Monday, May 27, 2024

Break-dancing frogs

Twice in a row now, my dreams have featured a segment where a voice delivers a message while I watch a pair of cartoon frogs break-dancing. These aren't Pepe-type frogs. They look more like the characters from Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad stories, except that they are wearing sunglasses and black Adidas tracksuits of the type one associates with Russian gopniks.

I have zero recollection of the spoken message, only of the break-dancing frogs themselves. I log it here just because I've dreamed it twice now, and it's so bizarre.

Note added: I generally avoid using AI image generators these days, but I'll make an exception for this. Stable Diffusion gets tolerably close to what I saw:

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William Wright (WW) said...

My dad would read us those Frog and Toad stories as kids all the time.

The Adidas Black and White tracksuits definitely seem to mean something, and could potentially go along with this "pied" theme.

In fairy tales, frogs can sometimes be princes in disguise, made that way by some unfortunate spell that needs curing or release from (like Gregor was changed into that Stymph). Two frog princes in tracksuits?

Since Prince Charming came up with respect to Gregor/ Grigorievna, I did a search of Prince Charming and the frog prince. I couldn't remember if Charming was in that fairy tale. He wasn't specifically, though many articles cite kissing frogs to find Prince Charming.

However, the first image that came up was from a movie called "Prince Charming" showing a woman holding a frog in front of a full moon about to kiss it (and thus break the spell?).

Anyway, to do a proper break-dance my guess is that the pied frog princes would need some music or something to dance to.

The original frog prince fairy tale also involved a golden ball that was lost down at the bottom of the well and needed to be found and returned.

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