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Swords of Mars, two-mouthed chameleon-cat-men, and kings' stories engraved on stones

Thomas B. Marsh has been in the sync stream, and it occurred to me that, since the h in Thomas is silent -- i.e., Thomas = Tomas -- we could also remove the h from Marsh, yielding Mars.

There is a character named Tomas Castro in Unsong, a Mexican bartender-turned-Leviathan-hunter, who apparently exists for the sole purpose of allowing the author to write, "'It's the Leviathan!' Tom said superficially." (Yes, authors do create whole characters -- fairly major ones sometimes -- for the sake of one perfect line of dialogue. Tim Powers is a confirmed case in point.)

In yesterday's post "Gilgamesh was an elven king," we have this quatrain, a slightly modified quote from Du Cane's Odyssey:

O Smith, declared th' earth-shaking god:
Should Mars the debt refuse,
Thou hast my word that I will pay
To thee thy lawful dues.

Ripped from its Homeric context, this suggested to me the reading that "Smith" -- implicitly Joseph, the assassinated Prophet -- will be avenged, if not by bloodshed (Mars), then by natural disaster (th' earth-shaking god).

The earth-shaking god is Poseidon. According to Robert Graves in The White Goddess, while the Roman Neptune was a god of fish, the Greek Poseidon was more properly a god of warm-blooded sea-beasts such as the Leviathan. This ties in with the Tomas character mentioned above, which in turn suggests that Mars in the second line may have something to do with Marsh -- which seems plausible, given Thomas B. Marsh's association with Joseph Smith.

Mars made me think of the 1935 Edgar Rice Burroughs novel Swords of Mars, which for some reason was in our family bookcase all through my childhood -- only that one, nothing else by Burroughs. I read it a few times as a very young child but always found it hard to follow. I couldn't keep the characters' monosyllabic names straight and kept getting Gar Nal mixed up with Ur Jan and Jat Or. If you asked me to summarize the plot now, I would be at a loss. What I do remember very clearly is the cover, which seems possibly relevant given the "flying boats" that have been in the sync stream of late:

The Internet informs me that this cover art, by Gino D'Achille, is from the 1973 edition, so I guess my parents had bought it before I was even born.

I took a look at the Wikipedia article on Swords of Mars to see if there was anything relevant. The "Plot introduction" section begins thus:

Swords of Mars begins as a cloak and dagger thriller and ends as an interplanetary odyssey.

Since I was led to Swords of Mars by a quote from the actual Odyssey, that seemed like a promising start. But what really got my attention was this:

To win freedom from their jeweled prison, the antagonists must join forces with each other, aided by another captive, the one-eyed and two-mouthed chameleon-like "cat-man" Umka.

I have absolutely no memory of any of these plot points, but these are some sync bull's-eyes. The Odyssey quote that started this has to do with Ares (Mars) being released from golden chains, conceptually similar to a "jeweled prison." The really startling coincidence, though, is the chameleon-like man with two mouths. In Shadowlands, the Colin Wilson Spider World novel I am currently reading, there is a race of creatures called "chameleon men," and they have two mouths each -- one in the usual place, and the other in the center of the forehead. At one point, they are compared to cats:

The chameleon men seemed to be finding the going far less difficult, gliding over the irregularities with a kind of natural grace that he had observed in cats.

So Swords of Mars has a two-mouthed chameleon-like cat-man, while Shadowlands has two-mouthed cat-like chameleon men. (Half man, half chameleon, and half cat -- I'm cereal.) The number of books in the world to feature creatures of such a description must be vanishingly small.

Another thing I discussed in "Gilgamesh was an elven king" was the theme of ancient kings -- Gilgamesh of Uruk and the Jaredite king Coriantumr -- engraving their story on a stone, in characters which no one else can read. Today I read the following in Shadowlands:

The track they were following must at some time have been a road, for they passed large stones that were partly buried in the turf, and a few of these had some kind of writing carved on them, although Niall was unable to decipher it, or even make out the configuration of the letters.

I thought this was a fairly minor sync: There are large stones with indecipherable writing carved on them, but the context suggests that they are likely mile markers or something like that, certainly not the record of an ancient king.

Wrong. As Niall glances at one of these stones, he sees "a figure like a little old man sitting on the top of it. When he turned his head to stare, the figure was no longer there." Several pages later, we learn the identity of this ghostly old man:

[He] had been a brutal warrior king who had slain many enemies and dismembered others while they were still alive. This area of the moor had once been the site of a great battle, where the king had died of his wounds after putting his enemies to flight. Now he would have also gladly left, but memory of the cruelty he had inflicted bound him to this place.

Niall could have learned the king's life story merely by staying there and absorbing what had been written in the stones.

So the stones are engraved with the life story of an ancient king, a brutal warrior like Coriantumr -- and a king who is in some sense still there, just as the people of Mulek discovered Coriantumr himself together with the stone that told his story.


Ra1119bee said...


ONCE AGAIN, it appears that I have a sync connection with you.!

Please allow me to explain:
Earlier today ( Sat. 2-24 ) hubby Marshall and I were talking about genealogy
and the RH negative bloodline which I believe my grandmother was a RH neg
or was a carrier of.

Marshall has never been interested in genealogy but of course I have and I've
done extensive research on my family tree.
As you know I am muti-racial and Marshall is Caucasian.

Out of the blue and trying to get Marshall to understand, or at least consider
the connectively of things( Everything is Connected) I decided to google his mother's maidan name origination which her surname ( a diminutive of) origin is from Germany.

I was surprised when Marshall became intrigued with the information,
so I googled Marshall's surname which is Martin.
The name Martin origination being Scottish-Gaelic, coming from the Latin name Martinus,
the Roman god Mars.

So Marshall has Two MARS in his first name and surname!!

With Marshall standing next to me us both looking at the computer screen ( desktop )
I googled the Martin wiki page which has very intriguing information
and Marshall IMMEDIATELY focused on the illustration of Saint Martin of Tours
dividing his cloak with a sword. ( see wiki links )

Marshall had errands to run so he left and I researched a bit more about the Martin
name and then decided to visit your blog and lo and behold I see your post
with the title: the Swords of Mars!!!!!!

When Marshall returned home, I told him about your new post
and he said'" WHAT??? You're kidding right?

I responded; What's the Odds??? ;-)

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Debbie, that’s wild. I even opened the post by noting that Marsh (as in Marshall) could represent Mars.

Ra1119bee said...


Yelp, I agree with you. It IS wild.
I absolutely believe that telepathy is real.

I've experienced telepathy before several times. The most notable time
being with my brother who in 1985 was in the Navy
on a carrier outside of Libya.

My brother is an engineer and having an engineer type mindset ( Aquarius
through and through) tells the story that he was in his bunk when he 'heard clearly'
MY voice firmly shout out: Buggo!! Buggo!
( Buggo is his nickname)

My brother said he immediately rose up from his sleep and looked around
and said to himself: How did she( meaning me) get on this ship!!.

He then looked down the hallway and saw
the Chaplain of the ship walking towards his( my brother's) bunk.

The Chaplain was coming to inform my brother that our aunt had died,
which I had been trying to reach my brother for several days prior through the Red Cross.
We were very close to our aunt.

That particular experience and many many others in my lifetime
and now including your syncs, especially
the Ronettes' sync, has convinced me that linear time and space is an illusion.

Also several other interesting 'syncs'.

You wrote:

"Ripped from its Homeric context, this suggested to me the reading that "Smith" -- implicitly Joseph, the assassinated Prophet -- will be avenged, if not by bloodshed (Mars), then by natural disaster (th' earth-shaking god).

The earth-shaking god is Poseidon. According to Robert Graves in The White Goddess, while the Roman Neptune was a god of fish, the Greek Poseidon was more properly a god of warm-blooded sea-beasts such as the Leviathan. This ties in with the Tomas character mentioned above, which in turn suggests that Mars in the second line may have something to do with Marsh."

What's odd is that the 3rd Total eclipse' path on April 8 will form an X
( with the path of the Total eclipse in 2017 ) in Southern Illinois known as little Egypt,
very close to the Madrid fault.
I've shared this information before on your blog.

Lots of chatter and theories on social media about the Madrid fault
and potential earthquake activity.( see links)

On Dec 16, 1811-1812 according to wiki,the Mississippi River was reported to have gone
retrograde for a few moments after a 7.2-8.2 series of
earthquakes hit on the Madrid fault ( see link)

Also according to Wiki,the 'earth-shaker 'Poseidon maintained both associations among most Greeks: he was regarded as the tamer or father of***horses***.

Interestingly the name Marshall meaning the ***horse servant***.

And last but not least, and as we both know, you and I are under the astrological
sign of Pisces, the FISH.
The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune.


Ra1119bee said...

2 parts

part 1

I just thought about this to add to your recent syncs
with chameleons and cats and more connections to Poseidon.
Chameleons in particular because they are CHANGE agents much like
a deceiver who hides and blends in with the background( illusion).

As I've shared before I'm absolutely convinced that we ( humanity)
are on the precipice of the shifting of ages. HUGE Huge CHANGES are coming
especially where it concerns Transhumanism via Artificial Intelligence.

I believe that humanity is on the precipice
of a Spiritual war.

As I've shared before, I believe that Obama was chosen to play a role
in this ''Great Reset'.
After reading your post about the chameleon
I decided to re-visit a couple of my dreams about Obama
( which I've had several).

Check this out about why I believe there is a
connection of your chameleon and cat syncs
with Obama.

Here's the copy and paste of the dreams from my
dream archives:

Obama the Wicker man at the Window , and the Door
August 1, 2020

I had a strange dream today the dream is follows…
I can’t recall all of this dream, but at one point I was looking out
of a window.
( I do recall I was at an apartment where I felt that I lived )

Obama was outside looking into the window. There was another man with him,
although I don’t know who that man was. For some odd reason Obama
was inside of a white wicker cage which I felt he did this in an attempt
to ‘camouflage himself, but I could see inside the wicker cage
and Obama was in there.

The dream changed and the next thing that happened was Obama was outside
of my apartment door.
He wasn’t in the wicker cage however, but I can’t recall
of what happened there.

I do recall talking with an older man and I was telling him about how odd it
was to see Obama, as it appeared as he ( Obama ) was stalking me.
I then said that maybe it was someone who was disguising himself as Obama,
who was stalking me.
The older man then said :
No, I don’t think so, I saw Obama too and he was driving a Maserati.
I woke up

Ra1119bee said...


Part 2

After I woke up from the dream I researched Maserati
and found this very interesting article titled:
From God of the Sea to Maserati: The Legacy of Poseidon ( see link )

Note in that 2020 dream the reference to camouflage.
Also do note that Poseidon was the god of DESTRUCTION.

Remember the Twin Towers? At the base of the outside of the buildings
were aluminum and steel lattice tridents ( see link )

and speaking of CATS, Camouflage/Chameleons and Obama
check out my 2016 Cat Man dream..

Cat Man
I had an interesting dream today, the dream is as follows

I can’t recall all of this dream, but I do recall that I was with Barack Obama.
At one point I recall that we were in a room in an apartment
and Obama was telling me of how so very tired he was.
He put his head in my lap and for some reason he turned into a black and white cat.

I recall that I opened the door to the apartment, and I could see
the CIA outside.
The black cat was around my neck. The CIA said that they wanted Barack
and for some reason I felt that they knew that he had ‘transformed into the cat.

I woke up

Do note the significant of black and white especially where it concerns the
Freemasons i.e the HIDDEN HAND.

Also, as I've shared before I personally DO NOT Like, support , or believe
that Obama is a 'good guy', actually I believe the complete opposite because
I believe Obama was chosen' to usher in the New Atlantis via the Great Reset
in the US, which will spark a spiritual war for humanity's Soul.

Also in your post your mentioning of the Two Mouths which may be symbolic of the
Two Lips( Tulips) which may be symbolic of the Two
Witnesses in Revelation ( see link )
Recall my previous comment about the Two Lips (Tulips).

I think the reason why I have so many dreams about Obama is because
I believe that we've shared previous incarnations.

Everything is connected.

If you get a chance, please do check out the Netflix movie
Leave the World Behind and note that the 'hidden hand' behind this movie
is Michelle and Barack Obama's production company Higher Ground.
Recall I commented about this movie and the symbolism before.

P.S. Also in my previous comment about the Madrid Fault
it should read : The NEW Madrid Fault.

Leave The World Behind | Official Trailer | Netflix

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The trident is also born by Poseidon’s son Proteus, who has a chameleon-like reputation: “ I can add colours to the chameleon, /
Change shapes with Proteus for advantages” (Henry VI Part 3).

Ra1119bee said...


VERY VERY interesting indeed.

Loaves of gold

(Not to be confused with " Leaves of gold .") Wherever these bread syncs are going, the sync fairies seem intent on connecting all...