Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Giant undead vultures and Bretonnia Spears

I ran across this tonight in a /pol/ humor thread:

I know absolutely nothing about Warhammer, so this was all new to me. What first caught my eye was Bretonnia -- "The fr*nch but they're humans" -- because the name is obviously based on Brittany (home of the Bretons), and William Wright just posted "Nyarna and Brittany Spears" and "The Brittany Spears: A quick follow-up." These posts are not about the singer but about spears from the French region of Brittany. In Warhammer, apparently, Bretonnia is known as the Land of Chivalry. Image searches turn up lots of knights, many of them armed with spears:

The Tomb Kings -- "The egyptians but they're skeletons" -- also caught my eye because the giant vulture Odessa Grigorievna has recently been associated both with a giant skeletal bird and with the story of the Egyptian Pharaoh's baker. No bird angle, but Egyptian skeletons still seemed somewhat relevant.

An image search for warhammer tomb kings turned up several pictures with big birds in the background:

The scraggly wings reminded me of Gregor from The School for Good and Evil, the giant skeletal bird mentioned above:

Searching for tomb kings bird, I found that these birds are called Carrion. According to the Warhammer Wiki:

Carrion are terrifying Undead birds of prey that resemble reanimated Giant Vultures which feast upon the carcasses of those that have fallen within the lands of ancient Nehekhara, now the Land of the Dead.

This is just about perfect. Like Gregor, they appear undead -- William Wright says Gregor "looks like a vulture made out of bones, sinew, and feathers." Like Odessa Grigorievna, they are giant vultures and feast upon carcasses.

The first image in the Wiki article is this, captioned "A pack of Carrion attack a Bretonnian mounted expedition":

Only two weapons are visible in this image: a pair of Brittany spears.

I do hope the sync fairies will do something with the Aztec lizardmen, too. I mean, that's kind of badass. Not quite as badass as an Aztec lizardman in a New Sex Pistols T-shirt, but still.

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jason said...

The Aztec lizardman appears to have a facial horn, like Gregole (Gregor as pronounced by the Japanese) from the anime Guyver, https://monster.fandom.com/wiki/Gregole

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