Sunday, May 26, 2024

A monstrous bird and a murderous Tedros

Today I read William Wright’s post “Good and Evil, and a large bird named Gregor,” in which he discusses a scene from the movie The School for Good and Evil in which a character called Tedros kills a monstrous bird, thinking he is heroically saving others from it. However, it turns out that he has inadvertently murdered a boy named Gregor, a good person who had been transformed into a bird-monster by magic.

Just after reading that post, I checked another blog, where an image of a monstrous bird was prominently displayed:

I clicked through, and the post thus illustrated begins with an embedded tweet calling out “murderous Dr. Tedros”:
In the 2020s, Tedros can only mean one person: the WHO director and one of the main villains of the birdemic. The School for Good and Evil is based on a novel published in 2013, though, well before Dr. Tedros was a household name. Why that character, who is King Arthur’s son and is played by a White actor in the movie, was given such a distinctively Ethiopian name is anyone’s guess.

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