Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Following the white rabbit

In a comment on "Knock, knock, Neo," ben drew my attention to the fact that rabbit and door have the same S:E:G: value, namely 52. I then noticed that heart also has this same value. (ben had posted an image of a rabbit with a heart for ears.) Another common English word with an S:E:G: value of 52 is hello.

I live in Taiwan, where the Year of the Rabbit has just begun, and so lots and lots of things I see every day are decorated with rabbits, many of them white. Right now, seeing a white rabbit doesn't even register as a "coincidence"; it's like seeing a reindeer in December. So the sync fairies have to communicate indirectly, through gematria.

Today, I stopped at a traffic light, and the motorcyclist in front of me was wearing a black helmet with a white heart and the word hello, also in white, printed on the back. One of these would have been beneath my notice; two together definitely constitutes a white rabbit sync.

Hearts are typically red, not white. The white heart, combined with the recent syncs related to St. Valentine's Day, reminded me that in Taiwan, under Japanese influence I believe, March 14 is observed as "White Valentine's Day." Women give gifts to men on Valentine's Day, and men give gifts to women on White Valentine's Day, a month later -- or maybe it's the other way around; I can never remember.

In my "Knock, knock, Neo" post, I embedded a YouTube video of the relevant scene from The Matrix. If you click through to the YouTube page, you'll see that the video was posted by a user called TheMatrixFan314 -- 3/14, White Valentine's Day.

St. Valentine's Day entered the sync stream when I read a story called "Bad Cat" and noted that BAD = 214 = St. Valentines Day. (I made the connection because of my sister's name, Kat Valentine.) I was thinking of the date 2/14, of course -- but it also happens to be true that the S:E:G: value of Saint Valentine's Day is 214.

White Valentine's Day -- the day before March 15 -- must be the date when Brutus, in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, says, "Is not tomorrow, boy, the Ides of March?" Brutus = Ides of March = 101. Is not tomorrow = 214.

The whole exchange is this:

Get you to bed again; it is not day.
Is not tomorrow, boy, the Ides of March?

I know not, sir.

Look in the calendar, and bring me word.

I will, sir.

Look in the calendar, and bring me word = 314.

How did I know that? I don't know, I just have these gematria hunches. At first I misremembered the line as "Look you in the calendar, and bring me word" (a strange mistake to make, since it doesn't scan) and was disappointed to find that the S:E:G: value was too high. Then I thought to delete you, and it came out perfectly. Then I looked up the line and found that you was never there in the first place!


Ra1119bee said...


You wrote: Look in the calendar, and bring me word = 314.

my response;
As I'm sure you know, 314 is PI ( Golden Ratio ).

I had a very interesting dream about 314 many years ago and did research on that number,
which the information I found was something that I did not know Before the dream.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Yes, 3/14 is Pi Day. (But pi and the golden ratio are two different numbers.)

Interestingly, Green Lantern’s sidekick is an Eskimo called Pie.

Ra1119bee said...

Ok, my bad about the Golden Ratio.
I do recall researching the Golden Ratio as far as information concerning
the Spiral and the spiral's connection to the Spiral of Hair , especially
coiled hair which is prevalent in a lot of Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

I understand that this Golden Ratio information is really not on topic to this post,
and/or the number 314,
so please accept my apology.

WanderingGondola said...

Q followers talk about "following the white rabbit" at times, but contrary to MSM claims, rabbit only appears in Q's posts thrice, all after Jan 2018. On the other hand, pre-2018, white regularly came up as part of "Snow White", referring to the CIA's seven supercomputers named after the seven dwarves. "Alice & Wonderland" also featured heavily early on, cryptically pointing at Hillary Clinton and Saudi Arabia. There's more I could say on this, but will leave it for email.

Beyond Q, Matrix did bring about the whole red/blue/foo-pill idea. Wiki says the red pill has been compared to LSD, another hallucinogen (as mentioned in your previous post).

Mmmm, pie.

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