Saturday, March 4, 2023

"That was silly!" Yes, Bulletman, just a bit.

Green Lantern and his pterodactyls led me to a defunct blog called "Comics Make No Sense" -- sort of like the old "Comics Curmudgeon" blog, but for old superhero comics rather than newspaper funnies. The blogger, Adam Barnett, is pretty solid on pterodactyls -- recognizing that "ALL pterodactyls were" yellow -- and he's introduced me to a superhero I'd never heard of: Bulletman the Flying Detective.

"A Bulletman Story with Which Adam Just Can't Deal" is an absolute must-read. I keep reading it again and again, and so far it hasn't gotten any less perfect. The things I've missed out on, never reading superhero comics!

It's a recurring theme, apparently.

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