Saturday, May 25, 2024


Sinbad the Sailor ate the meat
Of rocs, and rocs destroyed his fleet.

Tinbad the Tailor killed some flies
Which in the telling grew in size.

Jinbad the Jailer's job had glamour:
He kept the inmates in the slammer.

Whinbad the Whaler was delish
And not unlike Filet-O-Fish.

Ninbad the Nailer -- there he stood
And did the only thing he could.

Finbad the Failer's ship was small,
And thus it failed, and that is all.

Binbad the Bailer helped to bail
The ships that were too big to fail.

Pinbad the Pailer was the bloke
Who had a crown, but then it broke.

Minbad the Mailer was a Jew
And wrote a lot of novels, too.

Hinbad the Hailer traveled far
By riding in a yellow car.

Rinbad the Railer, in a sleeper,
Traveled just as far, and cheaper.

Dinbad the Kailer was the man
Who wrote the script for Peter Pan.

Vinbad the Quailer brought delights
For manna-weary Israelites.

Linbad the Yailer, in the Crypt,
Did something, but his lips are zipped.

Xinbad the Phthailer maketh oft
Our polyvinyl chloride soft.

And last of all comes Darkinbad,
Who is Brightdayler hight,
Who'll go down in the dark abyss
And bring all things to light.

These few are named in verses few:
Name, title, and the thing they do.
May every "ailer" thus be prized
And "in bad" verse immortalized.

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