Tuesday, February 6, 2024


Pokémon has been in the sync stream lately, which made me think of something I hadn't thought of in ages.

Sometime in the late 1990s, I somehow acquired a Pokémon keychain which looked sort of like a sky-blue Loch Ness monster. I can't remember how I came to be in possession of such a thing; I either found it somewhere or was given it. I didn't know what that sort of Pokémon was properly called, but somewhere along the line it came to be known as Pokélogan. I can't remember how that came about, either. Looking it up now, I find that pokelogan (with a silent e) is a dialect word from New England, meaning "a usually stagnant inlet or marshy place branching off from a stream or lake." I guess I probably ran across the word in Thoreau or some similar writer and then saddled my keychain critter with it because it begins poke- and has aquatic connotations. (I don't know why I'm so vague on all this. I usually have an excellent episodic memory.)

Years later, some more Poké-literate acquaintance informed me of the thing's real name, which was something uninspired and forgettable and just generally vastly inferior to Pokélogan. On February 4, when I posted "One-eyed × purple people eater," in which I mention my general ignorance of all things Pokémon, I thought of Pokélogan and racked my brain trying to remember its "real" name but got nothing.

This morning I browsed /x/ a bit and clicked on a thread with the nondescript title "How many paranormal experiences have you had?" The second reply was this:

I don't think I would even have read the post had it not gotten my attention by mentioning chameleon, a word which has been in the sync stream, early on. (Incidentally, the Chinese implicitly agree with his dinosaur chameleon theory; the final character in 變色龍, "chameleon," corresponds to -saurus and appears at the end of all dinosaur names.) I kept reading and found Lapras as the name of a plesiosaur-like Pokémon. This, surely, was the name I had been trying to remember two days ago, Pokélogan's "true" name! A quick search confirms this:

Laplace as the transliteration of the Japanese caught my eye, since obviously that's not a normal way of transliterating Japanese. Scrolling down, I find that the name "may be a reference to Pierre-Simon Laplace, a mathematician who wrote several books on the mathematical properties of the sea and tides." I somehow didn't know that about Laplace. What I did know is that he was one of the first thinkers to propose, more than a century ahead of its time, the concept of what would later be known as a "black hole."

I think I still have that Pokélogan keychain somewhere. If I find it, I'll add a photo here.

Update: Here it is:


NLR said...

In the Toto song "Africa", I once heard the line "Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti" as "Kilimanjaro rises like a lapras above the Serengeti".

that doesn't make any sense, but that's what it sounded like

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Kilimanjaro isn’t even visible from the Serengeti, so your version makes as much sense as the original!

Ra1119bee said...


Speaking of Purple :

Do recall my recent comment on your post titled: The Universal
Eclipse, where I connected the 3 eclipses with Pluto in Aquarius
and what I believe to be the Shifting of Ages via a Great Upheaval.

If you haven't already please do check out the video about Pluto in Aquarius
which I linked in my comment.

In my comment I also wrote this : "And speaking of the Alchemical Nigredo, why do you think the 3 US soldiers
who were killed at Tower 22 in Jordan were all Black?
Twenty-Two? Recall my commentary about manifestation and 22.(BB?)

***Interesting the """Big Bens""" who are in our collective right now."


What I meant was this :
A significant Big Ben in our collective now is Benjamin Netanyahu
who is also known as "Bibi".
Omit the vowels ( i ) and BB ( 22 ) remains.

Another Big Ben aka The Elizabeth Tower is of course the clock tower in London itself.

Do recall that the singer Prince 'died' on April 21, 2016.
The very next day April 22 the world was 'awash in' purple colored lights.
( see links )

"Coincidently", Queen Elizabeth's birthdate was April 21.

Maybe the global purple lights were a tribute to Queen Elizabeth's PURPLE
and not for the singer Prince.

Because OF all of the hoopla that happened after Prince's death begs the question
( at least to me) :
Why would the world pay purple lights tribute to a musician who although famous,
wasn't really all that remarkable as a musician.

Purple of course being the color of Royality.
Red and Blue Blood (RH-) makes Purple.
Prince (by no stretch of the imagination ) was royalty.

What I do believe is that Prince was used symbolically especially by having
connections to the TWIN CITIES.
Recall George Floyd's ( the Earth Tiller) Twin Cities connections.

Also interestingly and just announced King Charles has cancer,
which begs the question, during this Great Reset, will Prince William
become King or perhaps ( and speaking of earth tillers)
...perhaps Prince George will take the throne ( wouldn't that be a
Great Upheaval)!

Keep in mind Pluto in Aquarius ushers in revolutionary times
and the UK aka Big Ben ( symbolic of Saturn/Chronos/Time is absolutely
an integral part of this Global Shifting of Ages.

Also I think all of this connects with my prediction about Obama ushering
in a Triumvirate governance in America after a Black Swan event(s),
which I've comment about previously here on your blog.

I think this year of the Dragon and the ushering in of Pluto in Aquarius,
humanity is going to see monumental Great Upheaval changes: Economically,
Technologically, Socially, Politically and especially Spiritually
(Transhumanism via A I and the war for our Souls )

We live in VERY interesting times...


Mr. Andrew said...

What in the world. I took a break from following all blogs for a while, and started playing Pokémon card game and some other Pokemon stuff with my family. It's become a daily thing, not sure if good or bad... anyway pop on your blog and you're actually talking about this. Weird AF.

Ra1119bee said...


Speaking of Black Holes ( somewhat);

Today, 2-7 this video(link below) appeared in my YouTube feed which isn't surprising
because this new video (just uploaded) is from the same channel as the Pluto
in Aquarius video I linked on your blog
so I'm sure the algo 'suggested' this video into my YouTube feed.
I only recently (in the last day or so) found this channel.

what's interesting is that the information presented in this video is much of what
I'm been commenting about for many many years, and predicting not only on your blog
but also to friends and family ( and for a short stint in the past, comments on YouTube channels ).

Especially where it concerns connecting my dreams and the esoteric
information ( which I feel has been a gift from the Divine) to upcoming Great Upheaval(s)
and in particular and most important the ushering in of Transhumanism via Artificial Intelligence, which I believe A I is NOT New and has always been
the final destination and elephant in the room, 'planned' for humanity at
this time: the Shifting of Ages.

I believe our soul(s) have always been the final frontier sought after
( by very powerful negative polarity entities in this duality dimension, Earth).
To be fought in a spiritual war which I believe we are on the precipice of.

The content creator on this channel eerily mirrors much of what I believe and have
predicted for a very long time.

So....imagine my surprise when at the end of the video, lo and behold who 'appears'
is Rudolf Steiner, the Famous Wolf!

LOL...Synchronicity never ceases to amaze me..

The Amazing Astrological History Of The Internet — New Age 2026 — Part VII

WanderingGondola said...

Think it's safe to blame that on me, Andrew!

Heh, if you asked nine-year-old me to rank the original 151 monsters in terms of favourites, Pokelogan/Lapras would be decently high up. And the "generation II" games -- Gold, Silver and Crystal -- were probably the peak of my Pokemania, though Silver was the only one I owned for well over a decade. (One morning back in October, I woke up thinking of the Gold/Silver intro music. Gold's "mascot" Pokemon is a phoenix, and those were still in my own syncs at that time.)

Oh, the screenshot in that /x/ post is from... well, I was just gonna say Super Mario 64, but the poster must have swiped it from the Mario Wiki.

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