Saturday, February 3, 2024

Healing a fever by the laying on of hands, simply by wanting to

Here's a pretty specific sync. I've been on a bit of a Mormon Stories kick lately, and last night I listened to an interview with Nick Jones, a Mormon bishop who recently stepped down. One of the things Mormon bishops are often called on to do is to "give blessings" -- which consists of laying one's hands on a person's head, invoking the power of the Melchizedek Priesthood, and praying over them. One of the most common uses of these blessings is to heal the sick. In the interview, Bishop Jones explains that he believes these blessings have real power but that that power has nothing to do with the priesthood; it's something we can all do by the power of love:

Can I tell you about blessings real quick? Yeah, I had a sick daughter a few weeks ago. I went upstairs, and I gave her a blessing. I didn't use the priesthood power, I just blessed her with love. Her fever broke. There's power in us, period. [The Church is] trying to take it from you and tell you that they gave it to you, and they're trying to give it a name. It's in all of us, and you don't need a title, and you don't need to have somebody tell you that you can or cannot do that.

This morning, less than 12 hours after listening to that, I started reading Colin Wilson's sixth Spider World novel, Shadowland. Niall's brother Veig is seriously ill and is expected to die in a matter of weeks. Having observed spiders transferring vital energy to one another, Niall proposes a similar method of treating his brother:

Niall said: "Sidonia has plenty of courage and energy. . . . don't you think she might be able to convey some of it to Veig?"


"Simply by wanting to -- perhaps laying her hands on him. . . . Don't you believe that people can give energy to those they love?"

They then proceed to try it, and it works. Sidonia and a few others lay their hands on Veig, with the result that "his fever disappeared, and he sank into a normal sleep."

As I said, it's a pretty specific sync. In each case, love is the source of the healing power, which you can exercise "simply by wanting to," and in each case a fever breaking is the sign that the healing has been successful. Niall even uses the "laying on of hands" language typically used to talk about Mormon blessings.

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