Sunday, March 12, 2023

Are you not entertained?

Checked The Secret Sun. The most recent meme post, "Life Ain't All Peaches and Meme," leads off with this image:

Then I checked /x/. One of the thumbnails caught my eye because it was a YouTube video I had watched recently (March 8), "Who is Yahweh - How a Warrior-Storm God became the God of the Israelites and World Monotheism." Nothing new for those familiar with the current scholarly consensus on such things. YouTube randomly recommended it, and I watched it because I currently have a post on the back burner about my own thoughts on the "Who is Yahweh?" question, and I also have an email correspondent who keeps sending me his own developing thoughts on the same question. The thread was titled "What do we do with the fact that YHWH was originally a warrior-storm god?" but, 4chan being 4chan, one of the early replies in the thread was this image:

These are of course references to a Russell Crowe movie that came out 23 years ago. Not exactly topical stuff.

The expression "ain't all peaches and cream," synchronistically juxtaposed with questions about the identity of a Being worshiped as God, reminds me of the H. G. Wells story I recently read, "Jimmy Goggles the God." The main character, telling the story of how some primitive tribesmen mistook him for a god (because he was wearing a diving costume, the titular "Jimmy Goggles"), says, "It ain't all jam being a god" -- presumably meaning something similar to "it ain't all peaches and cream."


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Russell Crowe is etymologically “red crow,” not too conceptually dissimilar to a rainbow bat. Ted Hughes called the crow “a black rainbow.” Crowe has played Noah, a link to the dark arc/ark.

Hayseed said...

I strongly suspected you were a fan of the Sun. Knowles gets a little too far out in his speculations sometimes, such as in his latest post wherein he claims that the Knights Templar were secret Mithras worshippers instead of rather orthodox, devout Christians, but it's a joy to read his stuff.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Looking back at that /x/ thread, the post with the Batman "Are you not entertained?" picture says that "God's name is an unspeakable mathematical formula." Another anon replies, saying, "So what, like Pi?"

No Longer Reading said...

Pi day is also Albert Einstein's birthday.

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