Thursday, February 29, 2024

No brakes on the clerihew train

Since Bruce started this, here's one more for him, followed by some other random offerings:

Dr. Bruce
Holds strong views:
Big on Mormons,
Not on Normans.

William James,
Briefly, claims:
"It will do"
Means "It's true."

Publius Vergilius Maro
Would have reacted with sorrow
To learn the price of fame:
A persistently misspelt name.

E. O. Wilson and Bert Hölldobler
Both are noble, but who the nobler?
It was the one who got the grants
To fund the research for The Ants.

Francis E. Dec,
What in the heck
Were you smoking?
Were you joking?


Francis Berger said...

Big on Mormons,
Not on Normans.

Sheer brilliance!

Bruce Charlton said...

I agree - this clerihew is the one for me!

Maybe it's partiality, but I think it's as good of it's type as any I've seen.

cae said...

Francis Berger
chicken herder,
Legs clad in dungaree,
gardens in Hungary.

Francis Berger said...


NLR said...

Good ones

NLR said...

William James, Tycho's son

continued the clerihews he had begun

but are these more humorous,

or just more numerous?

Bruce Charlton said...

cae and NLR - Both very good!

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