Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Above Majestic (with an excursus on turban jokes)

Last Halloween, I posted "Francis Bacon, papal keys, triple tiara, Denver Airport," which included a meme referencing that airport's sinister reputation. Yesterday, in "Hashtags, Keywords, Stones, and X," William Wright posted a still from an Elmo video, noting the striking similarity to the meme:

The character next to Elmo is supposed to be Rapunzel with her hair up, which makes it look an awful lot like the alien's golden tiara. Rapunzel and the alien both have green skin and mostly white eyes with what looks like heavy black mascara. The alien is flanked by two annoyingly cute little guys -- Minions with SpongeBob faces, I think. If you look closely, you'll see that Rapunzel is similarly flanked by two Elmos (the gold standard for "annoyingly cute") -- a picture of Elmo on one side and the muppet himself on the other. The main difference is that the alien is enjoining silence, while Rapunzel has her mouth wide open.

This made me curious about where the meme image had originally come from. It turns out to be from the poster for Above Majestic, a 2018 documentary about the "secret space program":

Take a look at that coin or medallion the alien is holding. I think that's meant to be one of the daughters of Akhenaten. She might appear to be wearing a beehive-shaped headdress like the alien's, but actually that's just how her head is shaped -- just as Rapunzel's "tiara" is actually part of her body.

Have you ever seen a cartoon where a guy is wearing this enormous turban, and he takes it off to reveal that his head is actually shaped like that? I know I've seen a comic strip like that, either in English or in Spanish, but I can't seem to find it now. Apparently, Google is deliberately making it hard to find such "disturbing or hurtful" content. Check out the very first image result with the English search prompt, though:

Seriously, six of the first ten results are from this "turban jokes to fight stereotypes" site. That's how self-parodying Google has become. And even these have a surgeon general's warning slapped on them. I can literally type bomb making instructions into the search bar and not get a warning, but here, red alert, "Memes about groups of people might be disturbing or hurtful!" Ya think? It's a strange thing to say about one of the biggest tech companies in the world, but it's hard to fight the impression that no one at Google quite understands how the Internet works.

Also, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it is strictly impossible to use turban jokes to fight stereotypes. You can fight stereotypes by including a few totally normal people who just happen to wear turbans in a movie or something, but there's no way to make a turban joke unless there are stereotypes about turbans that you can count on your audience to share, or at least effortlessly understand. Take the first search result for instance. It assumes, and depends on, a widespread understanding that seeing someone with a turban on a plane is scary. Without that, the joke can't even get off the ground, as you can see if you replace the turbans with polo shirts or something without making any other changes. I guess the cartoonist thinks he's "fighting" this stereotype by subverting it -- in this case people avoid the turban-wearer because he smells bad, not because he might be a terrorist! -- but humor always subverts expectations and in doing so reinforces them as the norm. That's why so much humor is inherently racist and sexist and whatever-phobic. Whoever came up with this "turban jokes to fight stereotypes" project is either retarded or else a god-tier troll. Hopefully the latter, but probably not. I'll bet it says somewhere in his bio that he has a Sikh sense of humor.

Anyway, coming back to our topic here, look at what the stinky-not-scary gentleman in the blue pagri is saying: "So, I was flying to Denver . . . ." The search prompt was just turban joke cartoon, but here we are back at the Denver Airport, of all places.

I assume the movie name Above Majestic is referring to Majestic 12, the secret UFO task force allegedly created by Harry Truman. Whitley Strieber wrote a novel called Majestic, also referring to this organization. As documented in "Light shining through yellow flowers," I finished reading Majestic on October 29, 2023 -- just two days before I posted that Denver Airport meme, not knowing until today that it was from a movie called Above Majestic.

Above Majestic is available in its entirety on YouTube. It's over two hours long, but I'll probably try to watch it when I have the time:

Note added: A few hours after posting the above, I ran across this at AC. I think the implication is that she is stuck in the Denver Airport:


William Wright (WW) said...

Your train of thought about a cartoon with a guy wearing a turban who takes it off to reveal his head is actually in that shape brought to mind Harry Potter. Quirinus Quirrell wears a turban to hide the fact that he has a growth on the back of his head that is the face of Voldemort.

Since Harry Potter has come up recently, I thought it was relevant. I even thought Quirrell came up on either your blog or mine earlier, but I couldn't find him in a quick search. Maybe in the comments.

Since Quirinus (in our world) became known as the deified Romulus, as well as with Janus (two faced) there could be something of relevance to both his name and character.

What made you think of a turban anyway? The tiara as a type of turban head covering?

Ra1119bee said...


Once again, I think I have several puzzle pieces that connects with your post today.

Please allow me to explain:

Just several weeks ago I RE- visited the topic of elongated skulls.
I came upon the elongated topic many years ago during my esoteric experiences
and research of.

What's interesting is that in the 1970's ( I graduated in '73) I took Cosmetology as a
vocational course as I have always been attracted to the fashion and beauty industry.
Although the beehive hairstyle was a bit before my time ( very popular in the 1950's)
the 1960's very popular girl group The Ronettes, wore their hair in the beehive hairstyle
which became their signature look.

The Ronettes were all multiracial which was one of the reasons why my sister
and I were HUGE fans ( see link )
I actually still love the beehive hairstyle and wear my hair in this style to this
very day. Being a "BEE" myself, I think it's kind of a cool signature statement!

While re-visting the elongated skulls information a few months ago, I came upon
Fritz Zimmerman's work about the ancient giants in North America ( see link ).

I found this intriguing information because I have personal connections.
My family is from Kentucky ( CAIN-Tucky?).
I also think I shared information before about Admiral Bird's theory
of KY being a portal ( Mammoth Cave) to the Hollow Earth so
I won't repeat it here.

Another interesting connection to the elongated heads was discussed
by a blogger named JayDreamerZ's recent video and his decoding the movie
Ready Player One, which I shared with you several weeks ago.

JayDreamer mentions some very interesting theories about the Nephilim's elongated
skulls and the Phrygian Cap. The reason that caught my attention
is because of my 2018 dream I titled; Oscar had connections to the Phrygian Cap
( which I did NOT know about the Phrygian Cap before the dream)
and connections to Switzerland,
which if you recall I shared my Oscar dream with you a few years ago.

The Tibetan Monk Hat (Yellow and Red) also has a very similar conical design as
the Phrygian Cap. If you recall I shared my 1974 Past Life Reading about
a possible incarnation in Tibet and my lifelong fascination with that part of the world.

Also an interesting article about Tibetans as Extraterrestrial Beings ( see link)
Do note that the German SS believed that the Himalayas were also a portal
to Agartha ( inner earth)

Also and last but not least, and speaking of turbans :
The tulip name comes from the Turkish word for turban.

Recall my Tulip dream??

Everything is connected.

Truth in Movies!/READY PLAYER ONE ( elongated head info starts at marker/frame 1:02:13)

Tibetan Extraterrestrial Beings

The Ronettes - Be My Baby

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

William, I had completely forgotten about Quirrell. But yes, I think his turban did come up in the comments somewhere on one of our two blogs.

I was thinking about the turban cartoon because Rapunzel's hairdo looks very much like the very tall turban the guy in the cartoon was wearing.

I'm going to track down that cartoon! I'm almost certain it was by a Mexican newspaper cartoonist, and his name's on the tip of my tongue. (I also have this odd feeling it may have been an old Frederick Opper strip, but I don't think that can be right.)

By the way, I watched Above Majestic, and it actually does try to suggest that the purpose of those very tall papal tiaras may have been to conceal the fact that some of the popes had Akhenaten-shaped heads.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, you're not going to believe this, but just a few days ago I had a sudden urge to listen to the Ronettes and was rocking out to "Be My Baby" while washing the dishes. Then the next day I was at a sidewalk cafe and a White couple probably about your age was a few tables down. The man started playing "Be My Baby" on his phone, with the volume turned way up, and his wife stood up and started singing along and dancing. That's definitely not the sort of thing you see every day here in Taiwan, where public display of music appreciation is somewhat frowned on.

I also tried to watch Ready Player One about a week ago, but I just couldn't get through it. I found all the characters annoying and unlikable, their quest boring and low-stakes, and the video-game aesthetic grating; and I ended up just turning it off after 20 or 30 minutes. If there are sync gems hidden in there, someone else is going to have to find them.

I have family in Kentucky, too, as I think I've mentioned. There's a famous anecdote from nearby Tennessee about an early Mormon leader, David W. Patten, who encountered a giant who identified himself is Cain.

Ra1119bee said...


Dem Sync Faires be busy, no?

Don't know if you saw this info on the Fritz Zimmerman's ancient giant's link,
about Joseph Smith, but I thought of you when I found it.

Here's a Copy and Paste:

"The Deseret News, Nov 11, 1893
An Interesting Trip to Sandusky: Many Relics of Early Times Discovered

Sandusky, Ohio, Nov. 9th, 1893. - I leave Sandusky on the steamer Kirby for Detroit, Michigan today, to visit my old home in Pontiac, about 30 miles from Detroit. Sixty years ago I was baptized in that place, and it is there where I first saw the prophet, Joseph Smith."


I don't recall you saying that your family was from KY.
Which part?

And speaking of symbolism and KY, did you see the 2017 movie The Kingsman, Golden Circle?

In the plot of the movie,
the elite (11's) organization ( the Kingsman) American cousins are headquartered in KY.
( see link)

There are a whole bunches of symbolism in that movie too.
The Gold Circle being the eclipse.

Interestingly The Kingsman was released on Sept 21 of 2017.
The Totality Eclipse ( the first of the 3 eclipse that forms the Aleph)
was on Aug 21, 2017.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Ra1119bee said...


Just one more question about your Ronette's experience.

Your experience didn't by chance happen to be on Feb 19 (or 3 days before)?

The reason why I ask is because Feb 19 is my birthday.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, it was the 17th and 18th, I think. Anyway, happy birthday!

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

My family's not really "from" Kentucky -- both my parents were born in Ohio -- but I have several close relatives in the Louisville area.

William Wright (WW) said...

You would think that I of all people would have done this earlier, but I finally thought to look up "Denver" in Elvish since it has come up now again.

"Den", obviously, has been mentioned over on my blog very recently (Lion's Den, Holes in Buckets, etc) and can mean "hole, gap, passage"

"Ver" has everything to do with married people, either a husband, wife, or a married pair. "Veru", for example, can mean both Husband, or a Married Pair, together.

So taking that all together, with "Denver" we have a passage or hole associated with a married pair. Given my story has something to do with a married pair (Faramir and Eowyn) establishing link or means of travel through a hole or passage, this seemed interesting, particularly given some of the context in which you have shared that name.

Ra1119bee said...


Thank you for the birthday greetings!

I read your comment to Marshall about your Ronettes experience
and he is still in awe.
He's been saying over and over: What's the Odds? What's the Odds??

Marshall has always been on the fence as far as believing or even just acknowledging
all of my ' mumbo jumbo'( esoteric ) stuff,
even though he has been going through the weird stuff with me for over 30 years!

I responded to Marshall's "what's the odds question", by saying :

"Yeah, what ARE the odds that a person
(who lives halfway around the world) who just happens to be Gen X,
would be listening to a 1960's song while washing dishes and hears that SAME SONG
out of the blue the next day from a tourist's phone and I just happen to respond to his post about an elongated skull, comparing my beehive hairstyle to the shape of an elongated
skull (which I've been researching about the skulls for many years), even wearing
my hair in a beehive on and off for over 50 years (mirroring the Ronettes) and now wear
my beehive hairstyle everyday because it's easier to maintain as I get older ).

Add to all of that, I said, the timing of William's experience
being 3 days(the law of three) before my birthday.

Yeah, what ARE the odds??!

I then tried to explain to Marshall ( for the umpteenth time)
why I believe that Telepathy is real.
The Esoteric is real. It's not mumbo jumbo.
Linear Space and Time is an illusion.

I want to say thank you William, for sharing your synchronicity experiences which
helps 'validate'( at least for me) that most of my perspectives and beliefs about the esoteric are not wrong.

Interesting that you were washing dishes while listening to the song Be My Baby,
as we both know that water is a conduit
to the 'other side'.

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