Saturday, March 11, 2023

Should sync posts be relegated to a separate blog?

Synchronicity posts have dominated this blog for the past few months. In the past, when that has happened with other "niche" topics -- ambigrams, dream precognition, Tarot, the Fourth Gospel, Whitley Strieber -- I've spun them off into separate dedicated blogs, most of which are now only sporadically active, as these various interests ebb and flow. I'm considering doing the same thing for sync but want to solicit reader feedback before making the decision.

Things I'm taking into consideration:
  • I think I do have some readers who are mostly here for the syncs, and others who aren't interested in them at all. This was also true when I was doing ambigrams but really hasn't been for most of the other specialized topics; the readers of The Magician's Table and Fourth Gospel First seem to just be a subset of my readers here.
  • Post titles rarely make it obvious whether it's a sync-post or a content-post, which probably leads to a few annoying bait-and-switch type experiences for readers.
  • I suspect the Christian-oriented aggregators that feature this blog (New World Island and Synlogos) would like to be able to aggregate content posts only, without zillions of sync notes cluttering up their front pages.
  • Tags work differently for sync and non-sync posts, so it would be nice to have two separate systems. It's not helpful when a given tag serves up a mixed multitude of posts about that topic and posts that just feature it as a sync theme.
On the other hand:
  • Having everything on one blog is convenient for readers who want to follow it all.
  • I've tries dedicated sync blogs twice before, but they both fizzled out. Of course, the volume and frequency of syncs in those days was a few orders of magnitude lower than what I experience nowadays.
  • The whole point of sync is that everything is connected, so compartmentalizing it would be weird.
Readers, if you have anything to say about this one way or the other, speak now or forever hold your peace.


John Goes said...

I think you should do what makes the most sense to you, of course. But, since you asked, I am one of your readers who tend to merely skim the sync posts. To the extent that your syncs impact your *thinking*, I am very interested. I sometimes scroll through your sync posts to see if any sync changes the way you think about the world. When you are simply recording the sync train, I personally tend to lose interest, unless it intersects with my own syncs, which are less numerous.

So for me it would make your blog easier to read if you separated out the sync posts and referenced them when it made sense. But ultimately whatever makes the blog(s) more engaging for your is probably best, I’d think.

Bruce Charlton said...

My view is the same as John Goes's - I am not interested in the pure synchs, but only when there is a conclusion drawn.

But I know from experience that it can be demotivating to be too rigid about blogging and categorization.

How about labelling the 'pure synch' posts in the post title - either with some standard reference synchronicity at the beginning, or at the end, of the title?

Ra1119bee said...


I agree with you.
Everything is Connected.

And I also agree with Bruce about conclusion's must be drawn, as I've commented before.

I believe that syncs are puzzle pieces from the Soul, which always need resolved, so
that we can see the WHY i.e. The Big Picture.
All endings are beginnings.

If left unresolved, all those puzzle pieces scattered here and there and everywhere without
any rhyme or reason, becomes chaotic.

I personally believe that you have been given many puzzle pieces for a reason.
Connect them.

All IMHO, of course.

David Earle said...

I can usually tell it is a sync post from the title and excerpt alone.

I haven't found them cluttering. I find them interesting and impressive, and am usually curious enough to skim through and check out the comments, although as you can imagine they don't translate well to audio :)

For the purpose of New World Island, I could have posts that are tagged with a sync-label not show up there, if you'd prefer. I want to feature your blogs in the best light possible, so whatever you think is best as far as the contents of NWI, I am all ears.

Craig Davis said...

Damn the torpedoes, full synchs ahead!

WanderingGondola said...

Heh, think I'm in the possible minority that will read regardless of subject or location.

My only concern is where syncs and other content combine significantly. If you split off a new blog, how will you handle such cases? Is there a cut-off point for "ok, too many syncs in this content post"? Is cross-posting a hassle? By the same token, if syncs remain here, is there some better way to organise things? Are there other suitable tools in the blog software?

Whatever you decide, I hope it won't make for too much extra effort in the long run.

(Tangential PS: Do you keep backups of your blogs? Big Goog being at the helm of Blogger/Blogspot, and all...)

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

So I think I'll continue to post syncs here but label "pure sync" posts as such in the headline.

Christopher Berc Yeniver said...

Greetings James. I hope you are chronicling these on your computer. It could be a greatly fascinating stream of information.

I am unable to find your article where I commented previously, so I can't find a reply, so I'll ask the same question as then. Would you reveal your natal chart, that is, the Hellenistic astrological zodiac of your exact time, place, and date of birth? Clearly, reveal nothing specific, but I am curious of the chart. :)

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