Monday, February 5, 2024

Another "raised by wolves" sync -- and Shadilay!

The phrase "raised by wolves" -- as used as a slogan by the Minnesota Timberwolves -- came up in my February 1 post "Wolves, swans, mirrored cities, and Kubla Khan."

Today I was browsing in a new-to-me used bookstore I had discovered, and I was drawn to a novel called Swamplandia! by Karen Russell even though the cover had that "critically acclaimed" look that usually makes me give a book a wide berth. I opened it up and found this:

The sync fairies have spoken. I bought the book.

William Wright left a comment on my original "raised by wolves" post in which he connects the expression, by way of the Rudyard Kipling character Mowgli, with spacefaring frogs:

The phrase "Raised by Wolves" reminds me of Jungle Book. Mowgli is raised by wolves. Kipling said that Mowgli was a made up name - in other words, though it meant "frog" in the book, this wasn't based on any known languages.

As an amphibian, Mowgli would be able to live and travel on both land and water - perhaps even Many Waters?

A frog crossing space has come up in your own posts, where in one instance you reference Pepe the Frog crash landing on a shooting star. The 'thumb'-nail image for that video you posted has Arnold's head swapped with that of a green frog as he flees the temple (likely skipping out of this world for another).

This immediately made me think of the 1986 Italo disco song "Shadilay" (I mentioned Italo Calvino in the post), which on September 11, 2016, was suddenly discovered by /pol/ and became associated with Pepe the Frog and his Egyptian deity alter ego Kek.

For those unfamiliar with the song and its memetic significance, see "SHADILAY: The sacred word that founded a new meme faith." That article also points out that Shadilay was the name of a fan-created Pokémon made in 2015, described by the author as "a glum-faced amphibian, water/ghost-type Pokemon." Since another "ghost-type Pokemon" has recently entered the sync stream, that seems relevant.

Kipling said that Mowgli means "frog" but that he'd just made it up. Shadilay is also a made-up word, but according to its creator, Marco Ceramicola alias Manuele Pepe, it means "spaceship." (I can't seem to find where he said that, but I'm sure he did. A 4plebs search confirms I'm not crazy.)

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