Friday, February 9, 2024

Follow-up on antlers, crosses, and the Liahona

In general, I have my Romantic Christian posts, which are read, commented on, and linked by my fellow Romantic Christian bloggers (e.g. Bruce Charlton, Francis Berger, and William Wildblood); and I have my synchronicity posts, which have dominated the blog in recent months, and which get engagement mostly from a different set of readers (e.g. Debbie, William Wright, and WanderingGondola). There's not normally a huge amount of cross-pollination between these two groups.

My most recent sync-post, though, "A cross between two antlers, and the Liahona spindles," not only includes Frank's blog in the syncs but led to a response post there, "Going Where We Need to Go Versus Going Absolutely Nowhere." Frank discusses the Liahona and legends relating to the white stag and the stag with a crucifix between its antlers. Then, before quoting Bruce Charlton, he mentions in passing that Bruce "has also been connected to the antler/crucifix/St. Eustace in a meme, of all things." I followed the link to Frank's 2021 post about that meme. Notice his choice of words in describing the meme's effect (underlined in red by me):

Quite synchronistically interesting in light of the image I posted which caused him to revisit that old meme:

As I noted in my last post, this image was presumably intended as a reference to a kind of cocktail called a Jägerbomb, but the sync fairies can commandeer anything for their own purposes.

In the context of the Liahona, a sacred artifact described in the Book of Mormon, it is perhaps relevant that that book is often abbreviated as BoM. Back when I was a Mormon missionary, some of my associates would even thus abbreviate it in speech, pronouncing it bomb.

In Taiwan, the game of Hangman -- where you guess letters in a target word or phrase, and with each wrong guess a body part is added to the hanged stick figure -- is commonly played in a different form, called Bomb, where there is a cartoon bomb with a segmented fuse, and one segment of the fuse is erased for each wrong guess. So there's another link between the cartoon bomb and the hanged/crucified man.

In its classic Marseille form, the Hanged Man of the Tarot is hanged between two branches with many protruding stumps, suggesting the antlers of a stag:

Later in my antlers post, I posted a photo of a cross on a pair of automatic sliding glass doors, so positioned that when the doors opened the cross would be split in half. In a comment, William Wright wrote:

I had just posted on "X marks the spot" while thinking (though not stating) that the X in question may not necessarily lead to the actual 'place', but a door or entrance to that place.

The cross on the doors was oriented as a +, not an X, but today I happened to see this on the gates of a construction site near my home:

This is the same concept -- a cross centered on the place where two doors meet, such that opening the doors will split it in half -- but this time the cross is in diagonal X orientation.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, my antlers post seemed to draw together two different circles of readers of this blog. I thought of this in terms of the two crosses coming together, as discussed in "What's the second key?"

The wallpaper in the hallway just outside my personal chapel shows a bamboo forest with the sun shining through it. Today I noticed for the first time that the rays of the sun make it look like an eight-pointed star, suggesting the union of two crosses, so I took a photo. Earlier, I had passed a parked car with BEE on the license plate and taken a photo of that. Later, when I opened the photo app on my phone, the two thumbnails were so positioned as to make it look like a single photo, with the BEE car driving toward the eight-rayed sun:

Compare that to this image, which I posted in "What's the second key?"

In the Book of Mormon, the Liahona was used to guide a ship across the sea to the Promised Land. In the Ward Radio video I embedded in my last post, someone says that Hugh Nibley proposed that the word Liahona comes from a Hebrew or Egyptian word meaning "queen bee."

I normally take Hugh Nibley's linguistic speculations with a shaker or two of salt, but interestingly Frank recently linked to "By the waters of Mormon: an open letter to Christian Esoterists," a (highly recommended) essay by a non-Mormon writer from Portugal who calls Nibley "one of the most important intellectuals not only of Mormonism but of the 20th Century."


Francis Berger said...

The obvious eluded me. I thought you were ribbing me about the veracity of the meme's message.

In a comment on that post, you said you weren't sure if that was the message that was most needed (you're right, it isn't).

I didn't spot the "bomb" connection until I saw this post. Amazing stuff!

William Wright (WW) said...

You may not be surprised to learn that at the center of Xanadu is a yellow eight-rayed sun (though there are also 8 additional pinkish rays or crystals which alternatively shine).

WanderingGondola said...

I'd probably comment more on the Romantic side of things if I could better lay out my thoughts. Syncs are one thing, spirituality and metaphysics are quite another...

Yesterday morning I woke thinking of a Beyonce song, so there's another "Queen B". And I watched that new Tucker Carlson interview earlier (it's long but fairly interesting); the floor of the room they used is patterned with eight-pointed stars.

Laeth said...

thank you for the recommendation William.

just a few days ago I read this interesting piece on the liahona:

Duobomber said...

So the Liahona is the Holy Hand Grenade!

Ra1119bee said...

2 parts


I too have been revisiting the symbolism of the letter X in the last several weeks
or so. As I'm sure you would agree the letter X is extremely prolific
and appears just about EVERYWHERE in our collective existence in this duality dimension
and that certainly is true for much of media.

I personally have concluded that depending on how we physically view the letter X
( i.e. with our heads slightly tilted to the side) the X also appears to be a Cross,
which interestingly in this article the author makes mention of as well
(see link)

Also, the photo you posted of the X in the center of the red gate can be 'seen'
as two Ks'or twins, especially when the 'door/gate is opened/separated.

When the gate is open, one K faces north, and the other K faces south.
Recall my comment about my Two-Faced dream.
KK is 11:11

The X is also very significant to the upcoming third Eclipse.

Twinning is VERY important to alchemists which I believe
was the alchemical symbolic reason/purpose behind the destroying of
the North and South Towers on Sept 11, 2001, so as to create the One Tower.
Everything is duality in this dimension.
The word Key with the vowels omitted is K.
Or phonically sounds like: KEE ( the EE's are two 5's 55)

Also the letter X in the alphabet is 24 which when reduced = Six.
Six also represents Venus, the morning star which is symbolic with Lucifer.

I found this very interesting post about X(link below) :

Copy and paste:
Letter X is associated with Samekh (S) in the Hebrew alphabet, which is the symbol of a serpent (or dragon) swallowing its own tail. In the occult teachings, S is the symbol of Ouroboros, representing the cycle of life, death, and rebirth."

As far as deer symbolism, I found it interesting that the deer/stag/doe serves as a messenger in many mythological storytelling(see wiki link)

copy and paste from wiki:
"Deer are considered messengers to the gods in Shinto, especially Kasuga Shrine in Nara Prefecture where a white deer had arrived from Kashima Shrine as its divine messenger. It has become a symbol of the city of Nara.

Ra1119bee said...


Part 2

Also a most recent 'manufactured mythology tale' regarding deer symbolism,
was the Netflix movie: Leave the World Behind, which I made comments about here
in your blog several months ago.

Do recall me mentioning in my pervious comment about the Leave the World Behind movie that Barack and Michelle's Obama's production company, Higher Ground
were collaborators, producers and served as consultants on this
predictive programing movie which I personally believe is a foretelling of a not so distance future.

Note in the trailer starting at marker/frame 0.47-0.48 the TWO X's.
Also the deer scene in this trailer starting at 1:38-1:40.

copy and paste from wiki deer mythology :
"Leave the World Behind (film) features large herds of deer appearing multiple times in the film, observing human survivors in the wake of a cataclysmic event. The deer lead one character to a safe haven and follow the other main characters until they are frightened away by the humans shouting. According to Clay, one of the main characters, it's "a good omen, seeing deer. At least according to Meso-American mythology."

Again in my previous comment about what I believe to be predictive programming
for a very probable future, the movie mirrors' coincidently and/or
unfortunately, much of what I've been predicting.
Factor in the eeriness of a former POTUS being at the helm of an apocalyptic
movie begs the question, at least to me : What does our Opponents know
that we don't know?
Also in the movie clips make note of the SHIP (the White Lion ) coming ashore.

Leave the World Behind is Highly steeped in prediction through symbolism.
Might want to check it out.

Leave the World Behind trailer:

another Leave the World Behind clip video which this is someone's interpretation not
necessarily the actual meaning of the deer symbolism.

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