credited to Marascaico and Motola.

Another track on the record is "A Thousand Miles Away," which includes these lines:

It may be on a Sunday morning
It may be on a Tuesday afternoon
But no matter what the day is
I'm going to make it my business to get home soon

"Tuesday morning at five o'clock, Liverpool time" would be 1:00 Tuesday afternoon where I live.

"Sunday and Me" was performed by Jay an the Americans. Jay and the Americans also recorded "A Thousand Miles Away" for their album Sands of Time, which features a big figure-eight on the cover.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, see the note added to the original post, with a video clip of a green motorcycle coming down from the sky in The Matrix Reloaded.

Ra1119bee said...


I just saw your updates!!!
WOW!!! Wow!!

Excellent catch!!

The sync Faries be busy on this one...

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