Wednesday, February 7, 2024

What's the second key?

Ever since January 21, when a mental voice said of the Rosary, c'est l'une des clés, "this is one of the keys" (see "The Green Door finally closes"), I've been trying to figure out what the other key is. I assumed it was one of two keys because of prior syncs about pairs of keys. This curiosity was reinforced when, on February 2, Francis Berger posted "The Society of Crossed Keys is Real???!!!" -- about a fictional society in a Wes Anderson film and its real-world counterpart, each of which has a pair of crossed keys as its logo. It's not at all the sort of thing Frank usually blogs about, and it seemed like an obvious sync wink. On February 3, I even bought The Small Golden Key, a 1985 book by the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Thinley Norbu, which I happened upon in a used bookstore, just because of its title -- even though I don't think Buddhism could possibly be the second key, at least not for me. I know many serious Buddhists, have read many Buddhist books, and recognize the great value of Buddhism for some people, but my deepest self categorically rejects it.

On February 5, I was checking a few YouTube channels and found a video posted by the synchromystic channel LXXXVIII finis temporis on January 25. It's about two recent movies I've never seen and didn't even know existed until today: Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (2023) and Uncharted (2022), both of which share the oddly specific feature of two keys in the form of crosses (cf. crossed keys) which must be combined and used together:

The video doesn't mention it, but a further coincidence between these two movies is the names, both of which refer to navigation in a situation where essential information is lacking. "Uncharted" of course refers to regions for which no map has been made. "Dead reckoning" means estimating one's current position from a known past position plus an estimated velocity, rather than ascertaining it directly by means of landmarks, stars, or satellite. (The idea of Laplace's demon -- who knows every detail of the present and therefore can predict every detail of the future -- is dead reckoning taken to extremes; see the recent mention of Laplace in "Pokélogan.")

If the Rosary is one of the keys, and on September 3, 2022, I had a dream in which  "I found that the cross on the rosary was also a key," then the other key should also somehow have the form of a cross. That left me stumped for a while.

I tried to think what attributes the other cross-key might have. One should be gold and the other silver, I guess, but that's not very helpful. Which is the Rosary, anyway, gold or silver? Maybe try a different tack. A rosary is literally a garland of roses, and lilies complement roses as silver complements gold. Or roses are red, and the complementary color would be green. Those thoughts didn't lead anywhere at first, but then they clicked when I remembered one of the lines in the video, from the Mission: Impossible movie: "The key is only the beginning." Where had I heard a line like that before?

"Finding the key is just the beginning" -- on the cover of a novel whose main character is literally named Lily Green. The key isn't a cross, but it does have a little cross cut into the bit. Definitely a hit, but not the answer. I mean, a young-adult novel about leprechauns can't very well be the second key!

Going back to thinking of what sort of "key" might complement the Rosary, I thought that the Rosary is centered on a woman, Mary, so maybe the other key is masculine -- like the Key of David! That is the label commonly given to this diagram from the Absconditorum Clavis of Guillaume Postel:

One element of this otherwise forgotten diagram had great influence on the development of the esoteric Tarot. If you look at the bow of the key, it has the letters ROTA written around its circumference That the word rota, "wheel," is intended is clear from the fact that the word also appears on the bit of the key. Éliphas Lévi noticed that when rota is written in a circle, it can also be read as Tarot. I've written several posts about ROTA on my Tarot blog if you want all the details, but the upshot is that the Rider-Waite Tarot, by far the most influential English-language deck, ended up with those four letters written on the Wheel of Fortune:

The significance of this in the present context is that the Wheel of Fortune -- at least this extremely influential version of it -- is a key. Not only that, but it features two crosses united as one. The eight-spoked wheel of Fortuna is a very old symbol, but in Waite's version, the eight spokes clearly consist of two crosses. The diagonal cross, consisting of simple lines, connects the four letters of the Hebrew name of God. The other cross, decorated with alchemical symbols, connects the four letters of ROTA.


This is a little digression, but I want to note it as a rather impressive synchronicity. I hadn't thought of Postel's Key of David since I did all those Wheel of Fortune posts back in 2019, and I've never had any real interest in it beyond its influence on Lévi. I've never made any attempt to analyze the other symbols it incorporates, such as the various geometric shapes inside the bow of the key. However, on February 5, I was notified of a new post by Galahad Eridanus, who posts very infrequently. (His last post was in October 2023.) It's called "The Edge of the Age," and one of the things he talks about is

the kinds of knots you tie your brain in when you try to predict from oughts instead of ises, and to account for "weird behaviour" from inside the model that is causing the behaviour to seem "weird" in the first place.

After a brief discussion of Ptolemaic epicycles, the go-to example of this sort of thing, he talks about another convoluted astronomical theory -- Kepler's idea that the (heliocentric) orbits of the planets could be mathematically derived from a series of nested Platonic solids. He includes this diagram:

Going from the outside in, we have: a sphere, a cube, another sphere, a tetrahedron, and then lots of much smaller shapes. Now compare that to the bow of Postel's key: a circle, a square, another circle, and a triangle. The triangle is even trisected so that it looks like a tetrahedron.  

At first I assumed that Kepler's theory must have been one of the many ideas Postel incorporated into his key diagram, but looking up the dates I see that Absconditorum Clavis was published in 1547, before Kepler was born. Either Kepler was inspired by Postel, or they both drew from some earlier source -- or else the similarity, like my running into the two diagrams at the same time, is just a massive coincidence.


Coming back to the Wheel of Fortune as a key, this helped me make sense of the relevance of the novel Green. It's a novel about leprechauns, and luck, as an actual faculty possessed by leprechauns and by humans like Lily Green who have leprechaun blood, plays a massive role in the plot. Four-leaf clovers, all that jazz. Luck is fortune, Fortuna is Lady Luck. In my recent post "O Fortuna velut luna . . .," I even mentioned Fortuna as an Irishwoman (in a Piers Anthony novel), a clear link to Lily Green, the girl with leprechaun blood in her veins.

The second cross/key has to do with luck, fortune, coincidence, synchronicity -- in contrast perhaps to the repetitive always-the-sameness of the Rosary. A cross is a pretty good symbol of coincidence: two completely different (perpendicular) lines just happen to meet, such that a point on the one line is literally coincident with a point on the other. In fact, the title of a recent post, "One-eyed × purple people eater," following common usage in Taiwan, used a cross to indicate coincidental juxtaposition.


I noted that the two movies in the LXXXVIII video, chosen because they both featured pairs of cross-shaped keys, also share navigation-themed titles: Dead Reckoning and Uncharted. Fortuna is also associated with navigation; in Classical art, she is typically depicted holding a ship's rudder. Her other famous attribute, the eight-spoked wheel, resembles a ship's helm. Debbie has repeatedly pointed in comments here to the connection between the ship's helm and the eight-pointed star, and I thought of her when this image showed up on my browser's home screen  on February 1:

Stars, of course, are themselves closely associated with luck.

In later iconography, Fortuna is sometimes depicted with a blindfold, like Justice. The idea of a blind navigator -- one who must navigate under information-deprived conditions -- is another link to Dead Reckoning and Uncharted.

One last coincidence to note: Fortuna's eight-spoked wheel is, as I have noted in past Wheel of Fortune posts, an ancient alternative form of the Christian Ichthys symbol:

The eight-spoked wheel, just like the cross, can symbolize either Christ or Fortuna. The fact that its Christian meaning is tied to the Greek word for "fish" is a further coincidence. I posted about the medieval poem O Fortuna back in 2019 and then again yesterday. Both posts included this little cartoon, based on punningly misreading Fortuna as a reference to fish:

I'm going to need some time to process all this, but it seems like a promising step forward in understanding the two-key theme. Of course "One key is the Rosary, and the other is synchronicity" isn't a solution to the riddle but just a starting point. "Finding the key is just the beginning."

Thinking about words that sound like tuna has reminded me of the greatest music video of all time. And now it's reminded you of it, too. You're welcome:


William Wright (WW) said...

I didn't know what dead reckoning meant as it related to navigation until just a month or two ago when I read a book called The Wager, by David Grann, which was about the shipwreck of a British warship. It involved the grandfather of Lord Byron, I was surprised to learn.

Dead Reckoning can mean something else, though, which is relevant to what is going on. To "reckon" can mean to give a narration or account (a story?), or to settle accounts. So, an Accounting of the Dead would be the same thing as Dead Reckoning - or Day of Reckoning.

In my story, the reckoning of the dead has very much to do with Keys. I obviously view those keys as being quite different from where you have gone with things, however.

Interestingly, that People Eater I brought up from Mad Max was a Reckoner, though not a nice one. When the women saw him driving from Gas Town, they said he was "coming to count the cost", and indeed he could be seen in several scenes adding things up. Funny.

WanderingGondola said...

I can't remember if you mentioned this before: Galahad's October post is called "Follow the White Rabbit".

Ra1119bee said...

1 0f 2 Parts

Part 1

I just can't believe this synchronicity!!!!
Lo and behold, the Dead Reckoning and Uncharted video that you posted
is from the Truth Mafia blog which I discovered several months ago.
I just recently watched that video a week or so ago when it was first posted on Jan 25th.
(see link)

Tommy Truthful's blog is very metaphysical and features many
different content creators who post there.

As mentioned, I personally do NOT believe in anybody's everything,
but I do believe that knowledge from a vast spectrum of ideologies( the good, the bad
and the ugly) is power and integral so as to understand the big picture.

Ultimately at least for me, I trust my soul and third eye, which I believe is connected to the Divine, to help guide me to through the illusion and to the truth.

Anywho, I saw the video you posted a couple of weeks ago about the keys and connections
to those movies ( which I had seen the Dead Reckoning movie prior and watched the Uncharted movie after seeing the TommyTruthful vid)

I was intrigued with the 'key's content because I had re-visited my vast archives of dreams a few months prior and in my archives I found so very many dreams I've had over the years
about keys.

Several of my 'key' dreams (which I won't share the details of for brevity's sake!)
but I'll mention the titles and a brief summary of a few.

One dream I had on Aug8,2019 which I tilted: Don In Israel.
In that dream, I met a very successful businessman named Don(who was White) and his son.
The businessman was not Donald Trump.In the dream Don told me
that he was going back to Israel in June.

At one point in the dream, I was carrying a red handbag (which I own in real life)
and Don tried desperately to steal my keys which were in the bottom of my red handbag.

Ra1119bee said...


Part 2

Another interesting Key dream I had on Aug16, 2023 I titled: Ron, Third National Bank
--- Oh say can you C (See?)

In that dream 'Ron (who in real life worked for Marshall's family printing business) had stolen my Keys to the Bank.

In real life, I worked at the same bank for over 30 years and retired in 2009.
I started at the bank which at that time was called Third National.
Third National merged with Society Bank which merged with KEY Bank!
Yes Key Bank,how odd is that????

Anywho as in the Don in Israel Dream, Ron stole my keys out of my red handbag.

Another interesting dream which I had Oct 16,2023 which I titled Two Faced
also included the same Ron and his wife.

In real life Marshall and I visited Ron and his wife's home a few times but we were not
particularly close. However I will say this, Ron's wife had very interesting connections
to Wright Patt Airforce base and she was very intrigued when I shared a few of my 'metaphysical experiences and dreams with her, especially my 11:11 dream.

Anywho, and again I won't go into detail, but in the Two Faced dream, Ron's wife
called me Two Faced, which I felt very upset as I felt it to be an insult.
When I woke up from the dream and began researching Two Face, I remembered
the mythological Roman deity Janus and lo and behold and I'm sure you know this,
Janus was the deity of KEYS and Doorways.

Here's an interesting article about Janus ( link below )

Copy and paste:

" As the god of beginnings, transitions, doorways, endings, and time, Janus held a special place in Roman history and was often considered the first ruler of Latium in the mythical golden age.

"The cult statue of Janus portrayed the god bearded with two heads, holding a staff in his right hand and a ****key***** in his left.
This striking image was also depicted on Roman coins, symbolizing Janus’s role as the custodian of the heavens and the guardian of beginnings, transitions, doorways, endings, and time."

If you recall William, I 'met' you after my Oct 4 2021 Tulips dream.
Maybe we are 'two lips'? with two keys?

Also regarding your mentioning of lilies in this post today
, do recall my recent comment about
my 2008 Suzy dream ( in the dream Alex Jones( yes, THAT Alex Jones,
said that I was a Suzy !)
Do note that I've never had a dream about Alex Jones before the dream
or since.

In Hebrew Suzy means "lily, rose". Suzy is an alternate form of Susan (Hebrew):
diminutive of Susanna and Susannah.

Interestingly at the Golden Gate in Jerusalem ( which has 8 gates) the Shushan Gate
is extremely important as far as the building of the Third Temple ( see link below )

The battle for the most important gate in Jerusalem (WORLD)!

Ra1119bee said...


I forgot to add this: on the Dead Reckoning and Unchartered video
at marker/frame 2:40-2:41 shows a photo of a woman (Ilsa Faust)
who has the second key.
Of course the word Faust from Latin meaning Lucky so there is a Fortuna

What caught my eye when I saw the movie several weeks ago,
is that photo of Ilsa Faust which shows the
wording; Wanted $50,000.000.

The reason that caught my attention is because of the number 50 which the Black man
(the bus driver) in my 2014 Moon River Dream asked me about if the previous man
on the bus (who was also Black) had a 50 which I thought meant
some type of gun(Firearm).

If you recall I shared my Moon River dream and my personal connections
to the number 4, 5 and 11 with you several times on your blog.

I found a whole Lot of symbolism in both the Dead Reckoning and Uncharted movies,
including the X and the Eight Point Star.

William Wright (WW) said...

I was thinking on this more - what does the Rosary mean to you as a Key? Is it Mary, as in the Being? Something/ someone else? Joan? You said in a comment on my blog that she is the one you trust and that the syncs brought you to her (and those seemed now tied up explicitly with the Rosary, per your experiment)?

It wasn't quite clear, to me at least, what you define the Rosary as representing for you in the context of it being a Key. I might have missed it, though.

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